Social Media Jobs

our fifth video Director at CHASE Graham Hawthorn identifies five factors to be considered in social media usage, that stop you getting that dream job. To see the written version of this please visit.

I welcome the latest chess blog today we’re going to flip social media on its head and give you some of the warnings about social media and how social media can potentially spoke you getting into your job you know we all know the benefits of social media when it comes to job hunting looking Facebook as linked as Twitter all know used extensively and very successfully by both employers and employees and job hunters however be aware that these social media platforms can also work against you so today is about being careful depending on how heavily use social media many aspects of your world will be visible to potential employers firstly they can check if your social media information tallies with your CV are you being consistent with the information you’re giving secondly the can check your spelling and grammar sounds a bit basic but it’s very very important they can see what you do in your spare time you number three and again those things the peri week are there you need to be careful can you see the pictures from the party last weekend once or not you can see what other people think of you again that’s important making the tandon’s are positive on linkedin for example where people can make recommendations and you can also see what comments you may have need about them or your interviewer and again that’s something to be careful about there’s a lot of information out there just be careful what you post so it’s in somebody you have to assume and usually we never advise assuming but Nestor case you’re going to make an exemption assume that any potential employer will check you on as many social media platforms as they possibly can therefore if securing my dream job as a priority make sure that you use social media properly you use it carefully and make sure it’s working for you and not against you.