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Guy Kawasaki is the MAN! He literally a leader in the field of marketing. Guy’s approach is very cut and dry and straightforward. There is no beating around the bush.

Here is guy’s bio:
Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, an online, graphics-design service, trustee of the Foundation, and executive fellow at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley. Formerly, he was an advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google and chief evangelist of Apple. He is the of The Art of the Start 2.0, The Art of Social Media, Enchantment, and ten other books. Guy has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary from Babson College.

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hey guys what’s up it’s brandon from Brandon M Lewin com hope you’re doing fantastic so I’m going through some video here of clips from the 25 or i should say the 23 hour chirp chirp extravaganza that we did back in February of 2015 have a lot of great information you can see the full video on the website but I’m cutting up some of the stuff so I can give it to you guys periodically also give it to you in a format that you can do you don’t have to watch the whole 23 hours to get some of this great and valuable content and information that we share one of the great guests that we had on there which were just one of many we had about 15 total great and phenomenal guests on there but we had Guy Kawasaki you know him from being the chief evangelist for canva he also was a chief marketing evangelist for Apple he’s written 13 books he has one out right now the art of starts he also has the art of social media which both are just fantastic books you need to go check them out um we he’s done he did a 30 minute interview with me in the event i have it cut up you’re gonna watch it right now but i just wanted to give you full transparency that the video and audio don’t really sink very well the quality of the of the recording was not the best and and it’s okay happens right but it is really about the content so go ahead take a watch listen enjoy it he’s got a lot of great stuff he talks about social media big mistakes that people make talked about authorship he also talks about Steve Jobs and working with him and entrepreneurs so there you go have it enjoyed make sure you go to the website check out some more at Brandon M lo M com can you hear me know morning guys can you hear me yeah oh geez God sorry about that it’s even harder than google hangouts on air for hangouts on air our boss sorry mother and don’t worry it’s a little tricky but you know what you did it you got it so I just keep booting do you get interest exactly you know keep pushing button so something works well thanks so much for joining us everyone’s really excited about having you on and rule should you take it the tire out so so just had some questions for you so real quickly I did about intro for you as one knows who you are I was there doing all that I heard all that I good good good awesome all right did I do it justice yeah yeah you can only work with you only have so much material yes exactly well again like like I said you know when I was introducing you you’ve been instrumental to the book and you know big part of what we’re doing here today is about the book and so I want to thank you so much because eighth was phenomenal and I think you know you some other people on here are our authors talking about eighth and just how wonderful it is so thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge we’re also yeah thank you for buying you guys I did I did so you know based on books to the art of social media I’m reading and I have bought that one so I love it love it you know it really talks about this a lot of what we’re talking about today is in the book but it’s just it’s really straightforward what inspired you or made it what makes you want to create books like these because I feel like that one in Pete are very straightforward how to guys and I don’t see a lot of people like yourself doing stuff like that well it’s basically royalty royalty royalty yeah you know with Lana social media my co author paid Fitzpatrick she really convinced wish it took her six months to convince me to write that book I kept telling very well you know there’s so many blog entries about there’s so many other go you know what could we possibly add and then I started looking at all these things and then there’s a lot of crap out there and a lot of it it’s just you’re done is like duh you know you need to be engaged no you need to be open duh you need to be interesting no you need to add a graphic and I kept looking at all these guys on ice and well somebody should write a lower level book about you know duh you need a great profile but what exactly does it need to have a great full file I think many great profile so this book is not so much about the what it’s about the house that’s crazy yeah oh my books are like that I mean to hollow I’m ready to like get out thank you very much only that a mega church is going to be have greater information actual that’s fantastic well well it’s you know it’s I think it’s really instrumental me to see there’s so many people talk about theories out there and not enough people like yourself it so they spend time talking about the house and not you know their little wide treated the book for Twitter was because it wasn’t really how book out there and people need it I mean more than more now than ever so thank you yeah I and I love cycling lifehacker you know where to go to you dishes how to boil an egg not what I concept it Oh aids are good sources of protein thank you very much i really needed to learn that but like damiana how do i boil an egg so show off it expects a good idea maybe my next book was i’ll just take all the questions I asked my wife how to cook or how to do this and just put it into a fuck you know there are why don’t you have your wife r I suppose exactly so speaking of social media and everything from your perspective what do you think is the biggest mistake people make with social media oh man there’s a lot of mistakes so one mistake they made is that they don’t push and hard enough that they think that somehow you know they tweet something once that’s all they can do people will get mad if they tweet it twice so that’s one that they’re free rather than trying to being the upside they’re afraid of the downside so that’s a story way to keep your lead your life where specifically in social media soliciting you post something and you know tens of thousands of people like it but fine complaint and I think a lot of people are more worried about the five complaints than the thousands of people who liked it because the thousands of people who liked it didn’t necessarily express themselves and so you know like my period social media is if you’re not pissing somebody off you should not use it right that’s number one number two would be that people should always add graphics or video to every single flaw and many people don’t do that and the third is this is the way people make a snap judgment about those social media is your avatar profile we need to fix that can’t leave it there like a crappy cell phone picture that they took with their flip phone you know six years ago after a breath or Edith they’re responsible in the picture and pop their head office up like man up in a song with uh you want a picture of a cop you know you doing that to him you know this agrees a really good point cuz when i was reading that article me do something in the beginning that you talk about is the avatar and how you describing me I never really thought about it from that at that point of view and notice in your pictures it’s like damn just it’s got right there you know and not a lot of people do that that is purposeful avatars to convince people that are likeable and trustworthy come and so you can’t do that with the tiny picture of you standing next to your surfboard in front of your Mustang okay like people can’t even pick out what the helpful things are are you sent me to you so social media is more like tinder than it is like ER many people are going to give you two seconds to make an impression so that’s a great point and it really like that translates over all the social media sites do not trigger it’s a nice breeze yeah what’s likely money when you read like old school like sales books but people always talk about it like it’s the first impressions come draft family social media like if you look good on your pictures it’s clear you look happy people are going to more likely to talk to you yeah I have a theory that people are going to hate generally speaking oh you know then then the bigger than their avatar women the horse in real life that’s a good boy that’s greater so um we have a today’s not only about Twitter and social media bits about entrepreneurship and um a lot about that is what do you see is a lot of advantages or where some of the damages were people on for entrepreneur specifically on Twitter specifically on Twitter yeah well specifically on Twitter you know you could just blast it out right so I made 140 character limit is actually good because it evens the playing people and it forces you to be concise it’s definitely a push mechanism as opposed to in a sort of going back so pretty and everybody has so there’s a lot of damage is I mean all of social media is fast and free in it everywhere so yeah 10 years ago if you wanted to make a splash you advertise in the wall street journal or stream you want a super bowl commercial well you know probably even with a super bowl commercial more people sneeze on that I’m super bowl sure socially is the best thing that can happen it’s absolutely right what is on this is a documentary renault was called it’s all about brandy yeah talk about Chanel spent 20 million dollars on a video on a commercial yeah do you oh that’s a lot of a lot of perfume yeah and they did it in the sense that it could they had like Nicole Kidman in it no and it got like two millions reviews or something like that is very small knot and then happy fitted differently with grant and they did it on and they’re doing people giving away money essentially and they got like like you know hundreds and millions of views on that and just you know and the tweets Facebook’s and all that stuff so it’s so DD like you can spend money but if you spend money the right way social media is the way to go oh you know I think an even better test would be to spend no money to see what you can do not give you my my shining example of this there’s a guy named marques Brownlee and he specializes in reviewing gadgets like follow the computers and smart watches so he’s a senior in college stuff late in New York okay she’s the video in his own room and he has something like two or two and a half million of subscribers to his channel okay so he’s not Cupid estes he’s not will.i. am he’s not you know Kanye West he’s not Paris Hilton he’s better be sick all right he’s like 22 year old kid in his dorm room 2 million subscribers if you if you look at when he posts on google+ reason he gets literally thousands across what generally sounds so you know the market of the episode well you know not just people face his choice of course you would think them all to happen but if somebody well the testimony about your new fold in search or Mashable actively or wire or or Phoenix or you could get Marky to review your phone two minute video yes which one I would pick or keys yeah yeah Laurie actually asked them or teen in here yes what was it is a marquis which is which is will name a are you yes BR 0 WN SLE probably brown okay I’ll get it rocketed equipment achat if you want to it is our beautiful thank you did I really know how to use I would also i did that what people do this so i died recently you know i have a friend of mine the famous Matt Dickman I believe you know him he works for a publicist one of the publishes agencies and a I was talking a few other people to actually Bruce salen who’s going to be on talking to from dead chat and both of them brought up a very good point that I actually felt completely the opposite about which was if you have a huge discrepancy in Twitter and flowers you’re following you actually get looked at as more of a shirt and arrogant than anything else and unless you’re like a big name celebrity I mean like yourself as you know over a million people but you’re still following a hundred seven thousand people ml yeah okay so the reason why i am following 107,000 people it because i started recruiter seminary low I believe Robert school and what Robert truthful said was as a courtesy anybody who also you should follow so at the point there were the program that would automatically do that somebody follow you it follows them for you okay yes so you know I got that and I use that program at you like 300,000 and then I just was always pretty much useless and one of the country nobody always people if you start using things like um flipper sibility mental mental faculty that we’re going to look at who you follow see what content posted and then you that content because the people you follow up you can trust and fight so they can’t focus and curators with okay stand up he doesn’t look followed everybody who followed you so then I swear I was painting can you need for something to manually followed everybody followed and I’ve got several times i contacted Twitter Isis witter can you just wipe out what people i follow it felt is here i want to start all over no we can’t do that oh so now so this is kind of the contradiction to what you just said which if you are following people and you follow five months my mature well you know i guess you could come to that conclusion i was sitting listen if you have a really great avatar and you have a really great profile and you tweet really interesting stuff roughness values more substance information analysis entertaining you know helpful well you know one of the last data point is somebody’s going to look at this guy this point four million follow you follow 520 an asshole I mean that is if you are so much like lay your ass is with your tweet then that piece right now yeah yeah I mean I i agree with you that was my rhythm philosophy was that I mean I always thought that like if you you want to follow people you want to hear right I mean I excuse on Twitter especially if there’s so much noise going on Yuki to go with the philosophy of following everybody that follows you or building a you know some type of communication with them but then you know you’re going to have to hear all 20100 7,000 people and it’s a lot of stuff to go through and so if you really want to talk to people hear what those people are saying then maybe it’s just a smaller huh so um but I also scratch my yesterday I you know I also see that you know point on and building a community to but I feel like that half the people who go out and find for following 20,000 but also five twenty thousand they kind of do that just to get that 20,000 to follow that yeah um I don’t know do you really want me to be completely transparent yeah I use also beating a bush so I’m very seldom easy to find so the only place they look at what people are posting my abilities applause because you today where I can’t noodle to her that I still a mess up now the rest s useless and so i use google plus so you know i am i of all people i have this tremendous piece to content austin because i believe i should post you know 20 today and so I basically PD back on the efforts of others I’m looking with a small circle of people do on google block I look at all pop this is nice that I created to aggregate content on top and I look at google +1 top and beside that I’m basically pushing not fully ah ah ah ah let me get to the lake circle of people that I follow so these are the people that I follow up if you on google products to think of it and now I hate to tell you but there are only 14 in the world it’s you know i think it’s a it’s a great conversation to have it at the base I haven’t really done philosophy and personal one yeah but it’s always made me think so because I felt more llano aside when these other guys and they just completely kind of shift in my mind on all this so thanks for sharing that I think that was really really helpful um so I know we don’t have a couple more minutes with you I wanted to get some questions in here to someone that I had that I you know you got a chance to work with steve jobs right yeah what was what was a moment or conversation maybe even an event that that really impacted to life most with working never talked about him and his leadership and the person who’s was did he was there some sort of impact that it had on your life well yeah I mean yeah I would be like Nikki cappuccinos some place in a coffee shop right in the office and so so I am where I am because of am at my work unless it was a remarkable person you know I don’t use a visionary word often i think i’m only two people in America issue a little fly like a business would be speak now that that is so so maybe a third is plenty love up that is you know not that every follicle fellow social media visionary I have snapchat with eight seconds you know so okay great um so so so what’s the los vemos that people can’t describe what they need only describe involving what they already have he taught me that you should always hire people better than yourself he thought me that sphere works in the motivating force so that was afraid of he definitely thought that there’s a higher mediocracy good enough others of you very forceful working for him all of us to meet about it and all the goofy they’re all kind of true you know that he didn’t register his car parked the car completely I mean he drove in the carpool a the apartment packs gas cloud all that but you know I think danger with ostrich boogies in the book maybe the book hijab is if you look at what he did and it’s very hard to separate causation and correlation so to use it extreme Africa it could buy a black not registered drive it in the proper lane by yourself Martha Munizzi des koala and you would be any competent okay so this doesn’t call me duh yeah it’s uh yeah it’s me I mean I don’t know he was I mean for my I know from what I read that’s why I was like turning to you to talk to you about person who’s actually lived and worked with a man now you know that’s the point of view that’s where you really want to get the stories from but you know everyone talked about him being a jerk but everything I’ve read it just seems like he misses was who he was and he will ya he was different and and those are the people that changed the world I mean that’s essentially what he did yeah take it kiddo get from opposite I mean he was a very difficult person but he was a very difficult question was totally awesome in terms of vision and paste and prediction of what people would want or the ability to make people want what he created he was off the scale there’s never been anybody like even the issue of man except for maybe Jesus okay so there was jesus said there was job don’t think people right yeah and and so the danger was company like that he had hopefully that I see mere mortals like me cannot fully comprehend and so it’s very difficult to draw lesson from me because he was so off the scale so this easy kind of right um if you if you try to emulate what Tom Brady does it doesn’t mean you’re going to become grainy exec oh okay yes certain certain physical mental whatever attributes that you just on there but that’s nothing you can’t be fired by or inspiring and swap but I don’t think but a copy that so let’s take what they do and take the best take that you can apply and pull off I think the biggest lesson that anyone could really learn from I’d even like a person like Steve Jobs or others who are afraid of what they do is just everyone is who they are they just ask Seth who they are and then they embrace it and then they work towards what they had their strengths and that’s what steve jobs but he didn’t care who anyone what people thought about me just or at least that’s how I proceed did I mean you absolute knew him but seems like you just did what you wanted to do and that was it yeah well uh I think the key is that he did what he wanted to do and by golly he was right who and what they want to do in their all and you’ll you know the reason why we all know about he doesn’t he did what he wanted to do and he was right there a lot of clout I wanted to do it at all so but it’s not a strategy strategy my something yeah Las Vegas is a big part of a lot of people strategy my strategy is better to be lucky than smart let me then we get to work your ass off there you go yeah give us a give you more opportunities to get lucky yeah so does anyone I know we only have a few more minutes but does anyone else have any does anyone have any questions specifically for guy that would that be you have them on here I know there were a few in the beginning I just want to make sure we can get everyone’s answers here and again thank you guys i’m in been oh so okay no that’s not a question for you right on heavy technical difficulties believe it or not washing dishes and i lost track of time oh yeah no worries these are on it though let me see there was one question up here people I didn’t like me anymore come I have fit it’s cuz you look because you’re everywhere now it is you know it was something else I want to just you know give you a little phrase for is like you know I reached out to you to ask you to come on here and I reached I research a lot of people and you know it’s either i reached someone’s agent or there was absolutely no response whatsoever and I really you know I praise you because i personally think that everyone should be grateful and and give back a little bit and so you know primus it x times you know of essence nowadays but thank you so much for just taking a little bit of time well i already adjusted so Bob how many people did you cut that and then how many people responded and helping people said yes what was your frontal life so so from like from a thought leader perspective I reached out to say seven people yeah and you were the only one that responded and you were only 12 said yes really yes I mean other people that are involved in today are you know people that I’ve already had some sort of contact with that are you know somewhat thought leaders in their own space but you know and you know Bruce salen like he you know we talked he’s part of the book he’s in the book so you know reaching out to people like that wasn’t difficult but it was you know every step is you know Gary Vaynerchuk and got his agents and I remember when Gary though was very accessible and you know I’ve had a few email exchanges and now it’s like he’s too big to you know what what them I’m kind of supplies is derek was very few days to someone like you well what did him it that’s what it was an agent and went directly to the day he said his agent say oh I asked them you know I kinda I thought it was going to Gary so I I put in some jokes in there but their new bottom I was ok I’m willing to barter I don’t have any you know budget and then he’s like stations like well Gary is very eyes he’s got a lot of time he gives way is time what kind of budget do that I don’t have a budget like you have actually a flexible budget as I gotta do not understand i don’t have a budget was trying to make a Darius composited yes and I did it for free yes that’s why that’s like Mary’s gonna buy the new chest and I can’t afford why I did I really do appreciate it with you XO is speaking about the changes in amazon jbp so well i don’t know what changes happen I think be Gavin lady are not going to make sure magician the right question so mighty you know what changes might be funny all but I have to call you that our prior to what might kill me now I I think Amazon KDC just a fantastic still around it from an office one of you like why I self publishing books those filthy dog style pretends up like a seven bucks 74 symbolically holy cow we like c % higher than anything else yeah you know the printed regime I’m a kebab on a fifteen dollar book i make about seven dollars you know so how do you can’t do that for sure and and they have all the services you know you can watch your book to go on dates they own oughta hold in the process we putting up sample of your book and you can audition and kindle where you reduce price 299 senescence oh I love getting my kindle program for self published authors is absolutely fantastic he’s probably eighty percent of the action if if I were a self published you know starting office today I would focus primarily on amazon no questioning my absolutely it is a guy out there that does produce like 40 bucks just on amazon make some pretty good living off of the royalties off of it so Evan question actually it was interested so you you produce the MU stunts from self publishing right yeah what what when why how to make that decision you okay pal like a book bell tolling people so what the flower pot google+ and i wrote that several years ago that was before any any publishers you can apply so i didn’t even bother trying to get a publisher and then i will each publisher arts school and that but how do not focus your submission publishers about using traditional publishers and then left for tomorrow clips media literally peg and i were going to self publish it okay this is a true freak insurance ok we’re going to self publish it we were all semantics copy edit discover everything we were ready to go so give honor we would be i send it to my agent my age is not for agencies to publish publish your losses and they may be in mental you know I actually I have to show a look from you so I said let’s go to new city bubble and so there’s nothing else you know one of the benefits of self publishing should make you believe is that enables you to prove your job right and not that on several women firstly I’m awful hes cell phone and the book doesn’t matter the book like acquired and spread out even more so this is kind of the fifty shades of grey a theory right now still publishing potatoes whoo hoo somebody Bible so that’s one time thing apparently um I think my self publishing and doing well with both plus I I can’t do it but basically put out instead if you don’t acquire the next book I will self publish it and do it do well anyway so I’m optimistic this means go me too much yeah I got it already you. .