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Tony Detroit he’s from the city lives in the city and loves taking pictures of the city and he’s got alone he has more than 380,000 followers on Instagram that want to see photos of the D because that’s pretty much all he posts every day I feel that Detroit has so many unique buildings whether they’re abandoned or being restored I just find I just find joy in capturing Detroit and while most of us have to apply for jobs and go on interviews for Tony his gigs come to him through a direct message his latest offers from 1800 tequila to duty does best and now his photos are on more than a dozen billboards in the Motor City I was just floored by that and I was really humbled and I went out and I did my very best to capture what I considered Detroit and that is gritty edgy smart and tough Tony joined Instagram about five years ago and he’s been taking pictures of Detroit ever since but he said he never thought this would turn into a career I absolutely never imagined the the Instagram success that I would endure it was absolutely a shock to me when these companies reached out to me there is no other city in the world like like like Detroit I mean come on and free tequila doesn’t hurt either I already told them man my family is gonna be very happy for Christmas in downtown Detroit Kristin pierce the now Detroit.