Social Media Manager

Alan Baratz, SVP and President of Avaya’s Global Communications Solutions, presents the Avaya Social Media Manager at Avaya Evolutions Toronto.

Toronto, 3th 2010.


with that what I thought I’d do is show you a demo of the new of I or contact center and to help me with a demo I’m going to ask actually John dilullo to join me back on stage you remember John from a few minutes ago hey John how you doing doing great thanks so basically what we’ve done is we’ve taken John who’s vp of sales for the Americas international theatre and we’ve turned him into an agent not a secret agent but a contact center agent agent de lulo how are you this morning I’m doing very well I’m glad to hear it agent saludos a little nervous because he’s been rehearsing to be a contact center agent practicing he’s been practicing ok so the scenario here is pretty straightforward I’m in the market for a mortgage for a new piece of lakefront properly property that I want to purchase I went to a mortgage company I got a commitment for a lock in on a rate for a new mortgage and now I’ve gone back to that company and said I want to sign the deal and the company said to me sorry the rate expired yesterday and they didn’t even notify me so I’m really annoyed and what I’m going to do is I’m going to get on my i.Phone and I’m going to post a tweet actually about no name mortgage company and I’m going to basically say they s T I n K in caps they stink so I’ve gone ahead and posted this now and I’m going to turn it over to agent dilullo who happens to be an agent at another mortgage kind of sort of no headset no headset I’m just operating here at my avaya hora desktop agent center which is really the command center of the Avaya or a contact center and unbeknownst to Alan while he was while he was tweeting the avaya aura social media manager how many people in here have a social media manager in their network today so a lot of opportunity because once you once you see this kind of opportunity you’re going to have to have one so what this product has done while while we’ve been sitting here talking is it’s out trolling the net it’s out looking at facebook it’s out looking at Twitter it’s looking at blogs at postings and searching for relevant data that’s appearing in the public domain and then bringing it back into the call center so you think about it’s completely different paradigm than what we’re used to with it where where a customer is driving a call to a call center this is a customer blasting information in this case angry information and we’re able to use the social media manager to pull that back into into our environment so maybe they can pull up pull up get the screen up under this young and so you can see what I’m sitting here in front of is the is the the agent desktop and I have a new message which I’m now going to accept and here is here is Alan’s tweet and again it was not directed at me the social media manager pulled it in and so you can see here here’s the tweet looking for a new mortgage company stinks and so now what I said it’s very articulate yeah thank you so I get across my point in the Crispus no I just let psyches a different work anyway the customer information you can see here we already have SMS contact for Alan we have twitter contact it alludes to some more information I’ll come back to that later there’s a user analysis we actually in a real time format our dredging in some of the Twitter demographics about Ellen and you can see the relevance of the tweet you can see the posts associated with each tweet the amount of followers that Alan has so I know he’s very important I can also see you for recognizing that he’s very vocal because we’ve had 11 or 12 other interactions here which all were not generally positive but they’re all here and then I get angry I get angry you go big so let me see though if I have any other information on them and now here’s where the center really ties back into the other CRM systems that you have and so in this case I’m reaching into my customer my customer database this is salesforce com in this example and I can see I have a lot of data about Alan I have is his address where he lives what are you doing I see he’s customer priority hi so he’s very important it’s been rated as hot thank you I didn’t know you cared i’m not i’m not sure all the information here’s a hundred percent accurate but as I scroll down I can also see that we’ve we’ve done some business together before in fact you’re refinancing a summer lake cottage and the rate lock expired on that okay so he’s upset because the rate lock expired two days three days ago and feels like he’s not been not been dealt with correctly now this is my opportunity but the clock is ticking first of all I’m an idle agent for all of you your call center your idle agent is the greatest cost that you bear every single day I’m an idle agent now working on a on a troubled customer and when I sit here and I say now how do I respond to that customer I have a lot of options I can send them a male I can send them I can send them a letter I can tweet back to them but I’m going to going back into the agent desktop and see what the what my best option is i think it’s an SMS message I know that’s private I know it’s urgent and I know I can I know I can be very responsive and again this is a this is that type of deep customer intimacy that you get because he didn’t even tweet to me he tweeted to the world so I’m going to select the the SMS contact that pulls up my my SMS generator i’m going to say hello Alan oops this is John my typing is how I can help please call me and I’ll send that great and now what happens I’m waiting he’s waiting for it to show up right here and there it is kelson wit name of the mortgage company hello Alan this is John I can help please call me nice job John very powerful very powerful thank you good job. .