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all right everybody i’m going to show you professional profiling how we professionally profile clients and their customers and this is something that Tom actually just sold for eighty five hundred dollars to a financial company so once you keep calm pay attention I’m going to make this really easy for you by the way for what we did you can see right here for a client is this was September 12 2013 but I started a campaign now this is pay per click i started a campaign at 322 p.m. and by 630 7 p. m. that same day i had 319 clicks a very targeted drug very targeted people for only 23 bucks now I’m going to show you how to do that exact same thing so professional profiling what is it exactly well what we want to do is we want to find out who’s our perfect customer because there’s already people out there right now searching google or other places on the web asking questions and really looking for your products and services you’re just not there to be found so we want to find who’s our ideal customer just a very very small niche because the internet for a small niche can actually be a very very large playground for you and professional profiling is all about answering a sequence of questions to determine a high level of probability so for example if if you see somebody and they can shoot a bow and arrow and they hit a target they hit a bull’s eye nine times out of ten you know if they’re up to to fire again on the range that they have a pretty high probability of hitting a bull’s eye because you’ve already seen it happen before based off that historic facts so we’re going to show you how to answer some questions you have a high level of probability into profiling and we’re going to show you how to create laser focused viral content so let’s go ahead and talk about avatar well actually not that avatar movie let’s talk about your avatar meaning who’s the person you’re specifically marketing to if you just say hey I’m looking to sign up anybody in my business I’m looking for any kind of customer it’s going to be hard to attract customers because you don’t know exactly who you’re speaking to so let’s start defining this out and this is a great worksheet so start writing this down who do you want to connect with I’m sure that you go to parties events friends and circle our friends there’s just some people you just don’t really want to hang out with so you want to think long and hard who are the type of people that you want to connect with and who do you want to talk to meaning there’s going to be other people out there that you just really don’t want to attract into your business like they’re just I mean for us people who are over analytical can’t make decisions have a bad relationship with money blame everything on everybody else and don’t take accountability that’s not a client that we take on so you want to think about the traits of who you want to work with who do you want your tribe who do you want to talk to because at the end of the day who do you want to hang out with this is your tribe now depending where you met me at one of then or what webinar is most likely i’m working with people that have really good loyal tribes because they know exactly who they want to connect with and that’s how they’re able to really build massive teams an amazing income so let’s build a plan to have coffee with your avatar now this is laser targeted marketing that can work for any business out there so you want to build a customer prospect profile so with the age range your customer prospect well you want to keep it within 15 years if you say that you’re targeting people between 18 and 55 you can do that but that’s a large range to really go after lots of different generations there’s lots of different marketing techniques used on each generation that’s a lot of information so let’s go ahead and figure out who do you want to target a lot of people target people that are very similar to themselves so for instance they want to target people who are 35 to 50 because they’re right in that age range or maybe 25 to 40 because they’re in that age range I let’s say keep it within 15 years if you can if you need to you can build another avatar as well well building a customer prospect profile are you going after males or females you maybe both if you’re doing both you’re gonna want to cut it down the middle and we’re going to make two separate avatars for your business I would really stick with either male or female again the more that you can niche down the better success you’re going to have because your prospect your potential client is going to feel more that you’re talking to them directly that’s super important so building a customer profile are they married or single very different life and what’s a common problem that your prospect shares do they want to lose weight maybe your product or service solves a problem most likely it does most products and services and businesses solve a problem so what is this person looking for right now online what’s the common problem they share are they overweight do they need debt consolidation do they need debt advice do they need a home loan do they just other house fast what is that common problem that they share and you want to figure out where do they hang out i’m going to show you that in a minute I just love pictures of puppies and figuring out where they hang out also what are your customers or prospects profile what do they read like what do they like to do now we’re really looking at this as a person and not just an entity we want to think of somebody literally who we can kind of think reminds us of our perfect profile or a perfect prospect or perfect profile or avatar so for example what I like to think of is okay who are the last 10 to 15 customers that I’ve had my business and again keep this in perspective deciding on how big your business is and what are the common similar interest between the last 15 people who bought and the last 10 people I spoke to as a prospect that I couldn’t convert them over to a customer you know what were some of the similar traits but were there needs what were their wants what were some of their big goals and literally what I do is I put a name to it and was we really start breaking this down we start figuring out oh you know what I know someone just like this and I really take I really take a long hard look at what do they look like like literally what am i raving fans look like because at the end of the day I want to name my avatar and the avatar that I’m going to talk about here is June so June’s a female between the ages of 30 and 45 she has two kids and I want to think as June as a person like I want to sit down with a cup of coffee with june literally every single morning and it’s going to help me in my marketing as i got in targeter so now that we’ve met June okay we want to go find out where she hangs out in facebook and how we can attract her to our online tribe now I’m going to show you how to do a customer profiling you can use for facebook linkedin twitter google+ really a limitless possibilities and a lot of clients just don’t to this homework up front so we typically spend hours going this over the customer and you can do it in a short amount of time because we’re going to find out where would June want to hang out so for instance Jimmy listen to NPR news maybe she read success magazine maybe she likes to blog or page motor get 10,000 fans I did this presentation for a client who has a blogging platform and basically i found out that June June likes listen to NPR and success magazine is about entrepreneurs people who are in network marketing or online marketing affiliate marketing okay I know that she probably read that magazine and while she was into blogging so she man like the blogging network and she may read Forbes or better homes and gardens in red we actually have a lot of content inside the product that Tom and I created on how you can get as many leads as you want literally online without a website so if you don’t have that product absolutely check out that product but what we do is we really start profiling like for instance if I was to walk into June’s house what magazines may I see your read where May she shot that where can I catch your attention because these are all places I can target on social media what kind of movies does she watch you know what does she really enjoy and what types of content does she enjoy see we actually have special programs inside the program that Tom and I made with all the different lead sources on literally how we go out and we find what kind of content do women between the ages of 30 and 45 like to see in the United States who may also like Oprah like we can really get down to viral content we can really start figuring out what appeals to June by figuring out what interest she has and then going to those interest profiles on Facebook taking a look at the different articles blogs and interactive content and videos you know what are other consumers consuming and enjoying and talking about that’s something that we can use for our avatar our marketing we’re just going to duplicate what other people are already doing and what’s proven now where do you find viral content for June well introducing Open Graph now this is inside Facebook and it’s just the little facebook search button at the top basically Mark Zuckerberg said hey look we are all connected in one way or another through lots of different areas your friend knows this friend who knows that ran the eighth at this pizza place who knows this friend that well all those connections unless you start asking lots of questions like you know how many ways you connected to seven bacon right once you kind of figure out all those connections well Facebook’s basically set up a database kind of like a google search for all these different connections see what happens is i can find viral content for june i’m a type in Oprah Winfrey look at Oprah there’s over 8 eight point six million fans so let’s take a look so there’s eight point six million fans in June Fitz net demographic of Oprah through wisdom that we found out on wisdom you can go ahead and check that out in our other training as well but look here’s something that was talking about in august eight weird epoch 21 day meditation challenge is so good she had over eight thousand likes well what i did is i scrolled down Oprah’s fan page and I started to take a look okay there’s a thousand likes thousand likes 1200 likes 1400 likes eight thousand likes well that content could be really appealing to june because its inner demographic we know that she likes things like Oprah so this could be some really good content that i’m going to post and again on any web face that i have could be facebook could be google+ or this could help me give you some writing content ideas too and i’m going to show you how to structure at your content a couple of minutes NPR we did the exact same thing here was an interesting survey that they did most of NPR staff had 500 to 700 likes this had over 4,700 likes so it is a very high probability to june could be interested in this content and think about if you were to have a conversation with june literally if you were to sit in front of her what some of the things she wants to see google can tell you a lot of answers right funny facebook post or like the quote about deepak what’s going on there and doing some additional content search you really want to take a look at what’s June’s problem I mean what is she looking to solve see notice we’re not saying what is your customer looking to solve we put a name to it and when you put a name and a face like you’re sitting down having a conversation it makes a world of difference now the ultimate content strategy so we’re going to show you lots of different ways in our product of how to find unlimited leads online and how to gather unlimited attention online but you got to have a theme for content so here’s what you’re going to do you’re going to break down your topics within four to five segments okay so you going to pick a topic for the month now this topic it may be weight loss well weight loss is really broad we’re gonna get in how to break that down here in just a minute but we want to have the theme for the month and it’s going to tie in to a segment a week so what’s segment we need cover so let’s say we’re talking about weight loss well the theme for the month may be losing baby fat well if I’m going to break my theme down into four weeks losing baby fat quick and easy meals that could be week one and then week two could be simple dinners week three could be great smoothies to lose weight or to lose that baby fat right so your think of the different content and themes for the week the ultimate concert strategy is this what is your topic for the hot topic maybe it’s something trending in the news maybe a new study just came out that said that fake sugar has all these chemicals in it and it’s really causing disease or these other things I mean it’s a topic that you want to talk about and intertwined into your content for the topic of the month and the sub categories as well so you can pick a topic for the week we’re gonna and then we’re going to or going to pick a topic for the month and then four or five topics going to talk about for that month are going to be our sub categories right that’s where we say let’s pick a topic for the week okay so what happens is going to branch to this out and the ultimate content strategy number one tip that we can give you this is so important sell your customers what they want but give them what they need like for instance we have clients who are in the health and wellness business and they talk about you need a cleanse you need a cleanse well when you go up and you talk to people about cleansing cleansing can mean lots of different other things to people it could mean that they’re sitting on the toilet all day long it could mean that they have to eat these weird fruits or do these weird exercises you don’t know but a lot of people want to lose weight they just don’t and that’s what they want but what they need is then you learn how to cleanse but approaching people on how to cleanse first ah doesn’t usually necessarily work you want to give what they want it first now make it really easy make it simple and make it stick let me give you an example so your customers what they want don’t sell people what they need this is really important a lot of people in health and nutrition really get caught up in this oh you need to take this blah blah blah product that does blah blah blah that’s what they need that’s not what the mass consumer wants that’s why we pick out your avatar let’s give the example this guy wants a date right obviously tells kind of lonely once a day well your product is called let’s say double your dating right I learned this from a guy who’s made were over well over a hundred million online actually I had this product this is really interesting because he’s the one who really taught me this see it’s so complicated double what do you mean w ee I’m not even dating right now and I know how to double it out and know how to get a data you know how to talk to a girl I don’t know it’s just too big and it’s way too complicated so how about this double your dating is way too complicated you make it easy to what they want okay well honestly what the guy really wants is just a simple conversation with a with someone attractive it’s either order that he’s attracted to and when he’s really looking for deep down inside is a great conversation someone who’s attracted to them someone’s attracted to him sexually someone who wants to just hang out and be with them but really it starts with a simple conversation so if you really break it down something like along the lines instead of W dating learn how to talk learn how to confidently talk to any women using five simple lines that you can ask her for a phone number and confidently walk away within five minutes and then be able to walk away no matter what the answer this is good this is what he really wants so you want to sell people what they want and then give them what they need they what they need to do is they need to double their dating but they really got to get down to the core problem first again make it easy to what they want now what you want now let’s talk a little bit more about Jim so what does June want to see now that we know June where she kind of hangs out we know our age we don’t like sand again we can spend hours going through this but I think you get the idea this is really good the best times deposed Monday Wednesday Friday seven to nine a. m.

think about it June’s 35 she has two kids seven o’clock in the morning what does she want to see probably not supper ideas probably not you need to lose weight you’re not doing this right maybe something funny something interesting we have ways inside of our product for unlimited leads on how to create memes how to generate interest with pictures how to make your own motivational posters those are great between seven and nine a.m. monday wednesday friday nine to 12 pm to 12am great time to post thank june’s laying down she has her ipod or our i. Pad maybe she has her phone maybe laptops laying in bed watch or she just got done watching Jay Leno and she maybe just wants to unwind so what information you want to show her at the end of the day really think about it this is why we spent so much time on our avatar now noon Monday through Friday this is good for content post okay this is really good for content post because in the day when she’s looking around this is where you would give possibly like diet advice or blogging advice this is where you’re going to give your advice i’m going to show you how two ladies post out see but we have something that we had learned before and we use this all the time for our clients called ten for one so if we’re going to post 15 times now you may post 15 times a day if you’re really that aggressive most people aren’t you may post 15 times in a week maybe 15 times in two weeks all’s I want you to do is look at this it’s super important to understand engagement on facebook and how Edge. Rank works so one of our other trainings but especially you can find that inside social media in seven minutes but you gotta understand that facebook when people go to Facebook there to be entertained don’t whether to see what their friends or family are doing and they’re just to be entertained so if you’re gonna post 15 different times 10 of them me to be fun really nothing about your business maybe it goes a little bit of long as your theme maybe you find a cartoon and you can go ahead and type into Google like funny weight loss cartoons funny moving cartoons funny financial cartoons I don’t know if it really is any funny financial cartoons but you kind of get the drift right make it fun and exciting scroll down your newsfeed click on other competitors like for instance we talked about Oprah go to Oprah see what other people are responding about because again profiling is about a high level of probability if there’s lots of people on Oprah and out of all of Oprah’s post you see one that really took off that may apply to your audience so make the post fun 10 posts now the for informative post may be along the lines of maybe of a blog article maybe you just did a video maybe you saw a piece of content that you want people to read that’s part of your industry or niche your products your service like for instance maybe you offer coaching and you find an article on coaching that’s not necessarily the best article to put first thing in the morning for June but that’s great around noon for informative posts as June’s looking to her Facebook kind of in that business mindset unless June’s a stay at home mom and then you just got to kind of figure out again who’s your audience this way spend so much time in avatar now the for informative post now this is information about your business and a soft sell hey if you’d like to find out more information visit my website or check out some of my videos so for instance if we were going to do an informative post I would do something along the lines of literally the following I would do a quick video with these 3 points 1 what am I going to talk about well it’s going to be high this month you know we’ve talked a lot about weight loss but this means we’re talking about losing baby fat and one of the things that our theme is for the week is how to make easy quick meals in the morning to help release some of that fact that it would go into my content and I would wrap up with a soft close call to action if you’d like to find out more of my videos as you can see we have a we have a theme overall and we have constant videos remember you got to be consistent on what you post we have constant videos we’re constantly updating every monday at noon or every tuesday at noon give it time so you can be consistent every tuesday at noon you’re going to find a new video on and on our facebook as well check those out and you can send people over your blog or they just get to know you through video now you’re one post is your money pulses where you’re directly selling you may say visit my web an eye for a visit my webinar for a limited time only to receive or we have a discount on products of or for a limited time only you’re going to want to see you know most people don’t follow a fan page as you may have seen in other trainings just because of over promotion this is the sequence that we use to make sure the work keeping people entertained informed not over promoting but we do have a call to action for closing so remember not buy my stuff if you’re always talking about buy my stuff you’re really going to turn off june because that’s why most people leave fan pages so 10 fun post increase engagement on the fan on the page attract new fans new friends new June’s to your tribe you can do this with your personal profile or a fan page you can even really ramp this up with facebook ads this is really why it’s important that you’re a member of our social media ad genius product content now this is going to increase engagement on the page get engagement with content notice we’re talking about a lot about engagement communication plus the soft sale the soft call to action okay this is something you can duplicate with facebook ads so you can do it organically or just spend just a little bit of money and you’d be really surprised on what kind of people start seeing this i mean i know somebody just the other day that i talked to they spend 101 dollars and got over 4,500 fans to a brand new fan page all in the united states all demographic narrow and laser laser targeted down all based on the avatar once you get the avatar right literally the world is your oyster you can have whatever you want and then your content so it’s an engagement content with the page plus sale sell current fans your current connections and your call to action so we call your money post want to be really sensitive on the money post and again this is something definitely you can turn it with Facebook Ads as well so one of the most important things to remember is this is an eighty five hundred dollar strategy that we’re going over four weeks with a client to get very specific about their marketing and then we’re really going to ramp up their marketing but if you really want to get serious about your business if you really want to get more customers more clients in your business spend a lot of time really paying attention your avatar build up the conversation with your avatar I like to think of our avatar or our avatars we sit down for coffee before I write an email and it’s like I’m looking across the table okay John and Tammy what do they want to see today what are we talking about what what would I talk to him about if they were sitting in front of me get really focused on your marketing plan get really focused on your avatar use all the different methods that Tom and I have taught of inside of getting unlimited leads and you can use this for social media ad genius or social media in seven minutes but once you’re clear on your avatar literally the world is your oyster good luck implement and remember be consistent e. .