Social Media Jobs

Sharing photos, status updates and information about personal lives seems normal. But could your everyday social media posts be jeopardising your career?

Checking social media accounts is just as important as looking at CV for some recruiters.

finally Ricky Martin we’ve asked a number of people to ask us questions what do they want to hear us talk about as a business what do they want to hear me talking about very interesting topic this time a lot of people started talking about social media and this is a lot of people probably more as a job seeker as a candidate what should we be doing with our social media the blump reality is the majority of people not everyone but the majority of people do have a social media account of some sort it could be a Facebook account could be Twitter Instagram it doesn’t really matter but most people have one so one the Butera that I’d recommend to everyone is is have you really thought about what content you’re sharing on your social media have you really thought about your personal branding don’t get me wrong I know we’ve all heard don’t say stupid things on there but realist if you have you thought about how it can impact you I’ve had personally I’ve had people apply to jobs here at hrs really good looking CV really good background quite exciting actually got pretty excited about them I think what most people would do as an employer the first thing I did is I went for a professional network rather than a social network I went to Linked.In so I put the person’s name into Linked. In and I look them up I couldn’t find anything so immediately I started thinking or does this person really think about that professional brand to be honest with you if you’re looking for a job particularly mind this you’re in a sales based industry service industry you’re working with people you need to have a Linked. In account set up no matter what people say you need your own place Lincoln was impossible what did I do next I went to their Twitter could I find more Twitter no I couldn’t I went to Facebook and I found this particular person on Facebook what I saw actually was quite disappointing I saw the person was a student not a problem with that we were hiring a student at the time this person had what I would say is some pretty pretty x rated wording on their Facebook there’s some pretty unsavory photos on that Facebook and they pretty much managed themself out getting a job business so that’s an extreme example but one thing I want to share with you always think about things the way that I was look at things is if you don’t want your mom or your dad’s or you don’t want you all you’re the owner of your business or you wouldn’t want your grandma seen or whatever whatever context you look at if you’re not prepared for those people to see it why are you prepared for your potential employer to see it so for me when it comes to social media think about things are you saying the right thing are you sharing the right content all your photos PCR are they actually something which is going to raise question marks in your potential employers mindset I mean just look at it now I’ve just picked up my phone it’s taking me what two seconds if it got my phone I put up all these social media accounts click of a button I’m into Linked. In click of a button I’m into Twitter I mean it doesn’t take very long to search these things I would sit there and do an assessment on a candidate less than a minute so let’s be honest have you thought about your personal branding get the social media what should you put on it put things that are professional put things up positive don’t moan about things don’t bitch about things don’t slag people off don’t say any bad thing about anyone else and that’s a good start think about the visual content you’re showing I’m a visual person I care more about pictures and videos than I do probably about wording are you showing the right photos so if you’re applying for a job the first thing that says even before you see these affected even before you’ve applied to that job make sure your social media accounts are of good accountability of you if you want to get the job you’re going to do this right if you don’t have a Linked. In you’re applying for a professional role why the hell not good luck have fun keep sending in your questions and be socially happy. .