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Oh this is Rick pace with pace professional resumes and I wanted to take a minute to show you how you can use social media to your advantage to climb positions a lot of job seekers I speak with aren’t aware but you know the job mark is very competitive and companies pay thousands and thousands of dollars to use the major job board websites to post positions so a lot of recruiters are using social media websites such as Twitter Facebook Linked.In I’ve even seen people do things on Instagram well they can find job seekers for free which is advantageous for them and for the organization and they’re just looking to reach out and find job seekers such as yourself so I want to show you a couple tricks today that you can use that can really help you along the way feel free to add me on twitter at pace resumes so when you’re on twitter this is neat thing here the discover hashtag you click on that it allows you to search different topics of things that are going on on twitter so i can type in you know barbecue guys an example shows me different barbecue usernames and if i hit search it’s going to search all the different activities and things going on and will them i have people eating barbecue and different things about barbecue okay so why not use this to your advantage i’m going to type in atlanta hiring first off I already see a few usernames here that don’t relate to that search okay and it just sent me somewhere i’m going to go although it is something that’s hiring so you may want to add that user name but for the purpose of my demonstration i’m going to do my search so i have atlanta higher if you look here it’s showing me all different types of people posting positions right now hiring in atlanta today within the last you know within the last few hours or so so you can see various positions here a lot of companies will have Twitter accounts and they’re going to post positions they have recruiters that are posting positions on Twitter for their organization so it’s very common that you can use this to find companies that are progressively recruiting using these new innovative tools UPS is a great example they post positions very often on Twitter so if I was to go to their page and connect with their page I can see a lot of different types of opportunities that are being posted directly on Twitter from UPS so great strategy number one to be able to follow companies and keep track of the different opportunities they have going on so you only want to do that the next thing you can identify recruiters who are using Twitter and posting positions and connect with them here are a couple here as an example you can see what they’re posting so if I go ahead and click on one of them it shows you what she typically is recruiting for and you can see a number of different positions here so if you make it a point to connect with recruiters on Twitter and add them you’ll start to see in your feet as you log in you’ll like you’ll start to see a lot of different positions being posted every day and you can kind of keep track of that and start to look for positions that might be of mutual benefit in addition you can respond to the tweets maybe ask some questions and that could be your opportunity for your first level of engagement okay and the same trick I just did work so i just typed in a recruiter and i just found about six or seven recruiters right here and i can connect with so whatever city you’re in don’t you know be afraid to use social media for your advantage you can use this to find positions and opportunities very easily okay so that’s Twitter the next one I’m going to highlight is linkedin linkedin is obviously a very important website to use for social networking for recruiting for finding new opportunities and positions I’m not going to cover everything on this today but as an example this is my personal account you see I have over 1500 connections 14 million indirect connections there’s lots you can do here but I’m going to identify one thing that I like to do come over here to companies I already have a couple identified and in your job search it’s really important for you to identify companies that you’d like to work for companies that have the right kind of culture and positions that fits your background and who you are once you find those companies you can go to those company websites and see the positions they’re posting they may not post their positions all on the major job boards they may post them only under company website you know some of them may be on the Twitter and Linked. In but you really want to identify those companies then you can look and start to see if you know any recruiters that work for those companies or if you even if you know associates there and that could be somebody you can talk to you and build with to look at getting in to decide to company yourself so on this page on linkedin chillage people who work there that you might know different information about linkedin or about the organization affiliated companies if you scroll to the bottom it’ll show you a little section where I’m actually I don’t see it let’s see okay here we go I was looking for this so it shows you people who look at GE on linkedin also look for these companies siemens IBM so it might show you other organizations you may not have considered okay but even better way to do that click on insights from insights is going to show you a lot of neat statistics and things people with new titles and people you may know but the cool thing here it shows you where people at GE typically come from in this case is Pricewaterhouse. Coopers so I’m going to click on that and do the same trip go to insights from this page and it’s going to show you the same stat people at pricewaterhousecoopers typically come from Ernst & Young Deloitte KPMG so it starts to uncover organizations that are similar that might have certain similarities or similar cultures and eventually you may find some companies you hadn’t considered before or you may not have been familiar with you met have you may have known about GE and of course waterhouse coopers you may not have known about varying point so you may look at bearingpoint read on the website look at their information and they may have positions that are a good fit to you you know you may know somebody who works there or when looking at varying point then you might find capgemini maybe you weren’t as familiar with capgemini so using this trick can help you identify different companies that she may not have considered so that ultimately you can get together your list of ideal preferential companies for you to to look at to try to apply to hopefully for your next position now obviously using Linked. In is of great benefit as well because what you have your company’s identified you can use Linked. In to try to find people who work there you may know to talk about the organization to see if it’s the best fit for you feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or additional comments website is pace resumes calm and on twitter the hashtag or hashtag is at pace resumes thank you very much you.