Social Media Jobs

But its important to know the guidelines first.

As employees, we have a lot to be proud of,and we hope you’ll want to share your experiences about working here.The good news is, we want you to do just that. Social media doesn’t have to be just photos

of people’s babies,vague Facebook status updates and close ups of burgers. If you want to share cool exciting things

about your job on social media, we’re in. There’s a ton of fun possibilities,but before we get into those, we have to go over a few house rules. Most of it’s just common sense, really,and you can find it all in the Guidelines for personal use of social media on the Zone. Basically, if you choose to say you work here

on your social profiles, keep it classy.

Don’ t do anything you wouldn’t do at the office,like scream at someone or violate copyrights.Obvious, right?Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is the same online as it is at work. The same goes for privacy and confidentiality. It’s fine to discuss public matters,but social media isn’t the place to vent about clients, projects, or coworkers,like your beef with Laura. What’s on the internet is forever, so stay away from sharing too many personal details,like your phone numberor that toenail fungus you’ve been battling. Be careful that your opinions and the opinions of the Company don’t get mixed up. Make sure you say that your opinions are your

own in your profile’s bio.

We don’t want people thinking that we hate

bathroom selfies!And don’t respond to customer questions

in social media.we’ve got people who take care of that. And of course, only post

stuff you’re comfortable with your coworkers or leader seeing. Because they might! Anything you publish can

be reviewed. If you take pictures at work that you want

to post on social media, make sure there’snothing confidential in the background, like

the report you’re working on. And be considerate. Check that co workers are okay with being

in any photos you’re taking or posting.

Read the full Guidelines for Personal Use

of Social Media to be sure you’ve got everything straight.If you’re not sure what to do,

or if you have questions about something specific,check with your leader. So, now that we’re past the boring stuff,

what kinds of fun stuff can you do on social media?Pretty much everything else!Snap photos with your favourite people at work,share fun moments from company events,discuss industry news, and more. The sky’s the limit. Well that, and 140 characters, if you’re using Twitter. And remember, you’re always encouraged to share or retweet our company social posts on your feed, too. Happy posting!.