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From a Job Seeker 2 Business TM Internet Marketing Services Firm. This video provides tips for a Twitter- Tweet strategy for Job Seekers: what to write about, where to get ideas and how often to publish them. Job Twitter For Your Job Online Branding.

hello my name is Marcie Reynolds so CEO of jada be marketing and I’d like to share my tips on building a tweet content strategy for your job search when I discuss using Twitter with job seekers one of the most common objections I hear is I don’t know what to tweet about and as a result they’re not using Twitter as you probably know Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites on the Internet in more than 20 million people visit Twitter every month these visitors include hiring managers human resources and recruiters that work for the companies that you want to work for so I recommend that every job seeker uses Twitter in today’s video I will provide tips on the actual tweet publishing what to write about where to get your ideas and how often to publish them this is often called a tweet content strategy let’s start with what kind of tweets you should publish I recommend a mix of different types thought leadership tweets user tweets that demonstrate your knowledge or opinions on topics key trends and events related to your industry or profession you can provide links to relevant industry articles provide links to your own blog retweet interesting content from the users that you follow throw in the occasional quote that has a business concept an occasional personal anecdote something humorous that may have happened to you in an occasional tweet about a current event or TV show but stay away from politics the bulk of your tweets should have a business theme but it’s nice to throw in something more personal or fun from time to time to show that you’re human and have some diverse interests alright how do you get the ideas for tweets there’s many different ways you can watch the news or read the daily newspaper we recent posts on industry specific blogs and define those blogs you can use google blog store tour technorati you can read magazines online or offline related to your industry or profession go to the websites for the companies that you want to work for and read their press releases or company blogs go to social bookmarking sites like dig or delicious and peruse the front page stories join linkedin or yahoo groups related to your profession and read the daily discussions and news postings attend networking events for your industry or profession and laughs sign up for email newsletters for your industry and profession one website I’d love is called smartbrief smartbrief com has a number of different alerts you can receive daily specific to your industry or profession how often should you tweet one thing to keep in mind is that the tweets you publish will not only be listed on Twitter it will also come up in search engine results on Google Yahoo and Bing so it’s in your benefit to publish tweets in a regular basis i recommend publishing at least one tweet per day but a maximum of five tweets per day when you publish too many tweets it can actually be a turn off for your followers and they may stop following you so a minimum of one maximum of five so we’ve covered what to tweet about how to get ideas and how often in closing I also want to mention that there are a number of Twitter tools and applications out there to help you schedule your tweets these include tweetdeck tweet later in my favorite food sweet again this is marci bundle CEO of j to be marketing which is a job secretive business online marketing firm learn more at www are getting com helping job seekers get back to business faster you.