Social Media Jobs

Please upload a short video that further expands upon your skills and experiences that relate to the qualifications described in the job posting. IMPORTANT: You do not need to show your face, just your unique talents!

hi my name is Jonas I’ll be one of the people that you’ll be working with if you are lucky enough to get one of these pretty cool internship jobs first off thank you for applying we wanted to give you guys an opportunity to show who you are and talk about your skills in a way that’s a little bit more original and a bit more creative and your standard resume cover letter meeting etc etc so if you could very quickly because we’ve had a lot of applications tell us a little bit about yourself some experience some of your skills that fit what we’re looking for in the job description here in this platform that would be awesome 45 seconds to a minute because you know we’re gonna have a lot to go through oh very important you don’t need to show your face that’s what not what this is about this is about giving you a platform to show us something that you wouldn’t normally get to show somebody so yeah thanks we really look forward to seeing what it is that you’re going to upload to yeah to this job search okay thank you very much.