Twitter Jobs

#hackweek project: make the best/worst recruiting video of all time. Done.

Video @briggles & @origiful
Music provided.

hey dick you got a second yeah come on remember when you asked us to spend a lot of time and like a lot of money to make a video that’s gonna inspire people to work here no well we did and it’s a little over budget but I think you’re I think you’re gonna like what you see you okay Lady Gaga I’ll call you back ma’am this is a sweet job but working at Twitter isn’t just a sweet job it’s a way of life a way of life that’s like a sweet job have I got your attention now walk with me and we’ll learn more oh hey Lydia from recruiting do people ever ask you why it’s so much fun to work at Twitter Boyet they sure do at Twitter you get to work on small teams working on projects that affect hundreds of millions of users just ask one of our engineers yeah it’s it’s all so much I love working here because I boy I wish I didn’t already work here so I could apply for a job do we have any open positions does it tweet have 140 characters do three yes here are some examples engineering manager engineers who know about mobile front end engineers and back end engineers Java specialists Hadoop reliability engineers but it doesn’t stop there we’re also hiring for non engineering jobs like sales product management and design and so much more man those sure are a lot of great jobs what do you think CEO Dick Costolo thanks Ian in addition to jobs we offer free gym memberships and catered breakfast lunch and dinner not to mention yoga chair massages acupuncture and beer this really is a great place to work as an employee you have tons of benefits like your own computer a bottle of wine and a t shirt and don’t forget full health care and great dental coverage all of this at an international company that’s helping to change the world so what are you waiting for come work at Twitter enjoy so it’s great I love it he loves it you.