Social Media Manager

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I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but this is the best most honest advice I can give you when i wrote this new book in keep in mind i’ve my last several books were about social media and new technology when I wrote this new book I was inspired by that very question I go into businesses I deal with the executive level and all I hear all the time is fear and skepticism I realized that I was never going to win any of those conversations by walking in the door and saying the words social media by even saying the word social media in those conversations I started the discussion negatively I was already on the underhand so I tried to think of what it would take for me to get the overhand and that’s why I wrote this book I think I actually say in this book it’s not a book about social media it’s a book about new consumerism and business transformation I started to change the way i right so that I could speak more like an executive so that I could resonate more with an executive rather than trying to change their ideology to mine I decided to change mine to theirs so what I realized and this is how I discovered the whole dynamic customer journey was that by studying how customers our customers were changing I could then make a really compelling case for technology where social media plays a role and when I made the case that way and I visualized to what extent this was impacting the business I don’t think I’ve ever lost that discussion I’ve always created a sense of urgency at that point where executives would say wow I I have not even been presented to this at all what do we need to do about it what do you suggest and then it becomes a very productive conversation so my advice to every social media person in the room is stop talking about social media if you want to get bigger budgets and you want to get bigger teams start to show like starbucks and sephora showed that it was about a digital experience and they all did the work on the dynamic customer journey to see to what extent technology was changing their customers and how much that equated to in money for example when one cell phone carrier in the United States was losing exclusivity on the iphone and another cell phone carrier was about to get the iphone i did the math just based on tweets of how many people said they were going to leave how many people said they were going to switch and go over to this company how many people said they were excited to buy because they were customers of this company and i just did simple math in terms of the value of a contract two year contract the value of breaking a contract the value of a new contract and I came up with numbers of what it was going to cost company a and what it would mean the company b and they were pretty right on in terms of estimates if i had gone into that company and i said hey you need to be on twitter it would have been a failure discussion but if I said you need to listen to what’s happening on Twitter because you can learn how to save millions of dollars oh it’s a different discussion so that’s that’s my best advice and you know it it actually helps your social media strategy in the long term because now social media just isn’t a form of marketing social media is now an extension of a business strategy and I’ll leave you with just some words that if you were here yesterday I’m sorry for the repeat but the words are from an executive of a company a business to business company who sat down with me while I was writing the book and he was just really angry and frustrated he’s I can’t everybody keeps coming to me for social media dollars and resources tell me if you’ve heard this before but he said right now our company philosophy in this economy is do more with less and people are coming to me and trying to do more with more if they come to me and say I need more money for social media my first response i’m not even going to listen to them and she has to be no but he said I just wish people would listen to me the advice that I give people is if you think about our business objectives if you think about our priorities you think about our constraints and you come to me and you say I understand these are business priorities I understand that these are the constraints we’re working with but here’s how social media is going to actually help us accelerate these business priorities and what we can gain out of it he said if people came to me that that way I have no choice as a business leader to consider investing in that strategy because that’s my job he said but social media has to be an enabler of a business case and that is our job is to make the business case rather than saying that’s what everybody’s doing or we need a Twitter strategy because that’s what our competitors are doing just make the business case and the last last thing I’ll tell you is that those companies that do I’m working with many organizations today that are completely scrapping their social media strategies as they exist and reapplying business objectives around them and that starts to mean that they can not only find the ROI but they can also start to find ways to improve the business overall and that becomes more valuable and the reason that they’re doing this is because they recognize that their role today is as valuable as this their role tomorrow if they change the strategy to be more business focused and more customer focused their role becomes incredibly much more valuable now and over time so it’s as much as a career move as it is a move for the betterment of the business.