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Recent by McKinsey showed robots could replace as many as 800 million human workers over the next 13 years. How does the projection for new job creation bode?

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our robots about to take over our jobs Arisa research revealed that robots are set to replace hundreds of millions of human workers in a near future but the good news is that other advancements in the economy are likely to offset the losses by creating more jobs than those being replaced by automation or eager young has more by the year 2030 up to one fifth of the global workforce are likely to lose their jobs as a result of robot automation that would be up to eight hundred million people this new research released by the Mc.Kenzie Global Institute adds a fresh perspective on what is becoming an increasingly concerning picture of the future employment landscape the effects of automation will affect countries regardless of their developmental stage with China in particular expected to see roughly 100 million workers being replaced by robots in Korea roughly a quarter of the workforce will be required to find new jobs this is slightly lower than the figure in Japan but higher than that of Germany and the u. s. Mc. Kenzie says the physical work involving repetitive tasks like welding and soldiering on an assembly line are the most replaceable type of jobs at 78% along with data processing tasks carried out by mortgage brokers or back office staff on the other hand jobs requiring human interactions such as doctors lawyers and teachers and posts that handle unpredictable physical work like gardening construction and care work will be less affected by automation well there’s talk of much concern Mc. Kenzie says the good still outweighs the bad it says up to 890 million new jobs will be created globally over the next 13 years from changes and the economic structure rising incomes and new technology the consulting firm also asked that the government will need to start enacting plans to retrain their citizens for the future ahead and learn how to do new things over time eager young business daily. .