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This will be an interesting look at the 22Social App and fun, fast-paced session of tips! Join us!

hello everyone woohoo welcome to our party will party if nobody’s here or not right we don’t hun we will we will we’re gathering we’re gathering people in as we’re going here where we’re so happy if you’re joining us live we’re also recording this we’re streaming this it’s on facebook it’s on it’s on G+ where isn’t where aren’t we well you know we could actually stream this on twitter is a little bit of a ninja trick but we could do it too but you know I just sad kept it in these two I think uh uh huh yeah hold on hold on uh uh I can hear myself are you i know i have got too many are you hearing all these oh yeah party’s all right i had too many screens open with our delayed or delayed party information okay that’s okay and more of a party exactly exactly and if it is only my voice right so we’re super excited i’m trying to monitor everything as we’re going along here here I’m monitoring the facebook page we’re monitoring google+ we’re we’re gonna open it up for some questions coming up soon but we just want to talk about a few things related to social media management and you know this is all about just asking your questions to if you have questions about so being a social media manager definitely ask those we’re going to review that the app that we’re doing right now we’re going to show you what we’re doing with that how that works a little bit and and then we’re going to give you a sneak peek into social media manager school and we’ve got prizes yeah that’s the best part we have prizes we have a lot of cool things we’re giving away every few minutes throughout the hour and you need to be here I think to get the prize so if you’re watching the replay we’re sorry but this is for our live audience but well I’m sure we’re going to have a ton of stuff that you can get a lot out of all during this hour so that’s cool yeah absolutely so if you do have questions now feel free to put them into the chat either on facebook or on on google+ we’re monitoring that and you know otherwise we’re just going to talk which is what we do so well it starts it’s our highest gift is it okay that’s great so what we wanted to first start out with some talking about scheduling because that is and time kind of time management how do you manage your time as a social media manager you know with with getting all the content out there how do you make sure that you’re optimizing your time to be most efficient not wasting too much time poking around following links and and because time is money right that’s right and you can really drop down into the rabbit hole when you’re doing things on social media and so as a social media manager you absolutely have to have a good set of tools for scheduling and I’ll just tell you what I use today just to schedule this because you know there are a lot of social dashboards out there that provide scheduling tools that is you really shouldn’t have a social dashboard unless it has scheduling built into it but Twitter itself has a fabulous scheduling tool built right into it Facebook itself has this fabulous tool built into it and then also you have a hoot suite which isn’t a you know one on our top 10 tools list right where you can schedule all of it and so today you’ll see I’m tweeting all during this hour by the magic of the Hoot.Suite scheduling tool and and as a social media manager that should be on your top tools list in my opinion right yeah and the nice thing about Hoot. Suite is if you get the pro version you can bulk upload all your tweets and so you write them out this is what I do I’ve done with my clients I you can write them out into an Excel spreadsheet and just upload them and and they’re good to go and you’ve got them all set and then you’ve got that record on York l spreadsheet where you can just copy and paste if you want to you know if you want to have tweets go out multiple times you know that kind of thing or just make little adjustments and and put that tweet in again so that’s a really great great way to automate things I have to tell you that tool that bulk upload tool inside of Hoot. Suite Pro has transformed my business it really has because when we talk to our clients and I know you do this too yes twitter has to have some push marketing in it these days it’s just kind of the way it is but that also frees up your time to be there live so that you can have conversations with people because those are the two things you really need to really gain the benefit of a social site and that’s the automated and the live conversations and any social site not just Twitter but but especially on Twitter yeah yeah definitely definitely so we’ve got that we’ve got a few I’m just given a couple of shouts out we’ve got Malia here she said she’s glad to be here Terry’s looking forward to the event hi guys just giving me alive shout out there a couple other things that I wanted to scheduling tools that I wanted to mention that are kind of cool that have some really cool features are social oomph and that’s at social oomph dot com you gotta really said in you know it’s interesting that was one of the first tools I used way many years ago and I first started doing this work long time ago and it’s one of the ones that’s really stuck around a lot of things have come and gone lots of things have been built but that one’s still here yeah one of one of the things I like about social oomph is that you can you know easily up come back you’re frozen p thick am i oh you can have a library of things can you hear me yes okay I’ll just keep talking so you can have a library of things to draw from and and kind of you know build up your library in social for for things that you might want to tweet later another new tool that is kind of intriguing and interesting is called meat egg edgert now this is a kind of a I forget what the monthly fee is on it but this is a tool that was developed by Laura rotor and it is it is an interesting the initiative this tool is that you you do have like kind of buckets that you draw from that you put categories in and then it kind of automates it through those buckets of tweets that you’ve got kind of built up and you can you can draw in RSS feeds so that you’re automatically tweeting out from from certain blogs that you follow your own blog and and actually all of these have have some capability of that Hoot. Suite social own so it’s nice to have that feature but meet Edgar does it a little bit differently where it kind of puts it into different categories so you’re kind of segmenting the types of tweets that your your oh I mating Oh Phyllis are you frozen now are you just smiling I’m smiling that you were frozen but switching over to you yeah well good thing the thing that’s very cool about all of these systems is once you find one that really works for you you don’t have to go out and get five six seven eight otherwise and we always advise our students to just find the tool that works for them and their clients and then really master that one and don’t get lost in the 200 tools lists that are so popular online um and and the other thing too is that you know we’re taking questions during this whole thing and we’re doing Evan like giveaways and parties and stuff so I think we’re getting close to giving something away in just a few minutes I think we are we are we are super excited to give this away we’re going to give away my book which is right here oh a little tiny it’s actually not a little tiny book company okay go get it because oh my gosh it’s huge it’s bigger than when we wrote it of course now Andrea you’re frozen with your butt to the screen which is always so much fun with a party oh you know what hey let’s just let you get this party started oh my goodness I hope I come back soon yeah it’s 765 pages it’s a shiny side view the side view yeah so it’s it’s very thick very thick and i am going to sign a few it’s actually the this is super updated it just came out in august and so far no major changes so i’m really happy it’s still still valid after after month and a half or two months right well you know when you and I and n amy porterfield wrote the first book we were like the final editing for all the chapters and then Facebook changed like everything the format for personal and pages and all that and we just went all of the press I mean literally we said hello press and get back and we did the final editing and got that out and it was current for a few months and it was great you know so we’re going to we’re going to give this a signed copy away and we have a we have a winner laura is telling us at melia bishop allard one Blitzstein hot off the press copy um and in my blank am I am I in here can you see me yes all right good um so Malia congratulations and if you can just message us at support at social media manager school and give us your address we’ll get this sent out to you so congrats there yay so you know it’s really interesting because that we give this one away first yeah because inside of social media manager school and I’m just going to pull that up and you can highlight it if you want inside our social media manager school we have two places where we really pull out the facebook information one is the basics where we go into a little bit about and here it comes a little we have actually a lot about Facebook in here there’s a lot about Facebook in the basics because you know Facebook is the King gorilla so we have to have to do that but also we have a lot inside of one of our modules and we’re going to be showing you through some of these modules in the next few minutes but the one place that stands out to me is in module 5 when we do these advanced social tasks and there’s a whole lot of information in here about Facebook advertising and all sorts of wonderful things in here and so that’s just kind of a little bit about Facebook inside of social media manager school yeah so I’m awesome yeah you were giving you guys a sneak peek here too well while we’re while we’re giving giving you all this great information and I’m going to give you a little hint on on winning these prizes is the more you comment the more likely you are to win that’s right so yeah a question that runs between the fee based Hoot. Suite and the free version and you yes you do get the bulk upload and the reports with the with the fee based Hoot.

Suite you also get the ability to add more team members so if you are collaborating with others maybe it’s the business owner maybe it’s other people on your team then you are going to want that that fee based version of Hoot.Suite so yeah so good good all right so Malia says yeah yeah we got a nice little grip over on G+ to you having a lot of fun say hi to us on g+ that would be great because we’re going to be flipping around between the two platforms for the prizes today so are all right not like you get an easy er chance of winning if you’re participating in one place we’re equal opportunity here no I like to we got we got kind of a divided camp here between Sevilla’s g plus more i’m more facebook e my first this morning I said game on we have just about the same amount of people rsvp’d on both platforms yeah yeah yeah it’s kind of cool yeah so good so Joanne says woohoo Malia awesome i hope i’m pronouncing your name rank so so did we we cover scheduling tools enough if you have questions about what scheduling tool that you use as a social media manager ask it in either facebook or in the G+ comments and we can absolutely go for that someone yeah I actually want to cover a couple of other extra scheduling tools because Hoot. Suite and social homes and some of these others only scheduled out to like Facebook Twitter and and two in Linked. In some do also do G Plus as well but I want to eat his pages right pages only and so I want to cover scheduling a facebook particular scheduling tool one that I really like is post planner I like it because they have a really great interface in post planner where you can you know pull in content you can you can again pull in RSS feeds from there and then just like schedule them out or post them right away I think that the post planner updates appear more naturally to me and that you know sometimes the Hoot. Suite scheduling appears as like a hoot suite link it doesn’t always pull in that preview sometimes it just depends so I like post planner for scheduling out on on facebook as well as well as the Facebook scheduling tool I think that’s a great tool for sure but i do like post planner because they give you some ideas in there you can get content ideas you can look at the other thing i love about post planner is that you can look at the most viral photo of competitors pages great way to spy on the competition and what’s done well for them and then say you know what how can we either do something similar or or do something do it may be better and and so this gives you an opportunity to see what’s working for other competitors with post planner so I would definitely recommend you go in and and and check that out okay we should have had post planner bison advertising space on this I don’t know I know I’m right here over here now we like to look at all the tools we let me test them all out that’s a really important point Andrea and I we feel like we’re like the scientists in the lab and we go and test everything out and then we can recommend or we can advise against certain tools it’s very important for the people who come to social media managers school to feel like they have some place where they can ask and ask for other people’s experience and inside our facebook group our private facebook group for the school I mean that’s probably about forty percent of the questions and conversations are back and forth about tools yeah for sure it’s a lot of a lot of people saying have you tried this you know there’s all there’s new tools coming out all the time and we do review them all and but you know a lot of times it is a matter of people saying hey I’ve tried it it’s great I like it you know or whatever now I want to show you a little bit inside before we get to the next the next prize and that is i want to show you inside of module 3 because inside module 3 talking about tools is that we do have our top tools lists in there but we also recommend there are only nine categories of tools you need as a social media manager there’s only nine categories so for example you need a scheduling tool you need social dashboard for reports you need an invoicing tool you need a editorial calendar tool and so those nine types of tools inside of those there literally could be hundreds of companies building products inside of this category so we try to just narrow it down and you find the best tool in each of those nine categories and then you’re good to go so here’s another little look inside of module 3 it’s all about organizing your own time and there’s lots and lots of stuff in here lots of extra documents Excel sheets training on how to use those excel sheets how to find good content for your clients all sorts of good stuff in there and um and there’s a lot of fun inside a module three one of my favorite modules I tell you I I always forget how much is in there I’m like oh gee you should join social media managers call Andrea oh I know it’s idle love it I love it this is and this is the reason we built social media manager school this was the type of school the type of course we wanted when we were starting and it wasn’t out there and I I feel like it really isn’t still out there except for our course I’ve seen a lot of other social media managers for courses and classes out there and I don’t feel like they give quite the same mix that we provide here because we really combine how to build your business how to set up your business the right way so that you don’t have to go out and research let’s see do I you know what how do I even get this done how do i name my business what kind of how where do I even find logos or whatever how does that even work so we we have put all of that into one school along with the social media lessons and things to help you save time and things to help you do quotes and things to help you you know figure out how to price your services and what services to even offer so we it’s a really unique blend of social media training as well as business building techniques yeah absolutely i think that it’s a very nice combination and one that you don’t see out in the marketplace and we’re very thrilled about it we have a question over on G+ ding or something oh and lots of comments over there so maybe that’s where this will go we have a lot of questions this book too yeah okay so I’ll did the one from G+ first look I’m here’s what from Lisa hi Lisa would love to learn more about setting up an email campaign for collecting leads I know that Mail. Chimp and constant contact can help with this but does the landing page get connected with your website and Facebook is this is separate at the Dozen there’s like all of these moving parts right right and the most important thing to remember lisa is that you absolutely definitely have to have an email system set up for yourself and your clients that has to happen and as far as which system to use we talk about those tools inside a social media manager school and help people help you decide over in the facebook group that nice thing about that is that the more you do it the more you learn and I can remove the first time that I did an email campaign or a campaign to build my email list and I was scared to death um honestly I was but now I have a system set up and I have content that I give away for free in exchange for an email address and then I just make sure that i’m always sharing really great content every time I send out my newsletter is a simple system but it’s something that you have to do you can’t go and exchange give somebody something for their email address and then just let it sit it’s that’s only half of the equation for building an email list so um again we could talk about just this one thing where I know an hour I know that’s so true so true but we have other questions so I know there’s lots of lots of good things and we do talk about email campaigns one of the one of the tools that you can possibly use is leadpages to set up that opt in there’s optimized press that also helps you set up opt ins on Word.

Press sites so those are kind of some options for first having gathering those leads yes and you have to be really clear what you’re offering and let me end and know all of that yes another question yes another question and then I think it’s almost time to give away another prize so Malia asks what are good invoicing tools um oh and I up to two questions to hear so good invoicing tools are one of the ones that we like a lot is fresh books that’s a great tools very easy to use and it’s free for a certain level bar of clients yeah if you keep it under a certain number of clients it’s free and it’s they they have been really updating and redesigning their whole system in the last couple of years so that you can completely integrate this with your accountant if you have an accountant so that they accountant can go in and just get what they want and you don’t have to deal with it I love this system highly recommended yeah and then some other tools are things like Quick.Books you know that can work too you know it’s nice because then you’ve got all your all your expenses and things in there as well it’s it’s a very complete system um you can put your expenses and fresh books now oh nice I didn’t know that nice oh cool another another took our another tool another question coming in from Natasha she says does Facebook not favor third party scheduling tools in regards to the amount of people you’d like to reach reach now that was happening that was happening more often is that it was kind of restricting those third party postings and that is not happening to our to our experience in anymore so that is nice but i think you know you always want to watch and do your own testing and make it make sure that’s the true for you you know you monitor what your reach is without the scheduling monitor what it is with the scheduling see if you’re noticing a difference if that’s if that is happening I’ve never noticed a difference with the Facebook natives get Joel a prize whoo so this we’re going to be giving away a seat in my facebook ads course I’m super excited scores and it is worth a hundred and twenty seven dollars and it is going out to Heather brown have a roll hey congratulations so awesome and remember how to UM pick up that prize you need to send Heather you need to send an email to support at social media manager school calm thank you very much yep and then we’ll get that all the details sent out to you and laura is saying she loves fresh books too yeah we have Laura are fabulous a person help on our team helping out picking out the prizes picking out the winners so we are we are impartial parties here on that so awesome so let’s get into some other question other questions that we have do we have some other questions let’s see coming in let me just double check so no I don’t see anything in wait did I miss something good in voicings tools people are saying they gotta check out post planner it give gift post planner shout out that we gave them all this gave them all this love here so tell me we sent you so um Phyllis are you frozen are you are you monitoring the chat here I am I it was my head down I was head to him trying to get down working good stuff work in it baby i have three screens go on today should see our war rooms here we got you have screens all over were chatting we’re talking we’re monitoring i well I took a picture for Instagram this morning but I only showed the two screens but I actually have three going right now you do i do too why don’t we why don’t we talk a little bit more about the school and give people a little bit more sneak peek into the Advanced section of the school alright so let’s go there I am sharing it now so we actually we still have a few slots available for the the advanced portion of the school and we have a couple of different levels we have the home study which means that you are it’s self paced you go through the modules as they roll out one per week and then we have the then we have the facebook group along with that all the bonuses and we haven’t shown the bonuses yet either so yell oh my gosh we oh no um then on our Premium Membership this is for more advanced users or are people who are looking to grow their business a little bit faster these are advanced templates that you can use and charge thousands of dollars for advanced strategy social media strategy for your clients and it includes Phyllis’s high level client proposals I have my marketing strategy templates that you just switch out and change to include information for your client and we we highlight all those sections and tell you kind of what give you ideas on what kind of content to put in and again you know it’s it’s templates that are that are you know can be confirmed set up however you want them but it’s a good place to start and it’ll save you I mean literally I don’t oh yeah just 30 40 hours of work easily easily easily yeah and then we have three webinars that are for their our premium people premium and platinum people to join where we talk about these higher level documents and answered their particular questions about their particular business situation and these are 90 minutes long and we do three of them every time we open the school and this is for our premium group so between the extra webinars and the templates that’s a really good deal for all of that it is it is so we have a few more slots yet I haven’t checked the I haven’t checked yet to see if we’ve yeah it up today but yeah I think they will fill up today if they’re not done yeah because we do cap that because we want to have a little more personal experience with our premium platinum people and so we want to make sure we get to all of their questions so I can’t have hundreds and hundreds of people in there every time or else Andrea and I would be at the funny farm what well we’re close anyway i hope that would be the tipping point right there yes if you were talking about bonuses you want to go look at bonus let’s go look at bonuses and then we have a couple of more questions coming in super so Amy Porterfield has given us her ultimate editorial guide and this is a great guide to help you find how to how to set up your Ella editorial calendar how to find content put us put that content in there for your client and you all of these things the nice thing about following these things is you can use them for yourself too it’s you know yourself your own content and your clients content so definitely agree to trade on Amy’s picture a little boy sit one yeah we do we’ll have to have to tell her about that yeah and then we have these incredible things from Andrea she has these great ebooks about how to use Facebook to grow your business and how to use Twitter to grow your business she we have extra webinars in there from her and look at this um you know there are some really cool things in here from Andrea and I have some nice marketing checklists and I also have some other things that we give away on our bonuses we have coupons off for certain programs and we have oh let’s talk about Isaac stuff Isaac’s has some great bonuses in there for a social media manager mmm mmhmm yeah he has some really great stuff he’s got the marketing agreement which that comes up quite often where you want to have an agreement between you and your client and you want to know what kinds of things need to be in place how much notice they need to give you if they are going to terminate their contract and and also even a contract for employment if you are hiring someone that’s a great thing for you to have also a really fantastic proposal template i love that proposal template because it’s really plug and play you just put in your standard rates and you select whatever you want to quote and it pops it in there so it’s really easy to make proposals fact you know custom proposals really fast right and then we have new sheets been a really great partner with us this time on our launch and she oh my gosh created this entire program just for our group that teaches you how to build a website um if this is a brilliant program and she’s very generous and giving us her bonus there yeah also rig night has given us a coupon to get thirty five percent off right on and that’s really awesome tab side has a bonus in there we have some other get discounts and coupons we have going up soon yep part of the bonuses section is to have quick exit to the basics module and this is for people who just need a little refresher course on each of the major social sites and we do include that in social media manager school right right awesome that was that was great lots of good lots of good bonuses in there ah man again again again I’m just super excited this is a ton of value here you know a lot of these courses that I’ve seen that we’ve investigated because we keep an eye on our competitors we have seen a lot of courses out there or that are offering a lot less than our course and and charging more I’ve seen courses out there for fifteen hundred dollars for two thousand dollars we saw one I think for seven thousand dollars it was just amazing and we want people to have access to this because we are extremely passionate about people starting their own businesses I love some of the things we’ve been able to do some of the lives we’ve changed in our course people talking about being able to stay home with their kids who are have have illnesses and nothing else has been able to offer that people able to you know pay their rent pay their mortgage when they were laid off because they were able to get new clients it’s just like I’m gonna get choked up here and I really did it gets both of us really happy because um you know both of us really love to teach and we also love to trade but we’re also love to coach and we also love it when our students have success it makes its very very happy it makes it feel quite fulfilled in the work that we do and really you could ask for more so we’re very grateful to all of our students for sharing with us being you know very open about their situations and there there are challenges and their successes yeah and the facebook group is a magical place um a logical place imagine that’s actually a quote from a very famous TV show if anybody knows a reference to that put it in g plus i bet you haha it’s definitely a magical guy it is it is so we have a couple questions Kristi Walker is asking i’m looking for a good newsletter tool with the ability for readers to transport important event event dates into their google or outlook calendars yes what you can do that it happens automatically in any email message that you set up the date and the time correctly if your if someone views it inside of their gmail it will have this kite I need little dotted underline and if you hover over it it’ll say add to calendar and you say yes please and you click it and then you can edit it inside the calendar boom it’s in there yeah so I think and I think isn’t there a way to even like for set link a little bit where you can like put exactly what kind of information you want them to add to their yeah yeah there’s lots of there’s lots of tools around this and honestly I yeah if you don’t know me by now you should know I am definitely a Google universe fan and so you can if you want more information about that those types of systems you know you can private message me or email me or whatever i’m happy to discuss them with you yes but you should definitely do them you shut up you have that setup yeah for sure for sure so we also have we have one from robbie saying does any scheduling tool post a link to our page rather than the err page like post planner used to do hmm not sure if I understand a scheduling tool post a link to our page maybe a personal account not sure yeah Robbie if you can if you can expand on exactly what you’re trying to do there we can maybe answer that a little bit more so I’m not so you’re you’re scheduling um you’re scheduling out a post from your page to your fans is that is that what you’re doing and then you’re trying to post a link as well I mean let us know we’ll definitely try and answer that a little bit further Elise is asking is it an advantage or disadvantage to specialized or work in a niche for marketing so we we definitely have some thoughts around this we we definitely think that if you can niche if you can really hone your message to a certain group of people you’re going to be more successful that’s just really the bottom line um it really it really is and if you you know if you and it can be a couple of different ways to do that maybe it is that you specialize in instagram marketing maybe it is you specialize and it’s like in only facebook ads or maybe you only specialize in a certain segment of the social network social networks or maybe its you he’ll assist restaurants or you’re focused on local businesses or you’re focused on authors so or or and yet this more focus on if you love images and you’re very talented in that area you can focus on creating images for all the social sites and then it’s the under that umbrella of social media manager there are so many ways you can configure this thing if you look at all of the things that social media manager might do the list is huge I mean it’s really huge yeah you have to look at that and find out where your highest gifts are and then develop those and be very good at those things because it’s very difficult to be good at all of them unless you have a team and you can outsource to that team to those people that are very gifted at that we have a question on G+ and it was is this training to mostly assist other businesses on how to develop their own social media or to develop your own social media for example i’m interested in consulting but think it would be fun working with social media business to help develop their business so social media manager school really helps you in both areas I think either to be a consultant or to be an actual manager of social media I think that’s the short answer anything you want to say about that Andrea well I think we have and if I’m if I’m kind of understanding the question correctly it is it for yourself like you’re developing your own your own business or is it you assisting other businesses that is it isn’t that what you said you just said that didn’t you I’m just go right ahead in our party hats on me forgot we may or may not rehab so I think the the UH the definitely definitely I think that we have mostly people who are assisting other businesses and consulting with other businesses uh we do not have as many people who are working uh am I am I losing credibility here okay all right all right now you gotta put your party hat on you gotta get it like advertising we don’t know there it is there’s the party hat okay I I wanted to be a princess you don’t have to want you are yes no yeah so um it is mostly for people who are you know building their business as a social media consultant but we do have people who are doing a little bit of both because what happens is as you build your own social media we and this is what happened with me is you’ll find people say can you teach me how to do the same thing and you can build up a very healthy side business doing this and we have people who are doing this on the side in addition to other things they might be doing so you can do this part time you can do this full time we have a wide variety of people in our worth doing doing part time or full time so it’s so did you hear that Curtis over on G+ did you catch that was for you so great and we’ve got a couple other questions coming in from the facebook group as well oh we got a gift we got a party prize a week never do we have party prayers coming in just a couple minutes so okay soon but we have questions oh um one of the questions is Malia’s asking where can I find fresh content oh yeah well I have to tell you we do have a section of that inside of module 3 inside a social media manager school and you know we can discuss some of those places but if you have to find fresh content for you or for a client you know we already mentioned post planner is a really good one but there are also lots of other ways you can do it yeah yeah there’s there is um you can even do what I one of the tools I like that’s very easy is through google search is really just searching on searching on some terms and then using the tools to find only the content within the last month so it’s very fresh another thing that you can use our things like now smartbrief is one tool that pulls content into you I really like using you know in RSS feed and just having a set of 10 10 different 20 different blogs that you’re monitoring through the RSS feed because then you don’t have to go to each one of those sites to see if they have something new you can just see it at a glance and say okay what are the new things you can look at the title of it and one of the one of the favorites uh tools to pull in um is now I’m blank yeah I’m blanking out on all the names what is that well that replace what we do is is since we have a document inside just make it a document thank god we’ve got a document good cuz memory you can go ahead and sing at our school I don’t know if you can see this because of the size of the type on the on the screen but in most of the most of the situations on our school we have a document you can download the Power. Point we also have the video script from the video itself and you can watch the presentation so usually there’s so many different ways that you can get the content for each of these sections and we didn’t have a whole section do i hear on how to get content right so feedly was the one I was thinking up that’s it feedly all top is another place to find good content but we have a bunting they have tons in there tons in there so great we have a winner ding ding ding ding ding Elise Vance ice Vance ice is got a hat wins a seat in Phyllis’s time bliss hey selections I know so this you’re gonna love this program it is awesome it is its first of all it’s 147 dollar value you know that’s the bonus for coming here on a Saturday afternoon you win you win stuff ah and that is a great way to get your time organized and she really covers google calendars up amazingly well in there and talks about how to schedule everything out so you’re you know when your time is full and and union uh you went to say no vision i’m directing that to a particular person i know i know i wouldn’t just say no and the cool thing about it is the calendar will tell you that it’s not something you have to carry around in your head and figure out oh do I have time to do this it’ll be very clear when you look at your calendar and it’s booked and it’s very easy there’s no heart strings to problems with that you can just say you know I sometime in April I have some room for this yeah I me too i do need to be better at saying no that’s i like i love i love doing lots of things so that I no problem that’s my problem so let’s see we have a couple of other questions coming in um Vicki is asking do we offer a guy sun building your business website something other than wordpress like wicks or square space and leah saying she’s used wicks and it’s easy to build a site with that and inexpensive we actually do focus a lot on wordpress and the reason is because it’s such a standard tool out there it is easy it’s you know now it’s kind of daunting when you’re first learning it but it is really kind of amnesties oh i know it is kind of a standard that you have to know if you’re going to work on clients websites as well so i think that we do we do talk about wicks in our facebook group especially and some of the other tools we toss around and things like about me which is a great way to kind of set up a kind of big extended business card but we we focus on wordpress yeah and and that comes from years and years of experience but we do test things out and we do know what all of these things do and i are still recommending wordpress but i know that a lot of people love it and have very good success with it so it’s not like we’re not saying to use them just saying that we really like wordpress Yeah right okay so Robbie is clarifying what his question is and now I totally clear on it post planner ads posted by someone using post planner which links to their page used to link to my page now I believe that and I’m not sure because I know post planner not long ago reorganized how they are their packages but they did have a premium package that allowed you to you know use your own link so it was posted by you and it went back to your page not not theirs so again we don’t always know every nuance of all the things that they’re offering but that used to be a feature that they had and I don’t know if it’s gone away for sure but definitely I would check with post planner on that because I used to do that as well I would have it um and I think I still do maybe I’m still on the premium package maybe I’m grandfathered in but it does say posted by me instead of by post planner and Elise is saying awesomesauce thank you thank you thank you we have another question here on G+ Sally’s asking is there a list of all the jobs a social media manager could do do you think we should I I’m kind of like I haven’t asked Andrew if we’re going to do this or not and there’s no way to like secretly ask or without you all hearing earth maybe I could chat while I’m smiling at the camera but can we go show this is something new for us yeah that when our student at the end of the end of when we drop out all the modules they have the opportunity to take a certificate of completion quiz it’s a hundred point quiz if you get eighty percent correct here a graduate of our course and you get a certificate of completion it’s not a certifying we’re not a certifying organization like a school or university but we do give you a certificate of completion and once you have that you’re eligible to go to our new I’d like me like the brand spankin new we’re still working on it brands picanha directory and this is a directory of our graduates and the reason we built this thing is because Andrea and I get emails all the time do you know somebody who can do facebook ads and we’re like yeah like about 500 people and so now we can send them to our directory and they can find people that have gone through our program who also do facebook advertising and so the URL on that is social media managers directory. com social media managers directory com the longest name domain name ever but it works great and you can see the list I mean it’s not a complete list it’s a list of things you could specialize in as a social media manager just even one of those things you could specialize in should we show them that let’s show I’m not really good let me pull it up you can talk about it and then I’ll share okay all right great so yeah basically it’s brand new for us just recently so we’re adding more people every day and we’re referring a lot of people to it all the time so uh you know it’s kind of a kind of a cool thing and you can fill out your all your information what you specialize in people can search by search by a type of specialty and it’s really nice because you can just you know kind of have your own a page there where clients can look check you out we’re sending people to that and then hopefully we’re going to do a little bit of work on getting this out there wider in the in the world so that people come naturally to it through just searching and things like that so right so for example right here if there’s somebody who really focuses in on let’s say Facebook advertising let’s just see here well of course Andrea does and notice that my face is not on this list I we’re going to actually remove ourselves from this we’re not we’re not trying to get more business for ourselves we just wanted to show people what’s what what’s possible but yeah we’re gonna this is going to be featuring our our graduates so right and then every graduate gets to have this information and what they categories that they’re good in but the question was what is there a list of things and you can see all the things here on the left that somebody could specialize in or you could attempt to specialize in 10 of these or whatever well I think that was the whole point of answering that question yeah hope you got that Sally yeah awesome so I want to work getting to the I can’t believe how fast this is flown this is awesome we are getting to the top of the hour and we are going to give away a home study version and I want to I don’t want to give it away to just anybody we actually have a lot of our current students on their of course which is wonderful we love you guys but we want it we want to get make sure that you are interested in winning this we want to give it away not totally randomly but randomly from the people who want it so if you would like to win a seat in our home study course please just comment and tell us yes I’d like to win or tell us why you’d like to win it you know just let us know in the comments on facebook at or on G+ we’re going to its equal opportunity laura is going to be just putting a finger on a screen somewhere and so let us know so we know that you’re interested in winning and we’re going to give that away in just a couple minutes so you have a that’s what 397 dollar prize I mean we know how to throw a party yeah we are this is a partay Mc. Kenna the party hats back on at like two or three minutes into the end of the top of the hour for sure we do so let me just see if the other questions christy is saying timeless is apparently going to need to be my next investment awesome awesome so great so if you do have any last questions feel free to put those in too um and if you would like to win the course let us know we’re what I guess do you have any final thoughts on on how people can have great social media manager what what kind of characteristics you think are most important well there’s a couple things I want to say to that but I also want to say you know that we only open our school twice a year and the reason for that is that we open the doors we give away this amazing amount of free information on the free part of our school for about a month and then we open up our school for only just a few weeks and and then we close the doors until the next it’s for in this case in the spring and the reason we do that is we we drop our modules one at a time and we give people who want to do the school this way opportunity to go through the module that week and have all the questions that come up in the facebook group centered around that particular module it seems to help with the learning and keeping things organized but the cool thing is that once your for a social media manager school you helped lifetime access to this stuff yeah I was right they came up I know you know what we’ve actually been told that this is I know our businesses they’re like something suing are you doing this they say nope you need to charge monthly you need to you know not you need to pull the excess after a year and maybe we’ll look at doing that maybe but we just we really want to get the information to people and we want people to have it we don’t want people to feel like they didn’t get to watch it all before they got pulled out so we we really we do this because we want you to succeed we really do well even like raise your hand out there if you’re a social media manager member who bought the course and then life happened and then six months eight months later you said oh yeah I should go back and do that and then completed the course and got your certificate and now are making money i mean there are a lot of people in that boat and if we had closed it up or kick them out after a month they wouldn’t have had that opportunity and just you know if I smell this thing so we’re very happy to have that feature in the school right now so we really want you to take an opportunity and take care of that for you yeah so good good so we’re going to we know there’s a tiny bit delay here so we’re just giving people extra a minute or two to make sure everyone who wants to win gets their comment in so yeah but we definitely feel like I you know I want to just talk about what it takes to be a great social media manager and I think really it’s a it’s a curiosity about about in a curiosity about what’s out there and how things are working i think if anyone can do this job i think that if you love connecting with people and it doesn’t even mean that you’re outgoing or introverted or whatever it just really could meet getting out and connecting and and having that connection for your clients to that’s what social media is about is really connecting and getting higher exposure for your clients and loving and enjoying business i think that’s helped to or you know it not even business necessarily it could be an author but but loving to help other people is a key in this business I think yeah and I do think you still need to have a little bit of intuitiveness about how social sites work um you know a lot of people come to this and they say I have I I’m not a facebook i’m not on twitter i’m not i’m not a linkedin and we’re like okay well you need to be in those spaces so you understand how they work so that you can do these for your clients and that’s why we put the basics in our program is it you can come into this program with very little or maybe limited information about a social site and gain more Skills around it and then offer that to your clients mm hmm right and and we’ve had a lot of questions of people saying do I need to know everything and no you don’t that’s why that’s why we have this school so that you can learn as you go I mean that’s how I did it as well you just have to know a little bit more than your clients curious I kind of think sure Yassa d should be one of those things that yes if you have a little bit of curiosity in you this is a good good place for you to be and also that enjoyment of creativity again something we could talk about for an hour we have about 10 topics we could talk about for an hour this is our last webinar we’re giving before we close the doors on Wednesday at midnight pacific time i think yes so on you know people need to make up their minds this time around and just make it happen so we don’t get this party started the real party started yeah and and i know that there’s been a lot of people who have been in the group saying that you love to win and I wish we could give away all of you know this to everybody but we just we are business people as well you’ve got a hat too and but what we’ve done is we’ve made this extremely affordable we have we have a toupee system so that you can you know spread the payments out a little bit and so we’ve made this really really affordable and we really hope that you make this investment in yourself and and if you’re interested in doing this because it’s a great program so I’m super excited you yes please join us before october eight or october eight that midnight if you want to start classes starting and we’re really excited that facebook group is already hopping and we’re really excited about it so we have a winner we have a winner or as you know we have a sound effect app that we didn’t open up her oh well Oh dad next time yes so Venus Michael aah over on G sations congratulations i know i would love to see you all in the course where it’s a really really fantastic group and we’re super we’re super excited we hope you join us and you know it we really we we also make a lot of it information free and if you cannot join us at this time that that is fine that is why we have a lot of free information and what we’d like you to do is take that free information and start working on your business so that when we open this up again in the spring maybe that’s when you can join us to really boost your business up start start start working on your business now and if you don’t get this information from us get it get it from someone this is really important important stuff to help you build your business and and we definitely want to make sure that we see you successful that’s our main goal so there’s two website URLs you need to write down because we don’t have a slide for it and that is social media manager school com that social media manager school com or social media manager school com forward slash open and the forward slash open site is just all the information and you can just go ahead and decide if you want to be in our home study our Premium or platinum programs and you know it is a ton of information on there it talks about all the modules I mean we only did a little sneak peek of some of the modules but all the modules what’s in them there’s lots of testimonials there lots of information and if you go to the social media manager school calm all by itself you can get all the free information we talked about by joining our email list and you’ll have access to those things but that stuff goes away on october eight at midnight to correct yes it does so you got to do that part quick yep go grab it alright this has been fun we are doing this I like the party hats I know I know thank you everyone you can ask such great questions we really appreciate it and if you joined us late or anything like that we lend that in that information with all the other free stuff will have it available there too and we really really hope to see you join us on october by october eight in in the full course and if not were we’d love to see in the spring so plan on that alright bye everybody. .