Social Media Jobs

The job of Social Media Manager doesn’t show up on many best job rankings. But if you have a business and need someone to balance customer relationships, marketing, and brand management, monitor social media and increase your Global Visibility a social media manager should rank very high on your list.

Mickey would your global visibility expert as you work to grow your business and your brand your social media needs probably will expand as well and if the time has come for you to hire a social media manager you might need to know what to look for here are five questions your social media manager must be able to answer to get the job alright here we go number one what is social media interviewees who aren’t experienced will probably only mention twitter facebook maybe linkedin but social media is actually a platform for sharing information and ways for brands and consumers to interact number two what social media monitoring analytics and publishing tools do you use well the answers you’re looking for should include something like Hoot.Suite google alerts and adobe of course there are more but these are probably three of the best and some of my favorites is SEO important to social media well this is probably not just a good question this is crucial it’s essential for any social media manager to know how to use SEO or at least notice how to find somebody that can use it because it’s critical for building your brand for building your business and making sure that you ranked really high when it comes to search engine so that people can find you number four what site should we join and which one should we avoid this is a critical question because not every social media site is is good for your brand so that person can give you an answer and they know what sites your company already uses that might be a keeper because that proves that they’ve done their research and then finally what would you do if and then give them a hard question give them something they really need to think about it could be purely hypothetical or a real problem that you’ve incur that you’ve encountered but it’s one of my favorite questions because you know how quickly they think on their feet because sometimes you got to do some some damage control and also how good their problem solving capabilities are so those are just five questions there is obviously more but those are five that I think are critical a social media manager could be a great addition to your team but only one who can answer some of those questions and more that we went over somebody you want to think about adding if you think of more questions of course you can send them to me or better yet your new social media manager do it I’ll see you next time with more tips on how you can achieve global visibility with your brand and with your company I’m Nikki woods. .