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Learn about the communications program that also teaches business skills!.

congratulations you think you’re ready to pursue the career path of your dreams so why are you still sitting here is it cuz you can’t find a degree that fits your personality save your talk with the parents goes something like this your friends are going to school for an education that will pay the big bucks and you want to do the same but you want to do something more creative so how about The Bachelor of Arts and media and communications program the what the Bachelor of Arts in media and communications program the program combines rating and media with business courses learn about writing advertising marketing social media communications but also learn about entrepreneurship global issues and business a tea business develop a broad knowledge of media cultural studies and business along with theoretical and practical skills so you can become a journalist work for a PR firm work for an advertising company do promotions or even become your own boss then your parents can brag about your degrees and you’ll be ready for the real world so put down whatever you’re doing and start clicking University Canada West check it out.