Social Media Jobs

One of the more engaging questions (for obvious reasons) for students in business ethics classes involves potential employers scrutinizing their social media life. This brief case study opens several of the ethical uncertainties.

George’s school teacher ashley pain went on vacation and took pictures while on a trip I was just doing what adults do and having drinks on vacation and being responsible about it the pictures were posted on her facebook page then Ashley was forced to give up the teaching job she loved after an anonymous complaint was made to her school’s principal about the pictures which showed Ashley holding alcoholic beverages stacey snider a 25 year old education student was denied her life’s dream of teaching because of this picture and the caption that read drunken pirate Kimberly Petrovic says someone maliciously attacked her posting rumors slamming her on a blog and creating websites that she says a potential employer found an employer who never offered her the job she really wanted how dare you who have no life do this to me so what can you do to alter the way you appear online can you clean up your digital reputation Kimberly went the professional route she hired a company called reputation defender sometimes we’re able to remove the content that defending you completely from the web and sometimes we bury it so far down on google that no one ever finds it for a crisis situation services like this start at about five hundred dollars you.