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you so in this particular video you’re going to learn how to find cpa offers in the previous video we talked about finding clickbank affiliate offers now I mentioned briefly what CPA was in the first video but I’ll give you a little more detail about cpa offers right now cpa offers allow you to get paid whenever somebody takes a specific action for example let’s say that you go on an online dating site and you haven’t a cpa offer for an online dating site if you drive traffic to that site and some depresses so I’m looking for a female from age 21 to 31 or whatever age group there is in this city or around the city radius if they do that and you have an online dating cpa offer you get paid every some time somebody fills that page out then you can get paid from anywhere from two three four five dollars or more just to get somebody to fill out a lead so basically you’re driving traffic to a squeeze page and the people become a lead by filling out a form or there are cases where people just fill out their zip code and that’s it and you still get paid a dollar or two now with the strategy we’re going to gather some cpa offers once you have gathered the cpa offers then you can add them to your follow up emails we’re not exactly going to add them onto the blog itself on the front end because you can get a lot of higher conversions when you have them sign up onto your list and then you email them the cpa offers later down the road once you’ve built that relationship with the person on your list so without further ado let’s move on what do you need to do well the first thing you need to do is find some cpa networks so we’re going to go ahead and do that right now so right now you’re just looking at some of the most popular cpa networks never blue dot com they have a lot of good stuff they’re still growing I’m part of never blue but they’re still growing some of the bigger ones are like Hydra or as oogle ads calm and if you want to find more you can go to google and just type in something like top cpa networks and you’ll find a bunch of people who are recommending certain cpa networks but the ones that are at the top are definitely Azuga lads Hydra network and never blue calm is growing in there they’re really good they have really good support and choosing a CPA network I would not go out all out and join like 10 different cpa networks I would join samet they don’t approve me I would move on to the next one and or I’d find out why they didn’t prove me sometimes it just takes a phone call just call them up on the phone and talk to a live person sometimes it’s easy for them to disapprove you or not approve you through email or through the application online if you can actually talk to somebody on the phone and you can convince them that you know what you’re talking about you have a marketing plan set up you’re going to use PPC or you’re going to use specific marketing methods and they they’re convinced that you know you’re talking about then they most likely will approve you so never blue Hydra networks and zeagle ads if I just click on apply now it’ll show you the application you fill out your first name last name all that information now as far as how to apply and what you need to know before you apply to a CPA network I will talk about that in just a minute because there is a process where cpa networks will approve you or disapprove you because they are looking for quality marketers who know what they’re doing there are specific things that you need to have and specific things that you want to know before you actually apply to an actual network and I’ll talk about that in just a minute alright so once you find the cpa networks then you need to sign up and get approved now I just show you several cpa networks that you could approach but one thing to keep in mind is that when you sign up you need to make sure that you know what your marketing plan is and you have some sort of proof or some sort of website or some sort of blog if you don’t have a website it would be wise to get the blog up first before applying to cpa networks because a lot of times they will ask you for a website and then they will ask you for your marketing plan how are you going to market these cpa offers because cpa networks are a little different than clickbank because they are getting quality leads for their customers and their customers are the ones that are giving you the offers the online dating cpa offers the mortgage offers the real estate offers the health offers the you know loan offers insurance things like that and then you get them get people to the landing page they fill out a form you get paid because of a lead over in action so cpa offers are good in the manner that you don’t have to sell something but what you’re selling here is the fact that people need to take an action fill out a form so in order to get approve you need to make sure that you have a website and you know you’re marking plant the best thing to do is tell them that you are going to use Google Adwords or some sort of pay per click marketing because with that all you have to do is drive traffic to their landing page or you can drive traffic to your landing page build your list and then email your list those cpa offers which is a better strategy but when you’re approaching the cpa networks it’s actually better to just tell them that you’re going to use pay per click because that way you’re not to. .