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By far the #1 question we get from recent grads is, “How do I Get a Job?”. Of course there is no silver bullet, but in a recent talk to students of the School of Media Arts and Design at James Madison University, Patrick breaks it down into 9.

everybody wants the Silver Bullet for getting a job I’m now gonna give you the nine steps for the Silver Bullet see how everybody’s grabbing this can I get a copy of that video this is how you do and this is not only the Silver Bullet for getting a job this is also the Silver Bullet for for selling for selling a product marketing a product because that’s exactly what you’re doing you’re marketing a product the product being yourself so first and and I just went through this with sprocket and I was so happy to see that some people have actually been able to find our website score but you’ve got to number one build the back end before you sell the back end right now is what you’re doing here you’re learning you’re if you’re a machine you’re learning how to put the widget in the in the in the what’s it that’s building your business so now that you’ve built your bit and do everything that you possibly can to build your to build your back end to build your business build your your skill your knowledge your online presence in order to be a business nowadays you have to have an online presence everybody is going to Google you when you send in a resume I’d be very surprised if they didn’t if they didn’t Google you’re going to to Facebook or something like that number one the negative clean up your online profile your online life look and see if you can find those pictures of you above you doing the inverted beer bong at the at the keg party or whatever it is but just clean up your online your online persona you need a website nowadays six ten years ago I would have not have said that I would have I wouldn’t have even said that you needed a demo reel for an entry level job that many you know ten years ago but now get nowadays you just do so a good workable website clean not too fancy or anything like that but a good clean website I think that my web my personal website is a decent representation of what I’m talking about it so it’s Patrick but allcom is it’s just it’s one of those one page websites that you scroll down and all the information that there’s it’s just it’s very simple writing articles I think is a great way for you to be out there those articles are 400 to 500 words they’re really simple really straightforward pick one concept write on it and put it out there and just publish it whether it’s on a blog or whatever wherever it is this is number two do some actual work for friends and family go out go out and sell yourself to a friend to a neighbor to a nonprofit organization you like dogs go over to the SPCA do you like you know older people go to AARP go to the local I don’t know you know anybody the local Lions Club everybody needs video you got a friend that once you know your friends mom’s brother has a product that he wants to that he wants to create do a video for that person and if it’s a prefer nonprofits just because they always need video and if somebody is as part of that nonprofit there’s always people with money that are part of a non profit there’s always the people that are there higher ups and corporations and and and and companies and that they get involved with nonprofit organizations so if that nonprofit or you do a video for that nonprofit organization they say hey here’s a video that Steve Smith you know produced for us thank you very much Steve you can use it on your resume you can now use those people that are that were on that board of the organization as your as a personal reference what if that board the person on that board is the is the chief marketing officer of ABC corporation well now you’ve got a recommendation from that person so it’s all about picking the right we’re at the right company so it’s a show you work be get a get a reference from somebody and also you can feel you know get warm fuzzies in your heart because you did something right they did something good for somebody else research your network who knows who research your network as in as in the people that you know here the people that you know at home mom dad do you know anybody that does this you know it’s it’s all no matter what still in this in this country it probably the world it’s all who you know now it’s not buddy buddy you know hire your friend but it’s all who you know it’s just and that happens to do has to do with me getting with us selling ourselves with you selling yourself everybody that knows what you do is one more person that can potentially get you a job or get you a project where do you want to be geographically narrow it down somehow like I knew I wanted to go to Richmond I found all the all the production companies in Richmond if I had not gotten a job in Richmond I was moving to Richmond and I was going to get a job as a bartender or a waiter working in Richmond get a job that gives you some flexibility hopefully because if you say I’m moving to Richmond Patrick I want to work I’d love to do some work with sprocket I go awesome I may not have any work for you for a month or two or whatever but I can introduce you to some other people you may not get paid you may get paid but you need you know something on the weekends or something but I want you to be able to tell you say Patrick I can work for you Monday Tuesday and Wednesday anytime I’ll do whatever so find out where you want to go go there and then start networking with people and just because you got to be there in the organ in that in that general area to make the most of that sort of other wise you’re just shooting resumes out like a lawn sprinkler everywhere contact with individual cover letter and targeted resume you found some place you want a job do not send a general cover letter certainly with to whom it may concern if you’re sending out if you’re just going and and and and copying and copying and copying cover letters resumes you don’t change cover letters you change cover letters to me mr.Badal whatever mr. Badal still like dad but anyway you know hi I was doing some research in Richmond I found out and I came across sprocket mediaworks I looked over some of your your resume on on Linked. In very impressive I’d love to learn I’d love to know more about that aspect oh they read it okay I see that you just started sprockie mediaworks very exciting I think that’s great especially after after working with an organization for 16 years I’d love to get if you have a moment I’d love to come down and get some insight from you on how to how I can get started in the industry you know I’m available this this this this and this I’ll read that you know they’ve complimented me you know they’ve they’ve obviously done some research on me and it’s not it’s just the fact that they’ve done some research that separates them from everybody else that sends me a form letter dear sir dear madam you know insert company here you know so send an individual cover letter and a targeted resume spend at least if once you find your city spend at least two hours on each resume package that you send out in the mail it’s this thing where you put them an envelope a little stamp on it and it’s actually something that goes to them an email okay okay I get a bunch of emails but you know it doesn’t have to be super fancy but it just handwrite on the outside you know and just send it to just because you’ve gone the extra step that most people have not and then follow up with email so send so you’re selling the last thing I do is the salesman is just send out marketing material send out marketing material touch base by email hey I’m going to be in town I’d like to meet you it meet with you et cetera etc you know and then be available you know I don’t wanna get anybody fired no part time job is worth passing up an opportunity that could give you a career you know there’s a and explain to your your boss at the sweet frog you know hey boss I got this job I got this really you know huge opportunity in two days to go down and and work for a day with this company called sprocket meanie works you know can I get off you know blah you know that sort of thing but just be available so many people that I’ve given the throne opportunities to over the years just weren’t able to do them of something something kind of silly you know so just so follow up think beyond the present when you look for an accepted job don’t go yippee I’ve got a job I’m gonna make $10 an hour think about where that job is gonna take you in the future what opportunities are there within the company ask these questions take at least five questions to your first job interview every job interview take five questions because I’m gonna ask you if I’m interviewing you what questions do you have nothing cool my what types of work are you going to do with that company you know you’re gonna be an editor okay walk me through the exact job description what does a day look like try to talk to somebody that actually works there when I interview people bring him in I sit down and talk to him for a while then I send them to talk to talk to the employees so that they can really get to know the people that they’re working with because the fantasy of working at that place very well may not meet the reality of what it’s like to work there are there opportunities with that company for cross training and trial by fire I’ve gotten where I am today by being thrown into things everybody says you know is everybody ever heard if somebody asks if you can do something whether you can or not just say yes yeah but if you say yes for damn sure you can figure out how to do it because the quickest thing that’s gonna that’s going to cause the door to hit your new bottom the way out is for you to tell me to do something and not be able to do it because I am big big big big on tell me you can’t don’t tell me you couldn’t find your talent find your passion in this industry and I’m not talking about find your talent I’m a good editor I’m talking about time find your talent your innate talent your innate ability my innate ability is finding and connecting with people am I good can i edit yeah I can edit can I shoot sure I can shoot am I good at it I’m pretty good at it but it’s not my passion I like connecting people I like I mean I get jazzed when somebody calls me up and says or I talk to somebody and they go just the other day I called up somebody and they said you know yes we are thinking about doing some video and I have heard of your company I’d like to come over next Friday that’s what that’s what gets me excited it’s all about who you know now we’ve talked about that a little bit that’s all fine and good but but where do you find people networking through alumni associations through people that are here you should you know definitely keep in contact learn about the industry and determine how your talent and passion fits mine is connecting and finding and connecting so my biggest strength is sales my biggest strength is finding new is finding employees to come in and fill and fill a need knowledge and experience with software a 4. 0 average or outstanding resume resume gets you invited to the party work ethic attention to detail personality passion creativity and networking is what makes your career what is work ethic work that work ethic pertains to a person’s attitudes feelings beliefs about work integrity sense of responsibility and emphasis on quality discipline and sense of teamwork nothing you have never had a sense of teamwork class it at JMU you’ve never had a work ethic classic dead JMU I mean it’s all its things that that that you can thank your parents for things you can thank your your school for your church your friends it’s just when somebody thinks about you what do they think about a hard worker somebody that can absolutely get things done and for me a work ethic is is the answer to this question can you work late tonight or this weekend first of all the very best employees that I’ve ever had I’ve never had to ask that question for when a boss comes in on a Monday and realizes that two or three people worked over the weekend and he didn’t know about it I call that a win because they didn’t come to me and go buzz you know projects know done let’s do it Monday what do we do what do you mean what you do you come in over the weekend and you work so they take it took it upon themselves to say this needs to get done let’s do it and they did it so the answer to that question can you work for the weekend what is your answer within the first two years of your career your answer is absolutely what do you need I don’t care what’s going on I don’t care if you got tickets to Metallica or you know within reason if you’re getting married you know it’s my posture I really wish I could but I’m getting married you know Bossa really wish I could but I got to go go out and get tanked with my boys no no your job is to keep that job your job is to I mean it’s so that’s absolutely what do you need when you complete the job you say is there anything else you need before I go you know with an attitude with attitude I had a guy say you know hey can you work this weekend were you asking me are you telling me not with me and I said well I was asking you but now I’m telling you I need you to be in here nine o’clock tomorrow morning okay you know it’s just so I say that with them but within the first two years but it should be like that forever what do you need live the industry there are no 48 hour accounting festivals get it now 48 hour film festivals I ask people in conversation is we’re having a as we’re having our interview so what do you do what do you do when you’re not working what do you do on weekends perfectly legitimate question for me to ask got and get tanked in the buds and watch some movies and stuff oh cool no I like to I’m a bit of a photographer I like to go out and shoot stills and or some of my friends will get together and will produce a you know produce a short film or if there’s a 48 hour film festival going on we’ll go do it yeah those are the people that that I want to hire people that have passion enough passion for this industry that they’re doing this on weekends you know that’s like I said there’s no 48 hour accounting festivals you know you’re so you’re fortunate enough to work in two in this fun business live it and love it you. .