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making millions it’s the goal of a lot of people who want to live a life of luxury and comfort but how do you get to a million quickly sure you could win the lottery but that takes luck not skill in fact a lot of the following jobs also require a healthy dose of luck and timing a combine this with creativity and a willingness to really put yourself out there you can potentially make millions instantly looking for some ways to make a million bucks then start by hitting that subscribe button a collector so I’ll exactly do you make a lot of money by collecting stuff well we’re not talking about fourteen year but instead about going to an estate or yard sale and finding a Joule heating among everything else there’s the New York family that bought a pole at a yard sale it turned out to be a Chinese antiques it netted them 2.2 million dollars at auction or what about the unidentified men who bought his golden egg at a flea market only to find out that it was an authentic Faberge egg worth nearly thirty million dollars yeah you can strike it instantly rich if you uncover the right treasure app developers with basically everyone owning a smartphone today creating apps for all tastes and uses can be a big business if you have a good idea and create an app to go with it the result could be instant million hecqs even if your idea is bad you could make millions take Swedish Chef designer Sven Karlsen he reportedly created an app that simply displayed nothing on your screen and people bought it he is said to have made around two million dollars literally from nothing musician you can struggle your entire life as a musician playing small gigs writing songs for others you might just pay the bills however you could write that one song or make that one performance that just unlocks everything and makes you a star and a millionaire overnight don’t believe us just look at South Korean pop singer psy his one hit wonder Gangnam style got billions of views online attracted tons of deals and made him world known in fact online alone that song and video netted in two million dollars in terms of ad revenue professional gambler this one is risky but if you’re good at it then you can make a lot of money a decade ago the popularity of Texas Hold’em took off with an army of people suddenly tried their hand at making it rich with gambling the odds aren’t in your favor but unknown out of the blue gamblers have scored big wins at tournaments netting millions in winnings and sponsorships if poker isn’t your game try blackjack one professional named Don Johnson brought in 15 million in just five months of play stock market trader this one is kind of like gambling but if you have the right stuff you can make millions in a very short time every day people all over the world make and lose Mirian buying and selling stock don’t expect to just show up and make a ton of money right off the bat that sort of thing is rare according to experts you need to have a plan know something about the stocks you’re planning to invest in and have a limit where you’re willing to pull out those who have made a lot of money also add that you must be patient and don’t let greed take over or you could lose it all government contractor the American government dishes out hundreds of billions of dollars every year to contractors from the military to humanitarian organizations there is a lot of money to be had if you know how to get at it often you need to think small after all you’re not going to be building or buying tanks and aircraft however from pilot training materials of something seemingly as simple as water jobs if you can find a niche area the government needs to be filled and can also undercut the competition you may just get awarded that Monstress contracts that makes you a million writer there are many writers out there trying to make a safe most wealth much like being a musician it can be more misses than his that said there is always the chance you could write that amazing novel or fabulous manuscripts that leads to an incredible deal however even writing ebooks can make you an instant millionaire Amanda Hocking found this out when she started writing himself publishing her work with stories of vampires and zombies the 26 year old soldier works on Amazon for anywhere from $0. 99 to $2. 99 despite critics bashing her work hundreds of thousands of copies sold and is Hawking who’s laughing now entrepreneur want to make millions quickly start a business okay so it’s not quite that simple because it also depends on what sort of business you’re start a cake Andrew Mason as an example one day he noticed a group of people who were planning to organize together so they can get a cheaper rate on some sort of good or service seizing upon this he helped develop Groupon a service whereby a discount for a good or service we made available if enough people bought the voucher as you likely know Groupon kind of took off turning Mason into not only a millionaire but a billionaire and it was all thanks to the imagination and entrepreneurial spirit inventor much like an entrepreneur an inventor makes their money by coming up with something that people want or need it can be something new or something improved but it usually involves thinking outside the box and not being afraid to venture into the unknown Sandy Stein is a perfect example a 52 year old former flight attendant sandy was tired of having to fish around her purse for her team so she came up with what was effectively a decorative seat change that prevented your keys from falling into your purse simple yet no one had thought of it before within months her company hit 1 million dollars in sales and not long after that sandy was a certified millionaire social media celebrities just a decade ago people were still struggling with how the internet could possibly be used to make money today that’s not even an issue anymore thanks to its constant growth the Internet has also allowed more than a few people to become millionaires of course we’re talking about the social media celebrity from posting photographs of yourself and friends to broadcasting yourself playing video games there are quite a few ways to make millions quickly after all who wouldn’t want to make millions to play video games while giving goofy commentary the whole time well before you start questioning your line of work we suggest you take in another one of our highly entertaining videos to get your mind off that song there are lots to choose from here at the riches and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any new addition so bye for now. .