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You ever get annoyed by status updates? I give Mark Zuckerberg a proposition he can’t refuse. I also offer up some tips on the best killstreak combo’s.

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alright about to show you guys my best camping spot for domination on every other girl right here these little boxes they are your protectors and the people just run out from the backyard like cattle going into the slaughterhouse keep them coming boys herd the cattle my way there we go look right see you can see everything you can see everything and then Oh somebody somebody’s trying to get in to be right now he doesn’t even see me I told you the boxes act as protectors perfect its perf and decimal talking about nice up sis what I’m sayin ah yeah what’s up ladies new genesis is idaho dub with another call of duty black ops gameplay this time on playing a little domination as you do on crisis and adla promised in the last video i’m using the ak 47 this weapon is probably probably my favorite my favorite gun in the game i love the gorilla i like i like the aks 74u and m16 but those are the other three weapons i used and i don’t know i just once i get to level 38 and I get to ak 47 it just it feels so nice it just does so much damage in it I just love the way it feels when I shoot it nothing like gripping and a fat ak 47 hinata mean so uh yeah which kind of actually I want to touch on the last video when i talked about prestiging that’s one of the reasons i actually don’t like the prestige is because I don’t get this weapon until level 13 which sucks I mean I do get the Galil but i love this weapon so I wanted to thank all of you real quick as well for leaving comments really appreciate the comments for you guys leave it definitely makes me want to keep making videos because I don’t get comments then you know there’s no point in me making videos so I really appreciate it definitely definitely much obliged kind sir but uh yeah this game I’m switch up the killstreaks i’m using the counter spy plane i guess that’s the only one I really switched up and the Blackbird and the dogs so yeah let’s get down to business I got my Blackbird up right now I’m on a nice little streak and there’s something I want to talk to you guys about but first i want to show you this so his neck an sr 71 okay we got a guy up on this little perch you’ve seen people if you played on crisis you’ve seen people camp up there and so i don’t get him right here with my grenade that was a failed grenade but you see how he’s pointed right at me so I know he’s looking right at me but he’s not creeping towards me caminos I’m back here so I gotta sit here I gotta wait I gotta wait it out and this is why i love the sr 71 he finally turns and there it is that’s why you need to use the sr 71 and you need to use it and actually one of the one of the probably the best combination of killstreaks that that I think everybody should be to hear if you are decent enough at the game that you’re going to get high killstreaks you’re the Blackbird the chopper gunner and the dogs are probably the best combo of killstreaks because what you know you get you wait till you get your dog’s up right so you have the Blackbird up and that’ll help you get to your dogs and your chopper one hole and once you have the dogs up you can actually that helps you for your chopper gunner then you get the chopper gunner up and the dogs will actually take out a lot of the people who are trying to shoot down your chopper gunner and that seems to be the most beneficial combination that I’ve found so far vibrate I don’t know that’s not just what I think maybe you guys think somebody let the dogs oh yeah that’s that’s the most beneficial killstreaks I mean now if you have a hard time getting higher killstreaks leave me a comment let me know what what you like to use and I’ll give it a try and see if maybe there’s something you could switch up to help you out with your kill streaks and try to try to up your kills but on to the topic that I wanted to discuss this video and that topic is about a social networking site that if you haven’t heard about you probably don’t have the internet and if you’re watching this video I’m assuming you have the internet because your video is not available on DVD or blu ray so this social networking site is called facebook facebook so awesome it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends family now keep in touch with whether whoever and it’s you know you can you do a lot of stuff on Facebook it’s great the best thing probably on facebook as you can you can repost my videos to it you know that’s something you guys should all do nice plug their ID as dub anywho Facebook’s great but for all its greatness there is a negative side of Facebook and one of those negatives is the status update the status update is also a positive because you can see you know what your friends are doing and comment on it and joke and all that stuff but the downfall is some people abuse the status update and by abused I mean that they they post stuff that it is controversial not so much controversy like it’s okay to post controversies thank you know you take your political stance whatever but some people will post on their status update and if you do this you shouldn’t do this it’s not what the status update is for I don’t think and some people will you no call out other people they’ll make fun of other people or they’ll the worst is when they’re like like use the status update and you subliminally attack somebody right so like you’re you’re saying something like in a code that somebody who you know will read this will understand and will take it personally like you’re attacking somebody personally on there and you know it’s not that that to me is not cool when that’s that’s not what the status update is for and it’s annoying now some people this post annoying stuff and that’s annoying but my my proper I guess I have a proposition and my proposition is for mr.marswell Versamark if you’re watching this which I’m sorry I’m sure you are why wouldn’t you be one of those 44 subscribers that I have on if you’re watching this please hire me first of all I’ll solve a lot of problems for you a facebook and I would love to get paid we worked at facebook but my job would be and this is a working title but my job would be the chief executive status monitor and I would have a task force it had to be a large task force because there’s a lot of people you say Oh what I just did there don’t do that let me take a break from the Facebook don’t do what I just did don’t turn into an entire team of enemies and think that you can kill them with the ak 47 like oh dear look at me I’m going to turn in here and we kill them all with three bullets from my ak 47 don’t ever do that anyways back to the Facebook so my job as chief executive status update monitor remember has a working title is kind of long but i would take my talents course and we would have access to all facebook statuses and we would look for status updates that we deem stupid so this would be something like you know somebody is subliminally attacking somebody like even if you don’t know the person that is hosting the status you can tell in their status update if they’re calling somebody out you know and they obviously like are posting this status because they know that somebody will read this and take offense to it or let somebody know that this person is calling them out like it’ll you know they’re doing this for a reason and once we saw this stupid or offensive status update primarily stupid because people post a lot of stupid stuff on the internet we would flag it okay we flag the account now you’re never going to get any trouble and like lose your facebook account all right well no trouble per se but once we flag it then we we monitor your statuses more closely and if you do this too much you post too many stupid status updates what we do is we post on your wall and we come at you we blast you we call you out on all the stupid sad stuff that you’ve done and we come down on you we get offensive all right in our photo will be like ass cross like a skull and crossbones and poison it’ll just look mean right and it’ll be like this huge black lettering and like everybody will see it that looks at your wall and the best part is you can’t erase it ever like it’s on there permanently and it were coming down on you for all these stupid status up with and you deserve it I think that would eliminate all the stupid status updates because you can never erase it like you’re done you’re done zone you can never erase this and we just called you out on your s okay we just called you out and we blasted you and you have this huge poisonous dirty looking comment on your wall you can never get rid of I mean that’s just an idea so mark if you want to hire me let me know just send me a message on a face or on and or facebook cuz you know you probably have access to my account and let me know I’d love to work for you but anyways guys let me know what you think about my new job at Facebook and again I appreciate you all watching my video and I appreciate all the comments and the subs here we go man that’s not a bad Katie right there 3085 not bad not bad but thanks again guys thanks for watching it we’ll see y’all next Oh. .