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4 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Know

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Do you have an

appetite for apps?I do.I’m Sue B. Zimmerman

and today I’mgoing to share with you

my favorite Instagramapps for social media managers. As marketers and Instagram

account managers,it’s so important to be

efficient and use toolsthat help boost your results. I’m going to tell you

about a few different toolsthat you should be using to

maximize results and deliveron your goals. First, I’m going to show you

what they are on Instagramand then I’m going

to do a deep dive. The first one I want

to introduce you tois Iconasquare.

Make sure you click

in and follow them.The second one is Social. Rank,

the third one is Hootsuite,and the fourth one,

as far as I know,does not have an

Instagram account. It is called People. Map. The first tool I want to

bring your attention tois Iconasquare. This is a tool that’s

been around for a while.

I know it used to be free.Now it’s a paid version, but you

can try it free for seven days. The paid version is under $30. Totally worth it. I’m just going to navigate

with you through the tabsso you have an understanding

of where everything is. First, you can look at your

analytics, the overview,your community, the content,

the engagement, competitives,hashtags. You can click in and

manage your feed.

I’m going to go back here

in a second to show youmy favorite feature.And then if you’re going

to be managing campaigns,you can attract your Instagram

campaigns right here. And you can discover

brands and influencers,what they do on Instagram. Personally, I don’t pay much

attention to these tabs at all. The one that I use on a regular

basis is the comment tracker. I find it very easy to go

in to posts that I’ve madeand respond to comments

that have not beenread, questions I might have. I find it easier to do

it here on the desktopthan on the mobile.

And it’s just more efficient

and effective and saves time.So time is money,

as you all know. So this is my favorite

feature at the top. You can see I am logged

in as theinstagramexpert,but I’ve also linked

my personal account. So I could log into

my personal accountand engage right here

from the desktop as well. So check out Iconasquare. It’s a great tool with a

lot of data, a lot of stats,so that you really can

have that informationthat you need to make the right

decisions for your clients.

The second tool I want to

bring your attention tois Social.Rank. As you can see

from the dashboard,it’s a very clean nicely

organized interface. And if you scroll

to the very bottom,I want to bring your

attention to the About Pagebecause this really explains

to you how to use itfor both Twitter and Instagram. So on Instagram, you can

segment your followersand you can create custom list

and you can export the datato a CSV file or PDF and you can

run campaigns from those lists. And this page really

explains a lot,so makes you spend

some time here. You can log in by using

Twitter or you can sign inby using Instagram, either way.

So let’s go to my account.And I wanted to show

you the tabs at the top. And when I first used

Social. Rank, they had less tabs. So they’ve clearly

grown as a companyand I love that they’re

adding more features. And the one that I like using

frequently is the location. I like to pull lists based on

cities, states, or countriesthat I’m traveling to

when I’m doing workshopsso that I can find people to

reach out to who I want to tryto fill these workshops with.

So simply by, OK, I’m going

to Rome, Italy in the falland by typing in Rome,

it gives me a list.And you saw how this

shift to Twitter,these are people who have

either tweeted from Rome,have Rome in their bio on

Instagram or on Twitter,and it’s showing up as a list. This is the first page

and if there was a second,I would be going

into the second page. So you can narrow down your

followers with filters. That’s basically the essence of

Social. Rank is really sorting. Sorting and gathering users

and names based on filters.

So make sure you

spend some time here.Like I said, you can save

and export right herefrom Social. Rank. This is the feature that I love. I go here whenever I need

to create a list of peopleto reach out to when I

want to fill my workshops. So you can search

hashtags, you cansearch words to find

people who you ultimatelywant to be doing business with. The third tool that will

help save you a lot of timeand really help you organize

your clients is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is probably one of the

most comprehensive social mediatools and I love that there’s an

integration now with Instagram.So I created

streams that you cansee to look at my post, my

followers, who I’m following,liked photos, and scheduled

posts that I want to send out. Using Hootsuite

full disclosure all of my Instagram

posts, I do in real time. But for those of you that like

to schedule, this is a dream. So you can click onto

your Instagram account so when I click into

theinstagramexpert, I typed,excited to be teaching

a Hootsuite tutorial. I can upload an image, choose a

file to upload from, and let’sfind my new Snapchat graphic. So I’m going to put that

there and after it’s uploaded,I can schedule yeah,

that’s what we like,a scheduling tool, right

for Saturday, the 9th.

And I can schedule it

at any time, AM or PM.So once I choose the

time and the date,I want to click on because

I want to get an email whenthe message has been sent. Now what you need

to do, you needto make sure that

you Set Up Publishing. Now because this allows you

to receive push notificationsfrom Hootsuite to notify you

when your Instagram post isready to be published. So you need to

install and launchit’s application on

your mobile device,so that you can publish it

through the Instagram app. That is the only way that

you can use this app. So here, I am being led

into Set Up Publishing Now.

And it shows me all the

steps to take to set it up,so that I will get

a push notification.I need to enable

notifications on my phoneand I will get a notification

so that I can push it outon Instagram when I

get that notification. So definitely go in

and check out Hootsuiteand start scheduling

your clients’ post. It is an amazing tool to use. And finally, the last

Instagram marketing tool. I want to share with

you is called People. Map.

Be sure to start

your three day trial.When you do, you will see

a video from the founder. Make sure you click in and watch

the whole video because sheshows you the three main ways

that you can use People. Mapto do campaign tracking, list

management, and list building. You are currently

looking at my dashboard. You can search a username,

a hashtag, or a word. Here I searched social media

and all these accounts came up.

And if I wanted to add a social

media account to my list,I simply just click in

let’s add Alex Khan and I could and Alex to my

social media list or, maybe,I wanted to add Alex

to my influencer listbecause he’s both.So you can and accounts

to multiple lists. You can also click at the

top and look at your list. So I have a list called

Favorite Instagram Accounts. And when I click on the dry

bar, I am scrolling downand I’m going to find the

post with their Snapchat code. So if I wanted to

add a post to a list,I can click in and

create a list called. Snapchat Code, like

I did right here,and I added this post to that.

So whenever I see

another Instagram accountwith a Snapchat code, I can

add that post to this list.So it’s a really

great way to searchfor any in Instagram profile. And you can also

look at I lovethis feature you can

look at the averagelikes to see the engagement

percentage for every accountthat you are interested in. So spend some time here. Definitely click in and get

that free three day trial. I’m a little obsessed

with People. Mapand I think I am now

sold on using it forever.

So now you have these four

tools to add to your arsenal.Becoming savvy with

these tools willmake you a more productive

social media managerand your clients

will love you for it. Let me know in the comments

below what you just learned. I love reading

all your comments. And if you need a guide,

I have you covered. My free Instagram strategy

guide is right here in the linkbelow. It’s where I share tips, tools,

and strategies so that youcan up your game on Instagram.

And I will see you on Instagram.Have a great day. . .