Facebook Jobs

In this video you’ll notice two bottles of wine on Mark Zuckerberg’s desk.

thats how we really love it and about a couple months are actually going to be moving up putting us all into one new building which will be exciting to be all in one space but kind of sad to be leaving leaving these ones behind this is kind of standard facebook working space no cubes anywhere actually I’ll just open desk somebody working in one big space about two conference rooms around if you to jump in no private conversation there’s a graffiti artist out of San Jose his name is David Choe we’ve had them into actually a couple different buildings to add some some cool graffiti on floors and the stairwell is kind of all over the place we’re actually the blue lines that you see we’re taking some of our favorite pieces with us too so the Lord legend has it that this seat was Mark Zuckerberg back in the early days Facebook and he’s around.