Social Media Manager

BumpYard is a single Control Centre that consolidates and allows you to manage all your social media channels!

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welcome to the digital age they said customer communication has never been easier they said look we all know the potential benefits that digital can bring upgrading your customer experience productivity and ultimately profitability today eighty percent of interactions between people are happening on digital channels but most services still over the telephone how does that make any sense part of the problem is that transforming legacy systems to cope with all these new digital channels is complicated and expensive surely there must be a simple and affordable solution introducing pump yard the all in one solution that allows businesses to comfortably manage all their digital channels from a single platform efficiently as your customers requests and opportunities pour in from different channels our revolutionary algorithm routes them to the right agent at the right time where your representatives can respond with ease Bob yard lets you switch seamlessly between a live agent and a bot that is constantly learning from your team’s responses and knowledge base pump yard has a one point integration to your CRM contact center for all current and future channels it features cutting edge security and a modular plug and play design that gives you the flexibility to meet all of your needs in short pump yard takes the complicated and makes it simple allowing you to be everywhere at once customer communications actually made easy start now.