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What’s it like to tweet about fashion for a living? Meet Virginia Nam, Lucky Magazine’s Social Media Director. Explore a day in her life, see how she pulls it all off, and get some tips on how to make your social media presence lucky!

Virginia to ICON:

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Michelle Phan

my name is Virginia Nam and I’m the social media director at Lucky Magazine so what I do is to ride as much shopping inspiration and outfit and personal style inspiration as I can to all of our readers welcome to my little corner in our temporary office space we’re lucky it’s a little clutter but that’s because I have so many things to Instagram I have this little cheat sheet of image sizes for each of our social media platforms this is something that our entire web team finds helpful when you’re describing a lot of things with color because maybe something isn’t just pink maybe it’s a rose or maybe it’s fuchsia way I scheduled my social media schedule is I work really closely with our web team and our buying team I look at when the items are going to be featured on the website and try to align my Instagram posting over here I have layouts of our Instagram photos it just helps me map out my social media calendar but this is a tool that I used to help me manage the social posts throughout the day so this is what I look at the first thing in the morning I check all of our mentions I see how many retweets we get I schedule some post our web team also helps you schedule posts throughout the day so I get to take a look at them this is our new website isn’t she beautiful everything that you read will be shoppable some of the platforms that we are active on is Facebook obviously as I’m sure all of you guys are Pinterest is another big one for us Instagram is a huge focus for us the way choose products to shoot for Instagram are things that are really colorful things that will photograph really well what are those key pieces that will make an outfit super interesting and really fun and really true to what lucky is everyone at lucky from our Red River chief down to all the assistants they’re super active on Twitter and on snapchat and on Instagram and it’s my job as a social media director to put out all the amazing content that our team creates through all of our channels.