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Career Attraction LIVE wit Alexis Grant: Using Twitter for Your Job & Career.

hey guys it’s kevin kermis from career attraction and i am extremely excited to be doing this hangout today with both Lexi grant and Kelly granite I’m going to go around real quick to introduce everybody before we dive into your questions about Twitter those of you who haven’t joined on one of the hangouts what I would ask you to do now is below us we’ve replaced the facebook comments and don’t worry if you put facebook comments in there we’ve taken them all down by that I mean we have them we’re going to answer your question sir IAM just taking it out wait we’re going to answer your questions what we’ve replaced it with is the ability to not only chat with us and and Kelly is going to help moderate that but you guys can chat with one another so I encourage you to do it’s one of the cool cool functionalities of the Hangout so let me go around real quick first and foremost I want to introduce Kelly Garnett you guys know her she runs she is basically running the website yeah I don’t know what I do but I can tell a sec it’s a hell up really quickly hey everybody talking myself into a hole here really quickly hi yeah i’ll be looking at the chat board and twitter so keep on active and I’ll be watching you guys yeah and share the the hashtag to we’ve got a hashtag for today yep it’s hashtag see a hangout that’s see a hangout I’ll be monitoring that as well yeah and it’s really important that you guys tweet and comment below because as i mention i’m going to be giving away a couple of things at the end and what Kelly’s going to do is going to keep track of that because if I multitasked we’d be in really big trouble and I’ll announce that and we’ll go from there but I want to now introduce the person that is kind of the glue that’s going to hold us together today and steer us through a lot of your questions and that is Alexis grant lexi is like to see you know all your readers here oh yeah well lexi has the reason I’ve asked her to come together first of all you guys have probably heard she’s the one who introduced me to Kelly we could do a whole conversation based around referral based hiring and and you guys know exactly how I feel about this I feel very strongly about it but today what we’re going to talk about is Twitter and more importantly how you can leverage Twitter in terms of your job search in your career and I know a lot of the questions that came in centered around this is one more tool it’s one more in the video I talked about it being a very important tool what I want to do is I kind of want to start out the conversation and ask you Lexi talk a little bit about about strategy and strategically how you use twitter in terms of managing and building new relationships because that’s what’s really key here sure I love this conversation because Twitter is really my personal favorite network I think it’s the best social media tool there is for connecting with new people and I think that for both my own brand and for all of the client camper okay is that my Kiki manages and I’ll explain quickly why that is because I know a lot of your readers are probably thinking like you said this is another tool I’m already on sale so if you think about how you might use Facebook or Linked.In off and you’re connecting people fooling you know you met with a you met at a party maybe even if it networking event and you just want to kind of solidify that connection online usually on those two networks you’re creating a digital connection with someone you’ve already met in person but on Twitter it’s totally acceptable and even it’s been couraged to actually meet people who you don’t already know so it’s a great way to get to know someone who you want to notice you write either a hiring manager an editor an editor at a blog you want to write for somebody works at a company where you want to get your foot in the door it’s a great way to get people to notice you well you know one of the things that I and I mentioned this in the video one of the things that I think is so exceptionally cool about it is that you know when the hardest things to do in terms of starting a conversation with anybody she did a webinar yesterday with a colleague Dorothy Tannehill morin who who runs she I’m not sure she runs career Rocketeer with Chris Perry or not but she runs NBA highway and next chapter new life and we were talking about networking for people who are reluctant and or introverted you know socially and sing with drone but I mean folks who are reluctant to network and a lot of us are more introverted than extroverted and one of the toughest things is what how do you start a conversation with somebody what is so cool about twitter is people are showing you what is important to them if you can be I mean it’s not even just active listening it’s just listening it’s just paying attention and and looking at what is important to other people where you can find common interest where you can find synergies you can you can jump off from there that’s one of the things that I found has been exceptionally useful about it is that particularly if you want to if you want to set into motion something like reciprocity that I talk about a lot I know I know it’s important to you I know exactly what’s important to you and I can not only can I recognize that I can help you promote what is important to you yes for sure and you can do it in a sort of a subtle way so for people who are uncomfortable networking well Twitter provides kind of two advantages here one is you really can do it in a subtle way so you’re not in someone’s face you can even if you’re really good at it you can network on Twitter in a way that so you help someone notice you would ask out them realizing that you were doing it right so it’s a really subtle way of networking rather than directly kind of knocking on someone’s door and saying hey hey I want a job I actually like right and secondly you know if you are more introverted it allows you to network from your computer um you know I I’m not total introverted I like to go to some social events but like anyone else I feel nervous when I go to a big event and it gets tiring you know handshaking with new people all the time so I think doing a mixture of that and some online networking specifically on twitter is a really a really good way to get get yourself known self out there in front of people before we dive into some of the questions that may be coming in and some of the chat that’s going on real quick if somebody is sitting here saying okay got it I understand what would you tell them to do let’s say they’ve identified an individual they’ve identified an individual that they want to to get to know a little bit better what would you tell them to do what would you take you give some approaches some kind of methodologies to put into place sure and this is exactly what we go over in my become a Twitter or power user force so if I sort of talk about in a few minutes but the first step is really identifying that person and that’s something that a lot of people that’s a mistake a lot of people make when they first start using Twitter is they think oh I’ll just kind of be on the network and hopefully I’ll serendipitously you know connect with people and that does happen you do me people you might not have expected to me but if you can target people you really really want to meet and specifically say okay this is a hiring manager who I want to know how awesome I am if you can target those people that’s really the first step so once you have your list of targets and like I said you want to really drill down so you could start with kind of groups of people but then you want to drill down to the actual person like a person who has a name who can be reached right up because once you do that you can start interacting with them in subtle ways so that includes retweeting some of things that they might have treated and even better if you can kind of put a comment before the retweet and say either something like I agree or add a little bit of your own knowledge another example that might have they might have included in a blog post they wrote if you can add a little of information in front of that retweet when Yuri share their information or tweet it just shows that you know what you’re talking about and it gives you a little bit of credibility and it shows that you have value which kind of brings me back to the big point and that is if you’ve identified the person even before you kind of get them to notice you you want to make sure you’re providing really good value on Twitter so that’s news in your industry tips for how to do something great what you’re good at ideas that will help you come across as someone who really is valuable and who people want to know you know you raise a really good point and this is this is one of the things that I I see for a lot of folks and I listen to a lot of people talk about these you know tools and resources online whether it’s linkedin whether it’s Facebook whether it’s Twitter and feeling is if okay you’ve kind of got one of two paths you can go down and I think you can get out of them simultaneously quite frankly which is putting out your own information or sharing information that’s useful and and one of the things that I’ve always encourage people to do is to become a hub for great information which it which is super simple the one of the easiest ways that you can demonstrate that you have subject matter expertise is by being kind of like an arbiter of good taste in arbiter of good content and and where you’re demonstrating value and where somebody retweets it responds then you can kind of jump into a conversation from there you might it walked through like how how you’ve used this may be one example of how you’ve used it to accomplish something like that sure that’s a really good point because I think a lot of people think they have to have their own blog posts and their own information can you share and the truth is that is you do want to have a core of your own ideas but you can also easily pull from and reshare other people’s ideas so don’t fall into the trap of thinking just because you don’t have your own original content to share that you can’t be on Twitter because you definitely can pull from other people’s information kind of join the conversation that way so sure I can give you an example um I’ll give you example of how I got a job interview actually back when I wanted a job now I have my own business but you know I just want different types of jobs so exactly but it’s all the same thing folks just me this will apply really well for your audience for any job seekers and really it works for any goal like if you want a lot of people that I work with our writers and they want to write for certain blobs you can get the attention of editors I mean whatever your goal is you can you can make it work so what I did was identified the person who I wanted to hire me right the person who had that power to make the decision and that in itself can take a little bit of work a little bit of sleuthing to figure out who is the actual person who’s who whoo you want to to know how great you are and so once I identified this person I did exactly what we just mentioned is I started interacting with him on Twitter and I did not you know tweet at him and say hey please hire me instead I started very sharing his information I started I at replying him once in a while and said hey that was a great post but every time I saw he had a blog post i would share it with my own following and you know he found he thought that was great because he saw that I had a decently sized calmly and so he appreciated our share gays information and on top of that I was able to add something to the conversation so he realized he recognized that I understood the industry and eventually this guy followed me back right so because he noticed that I was participating the conversation and that I was smart that I had things to share he followed me back and what I’m hoping happened was he kind of he saw some my tweets and he clicked over to my profile which is what anyone’s gonna do if they’re trying to decide whether to follow you and he looked at my stream of tweets to see yes she provides great valuable information he might even have picked over to my website maybe read my blog right and then he followed me back and once he followed me back that opened a really crucial door because on Twitter for you to send someone a direct message a DM which is a private message it has to be a reciprocal relationship so if you’re following Oprah and she’s not following you you can’t send her a direct message so once this guy followed me back that was a key right that was huge because now I was able to send him a direct message and that’s how much of the opportunity to say hey I’m really interested in this job would you have a few minutes to chat about it and by then it was not a cold call right the guy knew me he knew that I had something interesting to share he knew that I would probably be a good fit for this position even because we’d interacted online so I kind of warmed at the same time that I’ve been able to create this channel where we could actually talk to each other through direct messages so that by the time I ended up emailing him with my resume he was open to that he expected it right so it wasn’t something he was just going to press them hot well it’s it you know such a good point too because this process whether you are networking you’re interviewing whatever you’re doing you you were working through the you know kind of the three word adage know like and trust and you’re moving people from not knowing you at all to getting to know you to liking you and to trusting you and and the trust part becomes exceptionally important in terms of networking because people are only going to connect other people that they that they know the like part could could run the cabin by that they know and that they trust and because it’s it’s really simple and I even think of you know introductions that we’ve made for one another when I’ve introduced people to you when you’ve introduced people to me it’s been very simple it’s hey here’s Lexi here’s why I think you should talk to her and Lexi here so and so and here’s why I think you should talk to them and that’s it and that only comes from getting to know somebody and I and that’s where I think that this tool bar none is I used to be an enormous advocate of Linked. In and I’m becoming less and less so based off some of the things they’re doing particular their most recent opening like then up to 13 year olds which i think is just like such a transparent advertising marketing scam it’s ridiculous actually knit for those of you who don’t know about it I won’t belabor the point but Nick cork Adela’s who runs ask the headhunter wrote a great great piece on it yesterday and I think now that the latter’s is got off to have all sorts of legal problems that are folding Reid Hoffman and Linked. In are the next ones in his crosshairs but i would highly recommend going to read it because it’s it builds upon some of the things we talked about for a long time on here about what Linked. In’s objectives are and how you can leverage them but focusing back on twitter um Kelly what are what are we looking like with questions any anything that pops up that we should dive into yeah there’s actually um there’s a lot of questions coming up at all center around the same basic concern which is that um how do you compose a tweet that is meaningful that makes other people want to engage with you rather than just being what someone put is a micro billboard to kind of get yourself out there how do you compose a tweet that’s actually genuine and that does look like you’re just like hey pay attention to me now I’m going to I’m going to flip this over to Lexi but after Lexi comments on this I I want Kelly to chime in as well because Kelly has taken over for our career traction handle at career attract the tweets and i can tell you i was actually looking at the metrics today before we got on and we get more traffic from twitter now and we don’t how many times a day do we post on twitter it’s not a ton it’s not overwhelming no i want to say it’s maybe half a dozen with some interactions and people you know comment on things and and what i think will be important to mention and i’m not going to steal your thunder but talk about the mixture of what’s ours versus what’s everybody else’s and and other individuals out there but my point in sharing this my point teeing this up and then i’ll hand it over lexi is that the results that i’ve seen have been tremendous I I think that it is the second outside of Google searches it is the second largest driver of traffic to our site now particularly in the last three months but Lexi what do you what do you have to say about that about being compelling and and not cheesy or salesy and 140 characters yeah well it’s not easy but lots of people do it so the first thing I would say is you know see what other people are doing when you’re new to the channel and you don’t know how to compose a tweet the best thing to do is just look around and see what other people are doing and especially people like the three of us here who you know all the listeners know that we know how to use the channel so just look at what we’re doing and get some great examples of how to compose tweets um as Kelly will prob about it’s good to have a mix of self promotion and tweeting other people’s stuff and I like to say you should aim for eighty percent tweeting other people’s information and twenty percent tweeting self promotional stuff so you don’t not be all about you right in terms of composing a tweet what I usually work on with my team is we have sort of it’s kind of a formula um or a guide I guess to creating good tweet so in each tweet you want to have a teaser and that’s something that’s going to get people to click so it could be the headline for a blog post but it could also be a question that pertain to the blog post or asset istic that’s really interesting that’s in the blog post whatever you think it’s going to help people click and The Huffington Post is really good at this do you want some examples they write some really awesome teasers and I can’t help sometimes like just really like they’ll be like you know who’s better looking than Michelle Obama or whatever and you’re like I have to find out he’s better looking click um so it’s not always in theory the headline of the blog post it’s something that’s many people to click so you want to create a click worthy teaser and in almost all of your tweets you want to have a link because if you have a link that means that you’re providing really valuable useful information and you’re porting people toward something that’s going to help them out it also keeps you from tweeting about like you know what you had for breakfast and then the other really important piece of HP is an ad mention if at all possible you want to have at least one at mention in each tweet and here’s why when you include an ad mention people are going to notice you like that person that you add mentioned is going to see that you tweeted about them about them and they’re going to they’re gonna go back to your feet and hopefully interact with you so um this is really the key to using Twitter well and it sounds so simple but using @ mentions is huge and a lot of people simply don’t optimize it for themselves they don’t use as many app mentions as they could and for any of your listeners who are already kind of good at Twitter I say push yourself to try and include to @ mentions and each tweet if possible because somewhere i mentioned dragon who that’s gonna really any how you build their network now it’s such a great point because I mean you are you’re fundamentally drafting off of other people’s audiences and and creating some greater awareness and you know one of the you hit on such a key point and that is if you’re stuck in if you’re wondering and you’re not quite sure what what is working a look at what you respond to um you know and and B take a look at at how people are phrasing things and and you know when it went in doubt folks just test it test it and try it and see see what’s working Kelly any any input that you have on this because you I mean again you do an awesome job with the tweets for for our site thanks now it’s just a lot of what Lexi said is very solid obviously she’s the expert but it’s it’s a matter of finding people who are in your niche who you know you’d like to get the attention of and then doing it in a way that’s natural so that you’re providing value to your audience you know check out this person’s post what do you think about it here’s my thoughts they’ll notice that you’ve tweeted about them and your readers at the same time will get the sense that you’re really providing value so it’s kind of a matter of give to get you know you’re not just out there K look at me I love your post you know retweet this is awesome you’re actually kind of starting a conversation and spinning off of it and providing your own value so that the person you’re trying to get the attention of sees that you’re not just you know trying to reach out for the sake of yourself wrote me on your audience sees you as a provider of value so it’s a win win on both sides so drafting off that what um what are some more questions that are coming in well one of the ones that I’m seeing a lot of is people wanting to know how much time you should spend a day on Twitter in terms of Jackson love this question what they say you know one guru says everyone should send 20 tweets a day about something I don’t want to spend my entire life on Twitter you know how much time is reasonable and say like a daily basis to be focusing on something like this let’s see what do you think yeah this is pretty much aside from what what should I tweet about that what the second question that everyone always asks if I don’t want to spend time on Twitter how do i how do I get the biggest bang for my buck and that’s what my Twitter of course is really about is teaching you how to get the most bang for your buck because I don’t want to be on Twitter all day either and I love Twitter but I have other things that I want to accomplish so it’s really about learning how to use the tools around around around the social sites so for example this there’s lots of different applications I like to use Hoot.

Suite some people like to use tweetdeck that’ll make it easier for you to get the most out of the network in the least amount of time there’s also hopefully some of your readers are familiar with lists creating lists is one of the best ways to filter out noise that you don’t want to hear and see tweets only from people you actually care about so once you start following a lot of different people you can create various lists right that will let you see the tweets that you care about the ones are going to help you actually reach your goals so there’s lots of different ways to really um minimize your time while maximizing your ROI from the network you know in a great thing about these tools they’re there to that I use theirs Hoot.Suite and then buffer but both of them allow you to measure what’s working so you can do you know whether you want to do weekly monthly I I’ll defer to you here Lexi but I I do it once a week I take a look and kind of see what was working and then try to figure out why and sometimes it can be as random as somebody deciding they’re going to retweet or we’re picking something up if you really want to get totally geeked out about this dancer Ella who doesn’t Dan work for hubspot said who he works for do you know I think so much okay he used to be out on its own but he has done a bunch of not only just around Twitter but social media in general you know what time when hashtags different words that you’re using you know saying please versus thank you i mean the he goes I think sometimes it can be a little bit overload but there there’s some good messages in there and it’s not it’s not a lot of gut instinct stuff and I think it’s the remember I’ve bought his recent book but he’s got a couple of books out uh you know you’ve mentioned your Twitter course as you guys can see there is a countdown timer and a button down there if you guys click on that it will open up into another window but Lexi you want to take a minute and just kind of share a little bit about the course for anybody on here is interested and again you guys I would encourage you to click on it open it up if anything it may give you some ideas about other questions to ask as we get into the next half hour here but Lexi all i’ll let you take it from there sure because this is a topic that i really love and a lot of people have asked me about i actually created a course around how to become a twitter power user so it’s a five week course it’s email based and most people who take it usually say that their favorite part is that it comes in really digestible chunks so you get an email every day for five weeks with one task one thing to do to that will really make Twitter work for you and the idea is I think a lot of people feel like Twitter is really overwhelming and daunting and it’s not who we’re just talking about it but you have to spend all day on it to make it work and that’s just not the case so we like to break it into really small actionable practical items and tips little pieces of homework so that over the five weeks you really understand you kind of get how to use a network and at the same time you’re starting to build those relationships that are really going to make it worthwhile for you so it’s really fun it starts on october seven and i know people some you guys will join us now i’ll tell you I have a I have a story from the first time I did maybe it was a I think it’s a first of the second time that you and I actually met and sat down and had coffee because Lexi’s in DC as well and she mentioned the course to me she opened it up to me I went through the course I think the course is awesome exact reasons that you that you mentioned well and I mean and this is important I think for the for those of you who ever been on our list long when I when i’ll present things to you and when I present folks like Lexie lap programs I’ve gone through them i’m not i’m not never put anything in front of you that i have not seen every for is there’s no way I’m doing that I value you guys being here and the time you take and trusting us way too much to do that I mean it’s just it’s for lack of a more sophisticated way to put it is B flat out stupid not to do it I went through the course I use Twitter a good bit I learned a ton what I also did is there a couple coaching clients one in particular was making a massive industry shift guy that I was coaching here locally and he went through the course as well and it opened up interviews for him it opened up dialogue with people that he was having a really really tough time this is a very senior guy so you know this not this works at all levels I mean there are tons of CEO’s that are out there and they’re also tons of folks who were one off from CEOs and it worked exceptionally well in terms of getting him an audience and building rapport doing all the stuff we just talked about and we’re trying to generate some content for him to put out that would frame and highlight him but in advance of that we simply had him sharing and commenting everything Lexie shared today on other people’s information and bringing it to the attention of people that he wanted to get in front of so I you know it’s worked for me it’s worked for clients and this is why I have no problem setting up a webinar today or stop saying webinar hang out and sharing this with you guys so you know take a look at it if nothing else you are going to walk away today with a ton of information to be able to implement um Kelly how are we how are we looking on questions what uh what is trending now yes i trending one of the things is the question of should you have a separate Twitter account for looking for a job network or a job searching and networking I would love to chime in here immediately here knows where the answers absolutely no and this is the same answer if you ask if someone asked should I have a professional and a and a personal account and the answer is no or that you want everything to be under one account and the reason is whatever you’re sharing you want people to see that right you want to pull people to you and if you are split amongst several different accounts that’s just a it can be way more work for you and why would you ever want to create more work for you then you need to envy it’s just simply not as effective you’re basically segment in your audience it’s the same body will say you know I want to write about travel on a blog I want to write about social media on the blog do I need to have two separate blogs and the answer is no right I like to say the umbrella is you and yes you need to remain professional you can’t be super personal on or even inappropriate on a handle that you’re hoping that a potential employer might see but think of the umbrella as you and everyone knows that you have lots of different interests and you’re a person right and people might get to know you so let your personality show let all your interest show through one handle you know it’s such a great point to because you know when you when you start first of all it will start with the interview work backwards from there when you interview with somebody they are whether they are aware of it or not and there are a lot of people out there that don’t have good interview approaches or philosophies or plans period but fundamentally what people are looking for there are three questions they are looking to answer for themselves do I like you do I think you can do the job do you want to do the job so when when you look at the personality piece and all those things you know the the skill set pieces easiest thing to answer and and I use and I’ll draw upon this again i use this in webinars and talks I give all the time how I ended up hiring Kelly and she was referred by lexi i needed to hire somebody to help me manage if not take over all the editorial functions for the blog I reached out to Lexi because this is what she does in one of her company’s she recommended Kelly I knew at the outset there was no question whether she could do the job or not because Alexia told me she could do the job that was good enough for me the question was did Kelly want to do it did I like her did she like me and I won’t put you on the spot us whether you like me or not but but you know those are the things that have become really important and this is giving you an opportunity this one more opportunity twitter is a great way to accelerate maybe you’re not building the complete relationship over it but it’s a great catalyst to jump start connecting with people uh and you know I are there any stories that you have i’ve got one that comes to mind for me with a client that I had but anything that jumps out to you lexing in terms of yeah please share for sure I have a fun story because a couple years ago I started following this journalist who I thought tweeted really you know great just inside her stuff about the industry and my background is in journalism i worked in mainstream media for about six years so I still follow that stuff really closely all my friends are journalists and this guy was tweeting all sorts of you know industry news tips advice and just like that kinda best the best he’d really curate a great a great feat um and I hadn’t realized it at the time but he actually was faced here in DC and I met him and I’m needed up and he was a 20 year old college kid and I mean it was so funny because um you know I felt silly that I hadn’t realized that at the same time he did an awesome job because he’d really presented him so very professionally and it’s not like he was lying at all what he was doing is he was putting his best foot forward and he was showing me what he had to offer her professionally so that by the time I met him I already but he said I had had this trust in him I knew that he was a trusted source so it’s a great way to really get someone to see how great you are absolutely yeah without kind of forcing out I never I might not otherwise given kind of you know the time of day if I’d realized that he was still in school yeah you know and I mean another one of the one of the things the stories that always pops out to me was a actually it also was a journalist that I worked with a few years ago and interestingly enough somebody that as we were developing a website for her she was trying to move from she had been working overseas had come to the US has tried to get back into to CNN and handling things having more of a global focus than kind of regional and local and one of the websites that she pointed out to me that she really liked was actually Lexi’s and when we connected a few years ago or about a year ago all of a sudden is i was looking at her site because i interviewed her on how to use actually leveraging linkedin and i was looking at her site and i thought oh my god this looks familiar but this came from this journalist that i was i was working with who basically became kind of an intermediary between two parties on twitter who were trying to connect and and both needed one another services and and it was centered around a nonprofit that was looking to help I can’t remember it was women or children over in western Africa and she connected with somebody who was at CNN bridge the gap she didn’t know the guy at CNN at all but through that was able to demonstrate who she is allow him to get to know her and like her and at the end he asked how he could help her he made some introductions to to some folks at CNN and she ended up with a couple of interviews there and you know I mean really when you think about it particularly those of you who are in the midst of the job search the interview is what you’re looking for and you’re looking for somebody to pick up a phone or send an email and say here’s somebody you need to talk to here’s somebody whose resume you need to take a look at and give you some kind of third party validation to get you in front of them and then accelerate you know then you got to crush the interview which is something separate but but Twitter gives you access in a much much easier way than than any of these other tools yeah it’s totally true and it also should be said that yes you can access kind of other regular people but it also gives you access to huge hugely important influencers so people who you guys hear me okay yeah yeah yeah um so people who are really big in your industry who might not otherwise had bothered to kind of talk to you like say you’re at a party and you see the CEO of this company he’s he’s busy talking to other important people doesn’t have time for you on twitter you can get him to notice you in ways that he might actually make time for you you know it’s a really good point i when i first talked to uh rameen Sadie I remember I remember sitting there and as I was talking to him he said something that had never crossed my mind before and he said yeah I’m sitting here looking at your twitter feed and at that time I was not as vigilant about what I put up there was no real curation behind it I didn’t really have a strategy and my first thought was oh my god what do I what have I been talking about it I infinite and clearly it wasn’t that bad because we’ve talked subsequently sense that but I you know it’s it the flip side of that and for those of you are thinking you know like it totally hits your amygdala and you know fight or flight and like fear kicks in and all that it’s such a great place to be able to if you want to create a body of work if a website is not your thing think about what you can do quickly think about what you could do today the impact you’re going to have today by finding some smart articles and stuff that you read and as you’re staying abreast of your industry and one offs on your industry and things that you find interesting thing I mean things that you find funny whatever it is things that are a reflection of who you are professionally and personally you can get a really good snapshot of someone in terms of what’s important to them on Twitter I mean there’s no doubt about it and something that popped into my head is we’re sitting you’re talking about this and we shared about Lexi’s course you know what I brought up interviewing I thought okay you go through Lexi’s course in critical if you’re in the midst of a job search you may be sitting there thinking what’s next well I will tell you this for anyone who takes advantage of Lexi’s offer today I’m willing to give you three months free in our membership program which you’ve heard me talk about but it covers everything from developing a message which would be tremendously helpful in concert with with Lexi’s course all the way through to interviewing negotiation and all points in between so you know simply drop us an email send me an email at Kevin at career traction com if you pick up Lexi’s course and i’ll be glad to get you set up with that I you’re going to find all the tools you need and all the ongoing support in there to be able to kind of take this and and push it and accelerate your goals because that’s what this is about today that’s awesome and you said you said what’s next um you kind of gave me an idea if I think Twitter cut a lot of ideas let’s go Twitter you can also use then the follow up right and absolutely it is true like people you go on an interview and you’re like what’s next what do I do now how do I keep the ball rolling without just kind of bothering this person nagging them over email Twitter is a void great way to keep that conversation going so that person doesn’t forget about you but they also like you said they begin to like you are you going to trust you they don’t think that you’re annoying okay and you think about it too when you’re looking at leveraging a relationship that you build and that’s exactly what you do in an interview whether you’re hired or not there can be a myriad of reasons that a position doesn’t immediately move forward it may eventually move forward it may not move forward at all but if you’re able to take that connection and you’ve established rapport and you know copy them in include them on a tweet that then gets in front of other people that they know like and trust you may be able to raise your visibility and that’s exactly what you want to do here I mean not not every connection that you make the kind of impatience sometimes people have and I get it particularly if you’re unemployed I get it you want it you want it now totally understand that and these things can accelerate that but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just because something doesn’t manifest immediately doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage that to get something else and to increase your visibility and your credibility yeah it’s all the weapons and that’s something that we actually track so you sort of mentioned that I have a business we we do content marketing for other small businesses and one of those things is Twitter and I always have my whole team track what we like to call wins because I’m Twitter like if you can measure some things but other things are difficult to measure on through anecdotal right so all these little winds are going to help you in your career a win could be connecting with someone whom we want to notice you it could be getting a retweet by an influencer who has a large following all these little wins they add up they really do and sometimes one of those little ones and you know results in a huge breakthrough absolutely speaking of that Kelly how are we what are what are some other questions that are coming through well some other ones I was trying to find a way to naturally leave them in to where we were in the conversation I didn’t that wasn’t the smoothest side whenever deland died okay somebody’s am i right you I’m just gonna fire some buddies at you exciting very important and I’m not going to try to be all fancy we’ve the men in a professional manner um people are wanting to know how to use hashtags to find job listings industry related tweets and things like that oh great question Lexi sure so there’s two answers to this the first answer is yes you want to know what the hashtags are for your industry and you can figure that out by looking at people who are tweeting in your industry and seeing what hashtags they use a lot of times they’re also come also common sentence like people who who tweet about job search one of the big hashtags is job search or careers at the big hashtag so you want to look at what hashtags people and your target industry are using and then use those same hash tags on your treat but the second half of this question which is what I think is more important it’s actually that rather than going out and looking for job opportunities on Twitter a better way to use it is to bring those job opportunities to you so you want to attract those those job opportunities rather than going out and kind of trying to find them and there’s lots of reasons for this I’m sure Kevin you go over this and a lot of the work that you do the hidden job opportunities are the ones that are going to come to you and that’s the kind of thing that you want to get through Twitter so you want to set the foundation so that people think of you when something great comes up rather than you having finding something that you know Amelia know people are also applying for in trying to get it no you know you you completely hit the nail on the head and that is that you know this this concept and I mean quite frankly why it is that that I selected the name career attraction uh was because this is you know this is it’s not so much a Napoleon Hill kind of you know the secret sort of thing which I know initially for us for a branding standpoint created some confusion but it is about creating a body of work having conversations getting a message that’s really tight and centered around what it is where it is that you add value whether that is where you currently a value or where you want to add value and it’s going to draw the people in who are interested in the same stuff this is why and and I’ll you know with every social media webinar hangout interview conversation whatever that I’ve ever done where you can interject some of your personality and you know the barometer on this runs the gamut you know I not everybody may be ready for you to like totally wave your freak flag you know coming out of the gate but use your use your own good judgment but people are going to gravitate towards people that they like and and when you have that perfect combination of content that people are responding to again test this test this test this like what you think is important and then what people respond to to start a conversation maybe a little bit different go where people respond go go towards what is going to start a conversation with people because that’s exactly what you want to do and then from there you kind of cultivate and you figure out who it is that that you want to be spending time with that you want to be talking to and those people that are going to help you propel your goals and objectives and I i mean i know for me once once i crack the code on twitter because i did not get it for the longest time in your course definitely helped I always look at learning new technologies new approaches new techniques new strategies is kind of like a kitten you know your eyes are kind of closed then they slow only slowly slowly open up and that was definitely one of the moments and there are a couple points in your course where it was like they were such small things but oh my god they were the military on we’d call them force multipliers like I mean the the impact was exponential yeah I responded to one that made my day cuz I love ya know I was like and I felt I felt like the biggest idiot for not knowing this and then when you pointed it out it was so so simple so simple that’s cool and that actually is something i should mention is even though this is an email based course it basically comes with a personal coach because you can just press reply any time when you have specific questions either so men to have an old or you want to clarify how something applies to your specific case i’m always happy to answer that kind of thing so i love working I mean I it is fun for me to help people reach their goals so you know we work in I’m always available to answer any questions no I there there is no doubt I think that getting feedback from people whether it is after a hangout like this whether it’s going through a course like yours you know any course whether it’s an email just getting that feedback or people say hey this helped me kind of like move the needle a little bit or a lot is even better is ridiculously rewarded guys I mean it’s so I am I am anxious to see those things come in after folks either implement things we talked about today or even take a more significant step with the course Kelly we’ve probably got another 10 minutes or so how are we any any other questions that look like they’re popping up yeah I’ve got a couple one actually that recently came up on the board which I wanted to bring to your attention is some people work in career services and wanted to know about utilizing Twitter for that I know we had done hang out on that previously is that video still available it is i wish i could tell you the URL for it um we can post it up later yeah if we can I i will i will post it back here on the site i’m trying to see if I’ve got it on my phone really quickly i’ll post it here on the site on this page probably later today but if you guys if actually I think if you just Google career attraction joshua Waldman and career centers or career attraction and Career Center’s hang out you should be able to find it it’s it’s a great hangout that we did with Joshua Waldman Kelly was on we also had why am i drawing a blank from lindsey wilson college Ashley I can’t remember Ashley his last name but she is a career services she’s running at the Career Services Center the career center director there at lindsey wilson college and talking about the social media that she has been how she’s been using it not only for greater engagement with clients but also in my clients i guess you could look at clients two ways by the companies that are looking to hire but also students and how they’re using twitter and you know the one thing that i would point out is that all these technologies and any technology that you look at i mean number one you’ve got it you hear me say it all the time you’ve got to measure what’s working what isn’t working and and go towards that you know we’re looking for the path of least resistance here to get a big payback on a small investment of time but what I would say to you if you’re in career services is you know make sure your students are there I would you know if I had to make a bet I will tell you your students are probably there but you know in some campuses texting is the big thing and and students are going are more likely to be you know communicating via text than via Twitter just make sure that the audience is there because you know the tree falls and nobody’s there to hear it nobody hears it I think Twitter is a pretty safe bet with college students I look at I’ve got a daughter getting ready to go to college next year which i think i just felt more hair fall out of the back of my head um but I look at I look at how much she communicates via text and Twitter and no doubt that’s that’s where folks are in you know than Instagram I think actually it was either pinterest yeah I was Pinterest that that Ashley talked about how they were leveraging but definitely go check that out any anything you would add flexing yeah i just i think there’s huge opportunity for Career Center’s as you know i’m i’m sort of about half a foot into the career space as well i used to cover job search for US News and World Report and I also run brazen careerist blog with Kelly’s health and so I write a lot about careers and I kind of follow up career centers on Twitter and I would say there aren’t that many who are doing a really stellar job so I think if you’re in that space it really does represent a huge opportunity yeah and you know and that’s and that’s one of the things I know on this this hangout that we held we definitely leveraged in there and Kelly moderated it the conversations and it’s still up the conversations that were going on between individuals who are working in career centers on there not to mention the questions that we were answering and and look at those those folks who are who are having bigger wins and i’ll tell you if you’re on today and you’re having big wins using these tools using these resources please email me because I’d love to have you on I love doing those sessions for career services because I know by large you guys are underfunded overworked underappreciated you know I think there’s a bigger issue at hand then just kind of tactically implementing some of these things for folks and career services there is the issue of getting a seat at the table and getting larger credibility inside the organization we’re actually working and working with somebody formerly with Phi Beta Kappa on a program for that to help kind of gear you in that direction not only get results but raise your visibility I don’t want to turn this into something about career services but if you’re interested in that you know reach out to me at Kevin at career traction com we’ve got a few more minutes I know that we’re going to announce some some winners people who have been commenting in here and as well as as commenting on Twitter so Kelly if you can t up another question for us and then start tallying that up I think we’ll think we’ll be in good shape here sure one that came up a bunch of different times was how to utilize or get involved in live chats with employers lexi is that something that you’ve got some experience absolutely yes sure sure why chats are huge and they’re fun right so this is a great opportunity to both as we’re talking about earlier show your value and show what you know but you can also show your personality you show that you know how to interact with people and you know you can be fun and personable and it’s a great chance to really the opportunity to make that one on one connection it presents itself even more clearly during a live chat then it might during you know more static interaction so I think identifying a few chats that are will work in your industry and then using those to make the right connections move forward is really a great idea ya know I am I couldn’t agree more this is that’s an area that that I haven’t dovin to that much is that is that a functionality that you guys use in brazen careerist uses as well as part of their Rose I know because I know you guys did a lot of online career I don’t want to say career fairs with career events yes exactly so brazen rogers online recruiting event for children affairs and yeah brazen those a little bit of live chats on twitter but i think it’s even even more than being useful for kind of an organization or publication i think it’s useful for an individual because it really is a chance to to make a one on one connection and a lot of times the people that you meet in those like even someone who must be interacting now using your hashtag someone needs to meet during that kind of live interaction could turn into a bigger contact for you later yeah and I you know I think this comes back to it’s a a word that I used earlier and it’s something that i would i’d highly encourage everybody to think about if you do nothing else walking away from today is thinking about the way that you’re able to leverage other people’s communities and basically draft off other individuals everyday those people who have the same audiences or have some of the people that you would like to reach out to and connect with and think of it in terms of Lexi mention this at the beginning being able to include you know one to two people in each tweet that’s going out to copy them to and to engage them let me give some context as I know that I get copied and stuff sometimes and if there’s not some context even like you might find this interesting or what do you think I just I ignore it it’s kind of like you know getting getting it’s it’s no it’s fundamentally no different than getting an email getting a phone call getting anything like that where the where the burden becomes on you to figure it out you know think about it in those terms you want to make it super easy and enticing for that person who’s going to be copied on there to take action I mean would be like two cents worth lexing anything you would add yeah for sure well yeah I will add 1 think of that um and that is flattery goes a long way and I am oh yeah authentic flattery you don’t want to be throwing come compliments left and right but if you like some of these blogs you know tell them on Twitter go ahead and tell them let them know if you like a post if somebody’s written if you think someone’s doing great work or you just read their book and it was awesome by all means let them know right that’s a perfect excuse for you to get in touch with them and say something that’s gonna make their day right and maybe I’ll remember you for it that’s a great point that’s a great point hey Kelly how are we let’s let’s jump into talking about kind of what we’re what we’re gonna give away here sure I’ll talk about what we’re gonna give away you don’t know you tell me what what what things look like in terms of tweets and people chatting today okay render a verdict my friend well we did mention having maybe one or two is it possible for us to award two winners in the forum and whatever I once we’ve had a lot of interaction back and forth so on Twitter and she technically qualifies for Twitter and forum which would be a third winner but on Twitter its Lori rind at Lori rind oh god she was very active in the hashtag chat and then she also jumped over to the forum and started saying hey guys I’m using some of the techniques they’re talking about right now and I’m already seeing my base growing this is awesome so superstar for her she wins on the Twitter side Lori rind if you could send me a tweet or an email at kelly app career attraction com so I know that you are you and hook you up with Kevin Phillip Rhys and then on the forum if I can award to early on we had Joey who was very um very engaged interacting with other people asking questions he was always in the mix so I’m having him send me some information and then actually a friend from our previous chat I believe the Career Center chat live 76 she was super engaged over there and she was super engaged again today so I would hate to leave her out just because she already won before she wanted a very very very very good at participating so Joey and live at 76 please either send me a tweet at Cordelia calls it or an email at Kelly at career attraction calm and I’ll get you guys hooked up with Kevin as well perfect and what I’m going to do is I’m going to set aside some time I’m actually going on vacation as soon as I hang up off this I’m sitting in a hotel room right now and when I get back on the 7th I want to line up with with the three of you some private coaching and we can talk about whatever it is that that is important to you whether it’s job search whether it happens to center around career centers whether it has to do with career in general and get you hooked up with some resources beyond just the conversation we’re going to have and point it in the right direction again I’ll remind everybody that the the offer that comes along with signing up for lexi’s Twitter power course and you see the button down there below when you sign up send me an email at Kevin at career traction calm and I will get you set up with three more in our membership program which covers the full gamut if you’re interested in looking at the membership program to see what’s in there you can go to Career attraction calm forward slash membership its membership or membership dash program i think its membership you can try both and chances heart one one’s going to why’d you off in one place one may wind you up in another so but check that out if if you’re interested in learning more about that I Lexi and Kelly both I want to thank you so much for being on today truly appreciate it my pleasure sure if anybody has questions that we didn’t get to either you know about Twitter about the course you just want to say hi and connect you can catch me on Alexis grant on twitter at Alexis grant or Lexus grant calm you’ll find a contact form there so I’m pretty easy does it yeah one of the one of the things I’ll do as well is once we get the the broadcast back up on this page and that happens pretty quickly i’m going to replace the comments below once we’ve been able to kind of go through them and look at all them with the facebook chat again so if you’ve got some questions put them in there you know tag Lexi in there and and your how what’s the best way for them to tag you through facebook if they want to reach out to you through the car I have a I have a Facebook page its Facebook / writer Alexis grant okay perfect I guess that’s it hey I want to thank everybody for being on today again thank you Lexi and Kelly and everybody who joined in uh you’ll be able to come back and watch this again once it’s set back up and I think that’s about it so I hope you guys have a yeah it’s i love this interaction so i look forward to doing more of these and if there’s anything that you guys want us to cover send me an email let me know always looking for topics if there’s anybody on here who’s interested in being on a hangout uh pitch us your idea no different than you pitch stories to us there’s something that looks like it resonates and can add some value well we’ll do it all right take care thanks bye guys. .