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alright hey guys this is one two caught what caught well here and I know you’re here because you’re either already doing email processing jobs or you’re looking for email processing jobs and how to market them on Facebook and so a lot of people actually don’t take this seriously but little do they know that many people make a lot of money doing this email problem doing the email processing jobs now I think the bad part about it is that people have a different they have a misconception of what the email processing jobs are so let’s get that out the way basically all it is is that you are marketing marketing the the ability to process emails and in that in processing emails all you’re doing is people are going to request they’re going to pay you $25 to give you the information to give them the information of how to process the emails and really all you are doing is you’re giving them the information that they’ve purchased so that is the that is the job you people are requesting that you give them information on how to do that job so you just literally send them an email once they have sent your $25 payment and you send them the email on how they can do it as well so also with email processing you get like your own website you let me see if I have one of those websites so they see what is mine there it is okay so this is my email processing website and honestly guys this isn’t something that you want to just build an entire career off of Christmas was a christmas is coming this is something that I would honestly suggest that you not spend a whole lot of time doing it I would say maybe an hour to two hours a day basically you can put you can you know do free ads or paid ads and Craigslist or back backpage.com but also you can do a whole lot of stuff of social me and you can really generate you know a couple hundred dollars a day just with a couple you know hours of work but you have to be consistent with it so I want to share with you how you can do these email processing jobs on Facebook very very simple now the first thing you want to do is make sure that your Facebook page is very attractive and I’m going to have some other you right now you’re on my blog and underneath this video you’re going to see other Facebook marketing trainings but this one is specifically for email processors and so you’ll learn in the other videos of how to make your Facebook page very attractive so let’s just point out some things real quickly you want to have a really nice timeline header okay no one have anything sexually explicit you don’t want to have anything that is offensive you want to have quotes and stuff on your page you want to have positive things on your page you want to just be a positive person you want to put make funny videos and things like that you want to show people that you’re just a real person okay so make sure that your Facebook page is set up in a way that people will enjoy coming to your page you want to put up some things showing this you’re an entrepreneur like here I say you know this is me because I work from home on full time so this is me getting paid and going through my phone looking at my looking at the money that I’ve made online so I think you know stuff like that is really cool family picks things like that people just like to know they’re they’re dealing with or they’re purchasing from someone who is real I’m you also you know what will help is if you also create a fanpage and attach that you don’t have to do that but it just helps people see that you’re real person okay very simple how to do this you want to make sure you are a part of a lot of groups now I think you can go up to 300 groups but now I’m thinking that that’s not the case because I’m pretty sure that I have more than 300 root so let’s go to some of my groups you want to join the groups that are about working from home especially work from home mom’s you want to definitely get into a lot of those groups because a lot of moms are looking for something very simple this is like the easiest thing you can do online I mean easy like there was no need to study a whole bunch of crap to do this there’s it’s it’s really one of the easiest things you can do online and so you want to join a whole bunch of the groups and as you can see I have tons of groups here okay and what you want to do is to find these groups you can type in something like work from home and you want to put that in the search bar and then you want to come down to where it says find our group names work from home okay you want to click that and then it’s going to come up with a lot of different groups okay unless you can see I’m a part of a lot of them and all you want to do and it’s you if you look you’ll see that there’s like 20,000 people in some of these groups I mean I’ve seen some of them with 5060 thousand people I’m just gonna go join some of these group now you have to be very careful because these groups I mean if you start joining them very very quickly Facebook will shut you down so you I will wait like 10 seconds between every time I join a group and I only joined three every 15 minutes to a half hour so you definitely want to do it very slow if you just go down and join join join join join join join they will immediately just cut you just like that as you can see they went ahead and approve me to be in that group okay so this is how you find a group you can type in something like home based business actually I did do that right home based business and you will come down to find all groups named home based business okay and then you can go in and you can join these groups about home based business okay very very simple and then all you do is and if you want to if you want to join the email processing program that I’m a part of the link will be below this video if you’re watching this on if you’re not watching this on in your own my blogs because you’ve already purchased the program from me and you’re now you’re trying to learn how to do this you know you’re fine you already have the program but if you don’t have the program you want to do this then there’s a link below the video and get started today so you join the groups and then you just go into the groups now this is the manual way let’s go let’s find a group right now work from home mom’s here this is one of my favorite groups here okay so you’ll go in and the ads that have been provided to you in the the system you get what’s gonna happen is I’m going to send you a link and it has training and it has information on how to set everything up and there’s also ads that you would just copy and paste into the groups and that’s it so your copy and paste the apps that they have and you’ll see you’ll get engagement like this person put up an ad and there are people who are responding and you see look this person has an ad curious infoplease info please you know this is it’s so easy and then what you do is you send them your information okay I’m very very very very simple just do this every day and you’ll earn little twenty five dollar Commission’s that go straight to your Pay. Pal account and all you have to do is make sure that you are making sure that you’re checking your email so you know that someone’s waiting so you know to send someone information because there that’s the processing of the email okay so that’s the manual way I would say you know do as many as you can do a minimum of twenty to fifty a day because you’re literally just copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste I also get one of your kids to do it I mean pay them $10 to sit here for an hour and say you know have at it you know go to my groups go in and just copy paste copy paste you know don’t don’t type anything else but just copy and paste the ass that they give you I mean they do convert and once you’ve done it for a while you’ll be able to just create your own ads but the the way to do this really is you have to put in a lot of groups now the easiest way to do this to make it a lot more simple now this is my blog some of you are on my blog right now looking at this video I have something called must have tools now there’s a tool that’s going to make this so much easier if you don’t want to sit here and copy/paste in a whole bunch of groups you can buy a tool and it’s go to my blog it’s here the mighty mini Facebook poster and I’ll have that link under the video too so you can go ahead and buy that but this it makes it so much easier because what it does is like for instance you could put your ad here copy paste it in there and you gather up all of the groups that you want to post in and like for instance look if you look right here you can click the the groups that you want to post in okay okay and so they do have a way for you can watch to see exactly how it works but what I love about this is that it times it really times the it it posts to the groups in a timely fashion so that Facebook does not put you in Facebook yeah you don’t want that and what it does is it will spin if you want it to it will spin the post to where they’ll be different you can have like an image with the post honestly you know what this Facebook poster doesn’t do that I apologize I have two different ones I’ll show you that one too this one but this one is I think about $54 definitely worth it if you’re planning on doing this every single day because let’s say you’re not working from home and you have literally an hour a day to do this you can have this you know put your ad in and run it while you’re at work so very simple come home or you know maybe while you’re at work you can sit in the email but it’s literally when you send the email it’s literally just a link that you’re sending them that’s it it’s not something that you have to type out to anything you’re just sending them a link that shows them exactly how to do the same thing so it but listen you don’t even have to do this like you could do it the manual way also on my blog I here’s another one that I use now this one is a little bit more expensive this one is a hundred dollars it’s build my income daily hope they have now they have different posters they have I’ll go to products they have Facebook they have my back pages and the reason why I like this one better because they can spin the posts where you can put in a different inner images and it will spin them the image and will so you can put different messages in it so it’s even safer to use now this one is about a hundred dollars so I def and this is another great thing about this one is that it will join the groups for you so you can type in like right here you’ll see here you can type in like home based business and it will pull up there could be like 500 groups that say home based business and then what you would do is you would just hit the join button right here you’ll see that I should have pulled it up but you’ll see you join button you hit join and just let it run and it will join all of those groups and I won’t do it really fast because Facebook will well you will get in trouble but if you are really busy and you can’t afford that you can afford to pay $100 definitely get that because you literally can every day you know 15 minutes 15 minutes a day running this and earn a thousand bucks a day very very simple when you use these kind of tools but in the meantime it let’s say you’re somebody is just struggling right now an extra hundred bucks a day extra 250 a day would definitely help you you want to go ahead and do it manually if you just don’t have the money to get these the software and then once you do get the software go ahead and upgrade yourself and get one of these auto posters to help you do that okay so listen this is the Facebook training for how to post in facebook groups I honestly don’t recommend posting this stuff on your on your personal page you know because it’s one of those things where it’s just you know a way to make some extra income you know just it’s not a lifetime game changer this is you know you want to make a couple extra thousand dollars you know to do some Christmas shopping or you know pay off some bills and stuff this is kind of what that’s for if you want to go all out and do it full time absolutely I’m not discouraging you but I’m just saying it’s just a really nice side gig so if you’re interested in email processing jobs go ahead and click the link below and if you’re also interested in getting those Facebook auto posters that I’ve mentioned I have some links below there as well and as you’ll see in this training there are other different trainings that you can take on different ways to market your email processing business and you can continue going through the list okay. .