Social Media Manager

With social media for the small business becoming more and more of a necessity, there is a fantastic opportunity to manage social media and to be paid for doing so. This video explains how you can learn to be a social media manager, and it all begins with creating your own profile.

hi everybody I’m much a Maratha from matrix global media a company dedicated to helping the small business the self employed and the entrepreneur where we teach you to become better marketers of your products your services and your cells in late 2010 we created matrix social media where we provided what I like to call the social media cluster a Facebook Twitter blogging podcasting and Linked.In to some clients and what we basically did by this cluster was just put together an entire social media profile well during this time we’ve had the good fortune and the privilege of working with ladies european tour professional rebecca brewerton of East Anglia’s leading executive transport company junior travel the three time European club maker of the year Kevin Redfern and the outstanding clinical psychologist dr. sherry Corbett who’s based out in Los Angeles now once we had put together the cluster we were faced with another challenge in that was the day to day management of their profiles so it was updating linkedin it was posting comments on their Facebook wall it was tweeting and it was uploading video onto and also making sure we put in the right sort of keywords well I believe there is a wonderful opportunity in the world of social media management now you may already be a business that has some clients and social media management could just be another service that you provide conversely you may be looking for a new career in life you may be looking to branch into another direction possibly looking just to have some part time work or a job where you can work from home or anywhere else in the world for that matter well social media management will do all those for you and I want to help you decide whether indeed this is right for you well the first thing I’ll tell you is as you consider approaching small businesses large businesses entrepreneurs self employed consultants to manage their social media you need to be sure of one that you have your own social media profile now with this in mind I’d like to send on to you six training videos that I’ve created they’re all under 10 minutes long which will show you how to create your very own social media profile but not just any social media profile the type of profile that any prospective company self employed entrepreneur if they’re looking for someone to manage their social media on their behalf by looking at your profile they’ll be very confident that you would be able to do a great job for them now the six videos are basically six strategic tips where for example will say to you with your Linked. In profile you need to do one two and three and conversely will say while on Twitter do not dream of doing a B and C will talk you through the entire cluster so you can be very comfortable and confident if you choose to approach others the seventh video is a bonus video and we cover social media marketing where we take away all the skepticism and actually show that if done correctly social media can indeed pay and finally while on the topic of pay and money I’d like to talk to you and show you some of the social media products that we’ve put together in order to give you an indication in your own mind about the sort of money you can charge clients if indeed you choose to do something like this so come on let’s get started register your details here to receive the seven complimentary videos and I look forward to seeing you on the other side. .