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An AMAZING and productive day in the life of a social media marketer. Multiple clients and only 24 hours in the day. I give you a bit of a tour of what one of my days looks like!

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yes what I filmed two videos today two videos for my business nobody else is not a client it was mine for my clients four people on for you to find me you’re watching this you should go see it whoa that’s okay now just like a million critical I really love teaching it this weekend after teaching summer Carmel students in her mentorship program about their websites and their social media I just felt so fulfilled and even there’s some students in school spirit that you know private Facebook group they’re asking a lot of questions and I just feel so happy to provide my knowledge and share what I know like I would do it for free if I just need to make a living it’s been a great day so far I went to bed last night at like 10:00 which is rare and then I woke up at 8:00 so I had a great sleep started my day at 8 o’clock so now I’m here in my office I actually had a change of pace today I am on the fifth I love this so much that I can keep moving I’m really see Tasker I can’t stay still for long even when I’m like editing the video sometimes I have to like break in between a play game on my phone or something this morning I had a phone call meeting with the client I’m going over to Carmel’s later to continue filming sent to press releases for two different clients wrote two blogs for two different clients tomorrow I have a photo shoot for another client so it’s Wayne’s first day back at work he had an injury in June he fractured his tailbone he’s been at home recovering and then we had the wedding and then we had the honeymoon so I didn’t really make sense for him to go back to work for two weeks then take like a month off for the wedding and honeymoon so now he’s finally back to work and I am at home alone which it’s quiet it’s nice but now we have no food in the house so I’m eating crunchy Lehner I’m so happy you’re home and guess what I don’t have to film anymore tonight something home with heels please did you even know that I was going out later so that’s not changed according him I’m amazing day getting up at 8:00 11 p.m. now so it was a very long workday but it was amazing I’m so productive okay everything on my list for today I checked off well the filming that got rescheduled is going to go to tomorrow but that moving made me more available to finish everything else amazing I have decided to start making my schedule I can’t really plan out every day but I can at least plan two days ahead and for me to make a checklist of priority really really saves me I also together a calendar of important events and deadlines like I know that every Monday is blog day and every Tuesday is launch day and weekends are typically heavy with video editing it’s 11 o’clock right now and I feel like I’m at a really good place to just be like hey done for the day great team I can feel good working an actual date time instead of night I think I need to do that more often it’s very early it is 7 a. m. it is not often that I’m up before the Sun square ok enough Chrissa good okay photo day tutorials leaving capital right now they were one of my first clients I love them so much I have so much fun every time I come to see them when I first had the opportunity to work for them my friend Cory who I’m sure I’ll get my blog one of these days because he is so such a huge part of the reason why I have a business Cory introduced me to capital and so the capital would really like to help with their social media first we thought plumbing social media how do I make that work but it has turned out to be one of my clients that I have the most fun with all the guys they’re so much fun we take some really funny photos that I turn into my social media posts we take really funny videos we’ve created characters for the staff like Ryan is mr.

cool he wears the sunglasses and has this kind of attitude when he talks about the services we provide Andrew puts on an Australian accent and becomes plumber done beep it’s hilarious we have so much fun and the reason why their social media is successful is because we really show you the hearts behind the business so we just finished a photo shoot at people coming and eating and now I am heading to Carmel’s to continue filming a video filming us..