Social Media Manager

– Buffer vs Who is the best social media manager overall when it comes to posting, scheduling, organizing, sharing, and analyzing your social media activity? Watch the video to find out.

While Buffer and both offer a lot of social media accounts for management, has the edge with additions like Groups, Foursquare, Soundcloud, Youtube, and much more.

For most businesses, the next level up from the account will be perfect for the daily social media management you need. For this level, Buffer and are tied at pricing. After that, for bigger companies, Buffer has more options and doesnt list the price for its big plan. For big business, Buffer probably wins, but for small, its a tie.

Usability tends to be an opinion as to what works best for you, but as far as Im concerned theyre both great. Both dashboards are very simple to use, but if I had to pick one that is better, it would be looks better, flows better, and has more options. I love the setup of the back office… Watch to see the entire breakdown..

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I started questioning my choices.I started questioning why I had a joband why I wasn’t doing something else. And these questions really led

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shoving down everyone’s throatsright now, it’s really disturbing. You know, most people right now

are giving the wrong advice.

They’re telling people

to do the wrong things.And this webinar is really gonna

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own own consulting business. Now here’s the three things. Number one is I’m gonna show

you how to pick your nicheand craft an offer that actually

provides value to people. So right now in the consulting industry,I see a huge problem

that’s plaguing everyoneand it’s widespread. And that’s generalism.

You know, most people are generalists.They’re trying to do everything

for everyone at any price. And this isn’t a consultant,this isn’t even a business owner. You know, this is a

glorified human body for hireat a negotiable rate. And I’m sorry if that’s you,but that’s not the way to run a business. And the correct way to

run a consulting businessis to pick a niche.

You know, pick a group of peoplethat you can thoroughly understandand then understand what

makes them tick and step inand be a provider of

value to those people.And this webinar is gonna show you howto really pick your niche,

find out what makes them tick,find out what their paying points are,and then step in as a provider of valueand as a provider of transformation

to help these people. So there’s number one. Number two. And this is pretty different. You probably haven’t

heard this anywhere else,but the second point I’m gonna coveris how to become a different person.

And so this isn’t even

really business advicebut if you were to ask me in

my story and in my evolutionof going from someone who was

completely broke, clueless,in their parents’ garage in New Zealandto the point where I am now

where I own consulting.comand we’re making more

than 20,000,000 a year,the one thing that’s really

made the most profound changeis becoming a new person. And what I mean by that is, you know,most people are limited by the characterwhich they have defined for themselves. So most people have this

thing which they call meor their self. And whatever this thing isand whatever you’ve defined it as,that is the really the cage

which you’ve put yourself in. So a lot of people think “Oh,

I can’t start a business”or “I can’t start a consulting business”and so they don’t even try

because that’s not them.

But the truth is that that’s just a myth.You know, being yourself is a myth. And really, what this webinar’s

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I’m gonna pull back the

curtain and explain everythingabout that.It also involves a simple funnel. And I’m gonna pull back the

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templates and swipe filesfor that. And I’m even gonna show you

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calls, I’ve recorded them all,I transcribed them, and

I’ve really studied thisand I really turned it into

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And on this webinar, I’m

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