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The Buffer App is a favorite based on the technology its team created a few years back. It enables you to schedule social activity in advance, through an system in the settings. When you have to share, you can just write the copy and throw the information in the “buffer” for it to publish in the next designated time slot. This saves a lot of time for the busy social media manager trying to keep activity flowing on a company’s various social accounts. While it’s not totally ideal for longterm campaigns, it is a great tool overall and a one at that! There’s an upgrade option when needed, and a recently added Business account that comes with better analytic capabilities.

Lastly, there is a great platform called Sprout Social, which at first glance be seen as a high-level competitor. It has functionality to track info across multiple and is very seamless and easy to use. It also offers contact management and lead generation that makes it worth the price (an increase over the others). Be sure to take advantage of the trial, and after that, it’s per month.

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To learn how MAGNET MEDIA can help with your strategic marketing solutions, contact or 646-486-7109.

To learn how MAGNET MEDIA can help with your strategic marketing solutions, contact or 646-486-7109..

welcome back to the magnet minute brought to you by magnet labs my name is Amy and I’m your host this week on the magnet minute I want to share some of my favorite social monitoring tools for you so that you can see what your audience is talking about on social media platforms a very important thing to do because the first and foremost thing you should be doing when you’re engaging your potential customer online is listening so let’s get started the first one I want to talk about feels like it’s been around the longest and that is Hoot.Suite this is a free option if you’re just getting started but there are also paid increases if you want to add team members or different additional functionality sometimes if you have more than a certain amount of social networks you do need to start upgrading to that paid account I personally think Hoot. Suite is perfect for monitoring Twitter searches but it does work with those other social networks it’s just a matter of whether working with a third party platform on those other networks is a good idea with Hoot. Suite using that to go to Twitter that always works amazingly and it’s a really good way to track everything in one place you got to always follow up Hoot. Suite with Tweet. Deck because that’s basically the Hoot.

Suite competitor that is owned by Twitter although it really doesn’t give you everything that you need but if you’re just trying to watch some Search columns and see if any keywords pop up it really is a nice place to go and it’s a free option what a lot of people don’t think about is Google Alerts this may not be a social dashboard but it definitely is an important thing to have running for your company by setting up Google Alerts with your company name any specific keywords in an industry that notification of any Google activity that’s occurred will be sent to your inbox so that you can react accordingly maybe it’s something to do with your business directly that you need to address maybe it’s just something you should know about that’s happening in your industry but Google Alerts is a great way to stay on top of what’s happening online next is my favorite buffer app they came up with the best model for social scheduling in my opinion where you come up with the times in advance so if you’re posting the same times every weekday the same times every Saturday whatever the case may be you can set those in advance so you’re not having to set a date and time for every single tweet or Facebook update or Linked.In update or anything that you have to do at any given moment so rather than oh I have to take five minutes to write something for this one tweet and set the schedule you can just write the copy load up a link if you need to and throw it in the buffer so it’ll just go out at the next available time not ideal for doing a campaign that needs to be scheduled over a period of time although they do offer now set scheduling but it really is nice to use it in terms of just keeping regular activity going through your social accounts when it comes to that buffer technology this is also a free option with paid pro account if you need to use more social accounts and more functionality another one I really like is sprout social I feel like it’s really similar to Hoot. Suite because it can monitor a lot of different platforms and the activity that’s happening on all of them but it’s a lot more visually friendly it also offers lead generation and contact management and a couple of other things that make it worth the price increase that you’re going to pay for a sprout social this is a lot more than a lot of the other places Hoot. Suite can get a little pricey if you’re adding a lot of functionality but it starts really low with sprout social you can get a free trial which is great because you’ll love it when you’re trying it but I believe the first pay mark is around $35 a month which is a lot more than many of these platforms will be for more information on those web apps to help you monitor your social activity the links are in the description below thank you so much for tuning in I appreciate it make sure you subscribe to this channel because I make a new magnet minute every Wednesday I hope you’ll join us for the next one you can tweet with me in the meantime H metastasis below we’ll see you next week for more great tips and resources make sure you sign up for the weekly newsletter in the Resource Center at magnet media films comm slash subscribe. .