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hey have you noticed dr.moment I’m Peggy Kenter of Fairfax we have jr jr saw us on facebook they both sell me on facebook hurry even caring and they they decided to come in and she was scared to come in they came in how many videos ago why she said i don’t want to talk about caring too much but Karen she was in an accident about a year ago so now she’s talking all these side effects from the accident so if you’ve been nice that keep saying this to you you got to come in here it’s not easy to treat you right away and to wait a year or so anyway so jr. jr. has been you said that’s maybe split six to eight hours a day yeah so yes sir he has a lot of tension upper back neck area and he gets for petting sweat once a week isn’t so once I mean he just heading something his low back little bit tightness there so we’re gonna just everything on here so let’s go ahead and go face down jr. really did an exam but we’re gonna show you a couple of things so there’s one bone there’s this way all right all right he’s moving out ready all right everyone awesome face this way Ponder’s get in good see on one thing I would use your ears gonna go read anybody let’s go free something just try a couple of things yeah all that blood is rushing up there right oh yeah if you never been adjusted you got to have to feel it man it’s just a different room there cares about look at that’s perfect raise your leg this is nice who’s already something good all right okay take a deep breath nice beautiful see if you’re watching come on in you lose. .