Social Media Jobs

Stephen Rooney, the Director at STEM Graduates talks about whether or not employers check your Social Media profiles and why.

you may be surprised to know but employers really do check out your social media profile it’s very common for an employer to enter your name and possibly your town into Google and then to have a look at what comes up on Facebook or Twitter and see if any of the profiles much closely to your background there then likely to click on your facebook or twitter account have a look at any pictures that you might have posted onto facebook and read some of your previous tweets employers are likely to look at your social media profile because they want to get a feel for your personality and your character that’s particularly important when you’re going to work as part of a team alongside of the colleagues it’s likely that the interview will cover some of your technical competencies and then the employer will also ask about your academic background but just as important for them is how you’re going to fit in how you’re going to work with your colleagues and that’s why there will ask questions about your interests about your hobbies but they’ll also look on social media because they know that the answers that you give them an interview or how you want to project yourself in an interview to an employer they also note that the content that you put out on social media so you want to project yourself to your friends employers are likely to be able to see any aspect of your social media that has not been marked as private if you’re on Facebook or Linked.In you have privacy settings that can be set so that only your friends and people you’ve invited to look at content can access that it could well be the case level that you’ve blocked any potential employer from looking at your pictures on facebook or your tweets you can find out whether you have actually put that privacy setting in by conducting a google search when you’re not logged into social media finding your profile and then having a look at what is available to the wider public it’s quite possible that you will want employers to see some of the content that you produced on social media you may be proud of the tweets that you’ve written on Twitter of some of the messages that you sent on facebook and you may also see that the photographs that show you out with friends depict you in a realistic way and that you’re happy for those to be seen by a future manager remember as well that many of the employers that are going to interview during that the recruitment process are likely to have gone to university they’re likely to Facebook accounts that may well be pinches of those people on different nights out as well that’s socializing with friends and so there won’t be a huge stigma attached to seeing a picture of you out with friends enjoying a night out it can be difference if the pictures go a little bit too far you can make that judgment yourself but if there are pictures that you wouldn’t want a future manager to see then it’s a very good idea to change in privacy settings and make sure that it’s not accessible otherwise you may look at your social media content decide that it would be fine for anyone to see and if that is the case then you may well choose to leave your social media and settings open for everyone to look at social media can be used in a positive way the most obvious example of this is through linkedin linkedin is effectively a professional networking site we’ve got advice elsewhere on the stem graduates site on how you can create a profile on linkedin you can highlight your academic achievements your skills you can even join groups that relate to the career so to have interest and follow influences within those fields on Twitter or Facebook you could also look at some of the employer groups that are set up in your area an example of this could be if you are a computer science graduate and you’re looking at software development you may well find a software developer community on Facebook in your local town you could join that community get some great leads and some good links and also project to any employers just how enthusiastic you are about your chosen career. .