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What every social media manager should know about the future of community management and how their jobs are impacted by chatbots and AI.

On this episode of Real Talk, Jena and I talk about ESPNs decision to layoff 100s of reporters and how the rise of the creator is partially to blame. In today new era of media where anyone with an iPhone and a social media account is a journalist, traditional media companies like ESPN face the challenges of fighting for market share with creators and influencers as well as the social media networks themselves. Jena and I also breakdown how plan to roll out Messenger chatbots, and artificial intelligence (AI), could spell the end of social media jobs altogether. to my YouTube to watch Real Talk with Carlos Gil to watch Social Media How-to Videos & to watch Keynotes & Speaking to watch The Hustle

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on this episode where I talk about how content creators are the new media and how if you work in marketing or social media your job might be on the verge of being extinct haricot I Ron Carlos here welcome to another episode of Real Talk my all new series in which I interview interesting guests in the world of business and answer your social media questions I’m back here in the studio at the Nasdaq entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco and on today’s show joining me is my tag team partner miss Jenna Dominique welcome back to realtalk thank you for having me I’m actually ready to jump in let’s get to the real top let’s get to the real talk so over the last couple of days ESPN which is the worldwide leader in sports media and entertainment just laid off over a hundred on air personalities and we’re talk about big names so big names on all of their shows Baseball Tonight NFL show Sports.Center laid off and I came up with this hypothesis as I was seeing this unfold that is there possibly a connection between traditional media personalities being disrupted by new media creators and it’s no secret traditional media such as print and TV has been disrupted greatly over the last several years based on social media but when you look at a network like ESPN that’s actually letting go of on air personalities do you feel that there could potentially be a connection there between people maybe turning off the TV and now they’re getting their sports content from social media or or snapchat I think there’s a great great great this is a great hypothesis what’s your what you’re thinking because as we’ve talked about before you are your network’s media source right so if you are on a channel and you are gaining a following and gaining traction by talking about some of these hot topics especially in sports right people around the country around the world tune in to American sports and so to see them making these layoffs right and cutting off people I think let’s attribute it to that let’s attribute it to these content creators who are really capitalizing on social media platforms to build a following and to build an audience if you will that responds to their content and the things they’re talking about you don’t have an angle hypothesis I’ve taken because I haven’t seen anyone really making the connection with one or the other I was reading the reason for the layoffs was loss of revenue so advertisers are spending less money with ESPN and traditional media networks and people and as a result people turning off so lower ratings so when I think about it it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s less people out there consuming content but let’s face it if you want ESPN content like you or I do through snapchat you can go on the Discovery section and you can watch Sports. Center in two to three minutes as opposed to twenty or thirty minutes and I think that’s really again people are consuming content they’re consuming their news on the go no we’re not we’re no longer we saying I need to be home on a Thursday night to watch a show at 8:00 p. m. rather people are binge watching it on the weekend or just finding the episodes when it fits with their schedule and when it works for them so again creating content and getting traction building an audience of course it’s going to take away from some of this revenue part right of course it’s going to undercut some folks roles in the traditional media space because let’s face it I can’t remember the last time I sat down in front of a TV and was just flipping through the channels or landed on a channel and stayed there for two to three hours to consume movies or I’ll share I’ll share with you a real world example now I’m not going to mention the network itself at South by Southwest I was actually having a conversation with an executive from a very well known a high profile network and he was talking to me about a couple things but more specifically that they’re looking to pick content creators from and Facebook needs different social networks and actually puts them on their mediums and when I say mediums I’m not talking about the TV screen I’m talking about their digital mediums and then he was also talking to me about taking their cast of characters if you will and taking their personalities and make him into social media personalities and I hadn’t stopped it and say yes it’s taken to account that when you look at a content creator on let’s say and how my kids consume their content or how you and I might watch a content creator consume their content it’s different than turning on the TV and watching a broadcaster or a journalist or a TV personality get content a lot of the content you see on TV is much more scripted whereas content like even what we’re doing here which is more of like in the field of traditional news media room this is unscripted this is us just having some real talk so that’s where I have to draw the line and say if you as a traditional news network are looking to take traditional news media people and give them a person either through social it’s just not going to work I don’t think it will work because again the the people who are interacting the people who are sitting down and maybe watching consuming more hours of traditional TV are different than the people who are consuming hours on social media on their phone and picking up news that way so I think it’s important to say that you know the people the folks like you and I who are creating content on social media the thing that your audience is falling in love with is your authentic story right it’s being able to go on your Instagram and see maybe a picture of your daughter but also see you hustling at South by Southwest and so it’s that dynamic aspect that I think really helps in elevates us content creators out there right because it’s like TV and in productions we have access to the people that they really really want tuning in to their content and that’s exactly why this is happening content creators are getting ratings and those ratings are known as likes comments and shares content creators are already creating shows and that’s called a story which exists on Facebook snapchat Instagram and I look no further than to how someone like a KC nice dad has used to create his own network within and I think we’ve even talked about this on previous episodes of Real Talk when you start looking at the role the content creator on snapchat today or on Instagram or on Facebook they are their own network within this broader conglomerate of networks so what I mean by that is that if you’re into cooking previously if you want to be on Food Network you would have to go ahead and create demo reels and get content in front of producers and executives at Food Network well guess what if you know how to cook and you have passion for cooking and you have an i.

Phone and you have a snapchat Instagram account you can be your own Food Network channel within that network and use that network for broad distribution and guess what if you get a sponsor to back you up now you can little paid media spend behind the content you create and now you can increase your ratings and that’s where once again I have to be completely transparent say that traditional media to degree is is kind of dying out and soon to be extinct because of when you look at how people as you say are consuming content today you can still get the content and get to the punch of the end game which is learning how to cook go on travel you know your to travel a lot so you know I like to travel as well if you follow travel bloggers you can get the same experience of what you would see on say that geo or the Travel Channel but it’s just on a different platform with more true to life real characters that and because the way the algorithms are set up that content is seemingly curated for you right so you on Instagram for instance the folks who pop up in my explorer page those are probably friends of my friends right so that content is curated based off of things that I’ve liked and in my trend all right so I’m more engaged there because this is for me it’s speaking to my interested and my likes it may not be perfect right now right like some of the ads are very annoying but in general it’s like oh I’ll stop and look at that ad because that’s probably something I would purchase one television or with something so much more broad speaking to a broad audience like I don’t want to hear that commercial I don’t I don’t want to see that I’m not interested in seeing that so I think that’s the spin as well right is that the way that social media algorithms are set up in the way that content again is being curated for you your audience is being you know curate it’s almost like okay who do you want to follow today because you see the beautiful image and it’s like oh this this will go right in line with what I already have on my social so I think that’s the strength of social media and I think that’s the strength it’s that’s something that content creators can really play into is the fact that algorithms are being set up to provide people with things that they already like and you might just be on that place now here’s a curveball for you so a lot of folks Millennials Generation Z we have inherently learn how to turn off the channel what happens when people start tuning off of social media because that same content that drove them crazy such as commercials now become a part of the ecosystem of consuming content on social that’s a great question I wish I knew because I I have I I in terms of the projection of social media there’s there’s a lot of folks my mother for instance she’s no longer active on Facebook and she’s feel so good I have people who return in the face that I haven’t been on Facebook for two months it’s almost something celebratory so I think you know we are going to experience this I wouldn’t say a mass exodus but there will be people slowly backtracking from social media but at the end of the day people are engaged with that telephone in their hand and so that telephone is worn on their face called virtual reality oh and Phil if it’s not wearable technology I just mentioned people are going to still be there scrolling they’re still going to be there engaging the level maybe may fluctuate but in general folks are today even the younger generation they’re spending time on snapchat they these are the main consumers and so it’s why not only I think it will continue to snowball snowball so let’s go ahead and transition to another industry that’s actually being disrupted we talk about traditional TV media with the ESPN layoffs and the role of content creators I’ve had that what if I told you that social media marketing itself and marketers are about to be disrupted disruption in social media and marketing I think I I I don’t know how much I would believe you because humans connect better with humans by far absolutely I do so last week at Facebook’s FA conference Mark Zuckerberg announced his plan to integrate BOTS chat BOTS into messenger and and you know much more advanced BOTS so we saw this actually happened a couple of years ago brands like Domino’s Pizza uber 1 800 flowers unveiled BOTS there were more like beta version within messenger where you could order flowers you could order an uber right now you can order a pizza I think you had different brands like Burger King and others that jump on board with us this was two years ago as soon as I saw this I said community managers at brands are screwed and they’re ultimately going to be out of jobs I never you know I won’t forget this I was at social media marketing world in 2016 so last year I was chatting with Mark Schaefer who’s a well known industry thought leader and actually had this conversation around how chatbots would essentially be the end of Community Managers at brand and the reason why is because once brands start figuring out that you can outsource labor from paying a human being to actually go ahead and have a chat bot had that dialogue where someone reaches out to you and says have a problem with this product or I want to order this or I want to do that once you start configuring how these chat BOTS can speak back and forth then guess what you don’t necessarily need a human being to be there and have conversation on behalf of your brand and I say this no offense to the community great Community Managers and social media folks that work out there but when you really face it most community managers have hidden underneath the veil of the brands and where I’m going this is most community managers at brands you don’t know who’s behind the brand it’s always when they respond to you it’s an initial right it’s like if you’re chatting with you know let’s say Nike they respond to you and they put like a are right for their initial they’re always engaging with you under the logo and not a person so with Facebook’s decision to go ahead and start unveiling BOTS I want to turn it back over to you do you foresee this as potentially being the demise and the extinction extinction of social media community management roles at brands I don’t because I don’t because I think that there’s something really special about getting an email or a message from someone with a name and then being able to meet that person in person when they come to your event right or to say I agree with you when you say that you know people are communicating under that brand name but I think a lot of the times as well bought communication bought schedule the way it’s scheduled it doesn’t feel as authentic and so if they if the move is to replace Community Managers I think that’s how you lose authentic interactions with your customer base how do you see I know you’re a little bit younger but how do you see like the original terminator 1 & 2 back in the day back in the day like way back to like the Bible 4th neighbors so basically a terminator you had you know these terminators created these machines that then wound up revolting and fighting against humans and I almost see it on a level like that in the business world where where I guess upon we’re going to create these BOTS to really optimize and be much more efficient but in the mean time now brands are going to say well you know what we all need to pay someone a salary anymore to go ahead and do what this bot can do so where I’m going with all this is that my challenge to marketers out there and social media marketers is this is the time that you should really be focusing on investing on building your personal brand growing your voice stepping from behind the curtain and I can tell you I’ve worked at several brands and you will never know who manages social media for that brand unless you actually go on Linked.In you type that brand name and then social media so my challenge take into account whoever’s watching this is knowing that this is gonna be a part of our ecosystem it already is and it’s going to continue to grow your your challenge and focus you really how do I go ahead and convince my employer now to take much more of a personable approach to community management because you’re absolutely right I often say people relate to other people people don’t relate to a logo people don’t relate to a bot they relate to other people and this is we talk about snapchat a lot on this show this is where snapchatting comes in to play because you can’t necessarily automate snapchat dialogue so what you start taking all those twitter customer service requests to come in and you start filtering snapchat into the mix as your customer service vehicle to use features like voice and video okay short form 10 second videos actually respond to customers as opposed to just typing you know hey car 1 800 number or you know we’re really sorry let’s look into this for you actually you can use snapchat as that tool to community manage with the face and voice I think that is much stronger than using blogs because again that connection to another human that connection to a face that connection to the brand through another person makes it so much more real and let’s not forget that people like quick responses right they want Sol’s to their problems and they want them efficiently and they want them to answers to be effective but they still want a connection with someone else they feel cared for when you feel nurtured by a brand you are a returning customer you’re going to come back you’re going to tell a friend about that brand what they did for you when they communicated with you and I think that’s what brands really have to hold on to and what they need to really value in terms of building a customer base and building audience is the touch that you have with that audience it’s just like me being a content creator I create content that my audience likes to see and they follow me actively and they comment on my photos because they’ve been following me and they know who I am if someone else was writing my captions for me my following would know right because it’s not me it’s not in my voice voice is extremely important in building community and marketing social media marketing and it will continue to be important moving forward I don’t know if they could get my boy side if they tried to create up all of us unless there’s some plan out there maybe over at Facebook where they can take years worth of your posts and then based on a motion that you put into those posts then create your voice just saying which could probably happen because of all the data they collect on date but I don’t want that to happen anyway Jenna thank you so much for joining me on this episode of real talk working the viewers out there connect with you I would say definitely for one connect with the Nasdaq entrepreneurial Center we offer free classes resources and mentorship for entrepreneurs check out our newsletter and sign up for it at the center nasdaq org if you want to keep up with me personally go ahead and check out my Instagram it’s Jenna underscore Dominique okay awesome content I take some really cool tips from a man Carlos Gill and I give the real talk whoo thank you so much thank you appreciate you being on this episode of Real Talk and thank you so much to all of our viewers out there I also want to give a shout out and say thank you to I and see also known as International Concepts available exclusively at Macy’s for sponsoring these threads that you see on me here today on realtalk once again thank you the Nasdaq entrepreneurial center be sure to follow them at this Center on social media and if you like this video be sure to share it out with your friends give it a thumbs up and drop a comment here below until next time. .