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We start in Cote d’Ivoire — and the final day of the EU-Africa summit. The biggest item on the agenda is migration. The EU has pledged to invest billions in Africa until 2020. This will go towards creating jobs to reduce the influx of migrants to Europe. However, the recent report of migrants being sold as slaves in Libya has overshadowed most of the talks at the summit. Thuli Tshabalala has to us on YouTube: us.

leaders gathered in Abidjan have a common objective to find practical solutions to the mass influx of African migrants in Europe we must be ambitious as the youth demands it of us in Europe as well as in Africa to be able to move forward towards the future with hope and in peace that’s why we must make strong decisions and commitments not only for change but also for success and innovation some delegates have called for urgent measures to end the migrant slave trade in Libya we are Tricia’s recent images of migrants sold in Libya reminds us of the urgency to act migration presents challenges but also opportunities when it comes to development promotion of decent work and strengthened collaboration all countries have a right and obligation to control their borders in a responsible and sovereign way but they must do it fully respecting international law for Refugees and human rights of refugees and migrants in Africa ded Regina these human traffickers are linked to the networks of arms traffickers drug traffickers and terrorist movements in the region from the Sahel Saharan strip to the Gulf of Guinea to Libya cooperation between all governments represented here is vital we need a joint task force made up of police and intelligence services if we are to dismantle this network leaders have also been looking for ways to boost Africa’s economic growth and stability as we did in Europe with the launch of the strategic investment fund we have developed an external investment plan for Africa that could mobilize fifty two point two billion dollars of investment by 2020 the funds will go towards projects that will create jobs for young Africans to discourage them from making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in search of a better life to leisure Olalla cgta.