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Shama Hyder, CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, was featured on a CBS piece about employers using social media to potential hires. with +:.

Schama hider runs an online PR firm that uses social media extensively but she also finds social media helpful when sizing up a potential employee what do their Google results look like do they have a professional digital footprint their Linked.In profile if they have an open Facebook page or a Twitter account we definitely look at those two a new survey from careerbuilder. com finds 43% of employers use Google and social networking sites to research potential hires and a growing number are turning down candidates if they don’t like what they see some of the most common reasons the candidate posted inappropriate or provocative photos they badmouth their previous company or lied about their qualifications some of the strangest things employers found online one candidate posted a warrant for his arrest another bragged about driving drunk and not getting caught while bad online results can hurt a job hunters chances people with a good online profile can give themselves a leg up Erica nits is looking for work in entertainment marketing and makes sure her social media results remain professional social media is a public space so if you have a bad day you tell your friend on the phone you don’t put it on Facebook because it’s going to reflect badly on you employers surveyed say they are more likely to hire a candidate when they like what they see online Jericka Duncan CBS News New York. .