Facebook Jobs

That’s right. . .

the lowly intern is bringing home the big bucks working in facebook a look at some surprising salaries by the numbers that’s right at Facebook the land of likes and money interns make over 67,000 per year compare that to the average American salary about 45,000 that’s almost 20,000 extra for an intern click like to that here’s a look at some other surprising salaries you are a go for landing air traffic controllers pull down as much as 140,000 per year and flight attendant salaries are also sky high with the top 10% making one hundred two thousand per year sanitation workers hall in an average of 60,000 per year not including what they find and sell on ebay submarine cooks in Australia make 187,000 per year and by submarine cooks we mean those who cook aboard a vessel not guys who work at a subway the top 10% of college level homak teachers can earn 110 grand California is the best paying state bringing home the bacon while teaching you to cook it to perfection shantou look feet the salary of a Sami a or wine steward up to 160 thousand dollars that goes down smooth broadcast news analysts 160,000 give us a different spin on that story and that’s a look at some surprising salaries by the numbers do you think TV hosts are overpaid or underpaid overpaid what no okay that’s it interviews over you’re done get out of here Cal come on on.