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Tammy Kabell & Will Gladhart discuss exactly how you can utilize Twitter to uncover job positions. Visit for more executive job tips and branding strategies. To listen to part 1 of how to utilize and uncover immediate opportunities on for your Career visit: Gladhart, owner of Will Gladhart Consulting, a successful social media marketing company, has developed for us an extremely comprehensive, but very easy to understand, step-by-step guide setting up a Twitter account and using it specifically for job (…and you never have to tweet)! You can access this document by visiting.

Google Reader you’re inserting the link to their blog which is basically his RSS feed for lag I mean that’s the only way I can explain it and when that person does regular updates or updates his blog every Monday you receive the newest information so you’re not having to go to visit the blog every single time you know and looking for an update every Monday you’re automatically being said that information and literally if you go to google and type in google reader it will tell you how to actually set that set that up ok ok and then RSS if you’re on a blog or any website that has is it a little icon that’s like a little swirly guy with in a orange box is that right or yellow yes if it’s the it’s the typically orange box that looks like it’s a little megaphone that somebody’s shouting out both RSS then you click on that and it adds it to your google reader it actually will give you a link in your browser and then you have to manually add that to your reader ok ok yeah so yeah now i’m glad you clarify that because it can be a little confusing but most blogs you know for example you can just mine for example will glad press com you can take that and simply put it into the reader and it’s already RSS set so you don’t have to do anything else you don’t have to go that extra step to you know get that RSS feed link so you literally just have to put the blog address in yeah ok ok so yeah it’s yeah it’s really simplistic it’s a very handy tool but it allows you to you know I read over you I read and follow over 120 Plus blogs so you I couldn’t go to every single one of them on a daily basis to find if they were updated so all that information comes to me you know and it’s you know and like you said as a job seeker it’s a great way to find information and have that funnel to you on a regular basis so you were not having to spend your time looking of those blogs / no again yeah yeah that’s that’s really really good information thank you and you had mentioned jobseekers view is really great to look at after monday morning to to get research that he’s done for you that that gentleman’s done for you for for the last week as far as job fairs job club activities things like that it’s actually the upcoming week hello everything if everything that’s going to happen for example the week of october third he puts it out in calendar format and it literally tells you monday through friday what’s happening in the community oh that is so cool yeah very very good okay and then before we get to any questions that anybody might have i wanted to talk a little bit about visual cv because visual CB is something that i recommend my clients do actually I helped them put it together it’s really important to do this I think and it’s actually very easy visual CV and that’s the word visual followed by C like Charlie and V like Victor dot com is a site where you can put up an online resume you can build it as you like and it’s free it’s completely free and it’s very very slick because you can add any kind of visual representation of what you’ve done in your career if you go there you might you’ll see a lot of examples very easy to set up but you can put in a summary you can put in your experience the cool thing about it is they have the ability or you have the ability to enter any kind a well if you’re a marketer you’ve got all kinds of things that you can put up maybe any marketing campaigns that you’ve done or any hard copies of brochures that you’ve put together but you don’t have to be a marketer or an advertiser to have that kind of stuff what you can have if you are in operations you can put together a graph of the difference that you’ve made in and cost cutting or reduction in cycle time or the manpower decrease because you improved process or if you’re in sales you can look in a graphical format of you just put together a graph of how you’ve increased sales year over year and put that graph over on the right hand column as well you can take any kind of testimonial that someone’s given you and you can put that on the right hand column and you know with Linked.In it has to come from the person but with this with visual CV you can actually take something that somebody has put in a performance appraisal or somebody has given you in a recommendation letter and you can put snippets of that over on the right hand column it makes it very visually appealing basically I mean it really looks better than what you can just put in a one or two page resume so i really like visual cv so if you’re going to increase your online presence go out there and put together even if it’s a rudimentary one get a relatively you can go to to target or sears and get a decent you know put on a student’s high or address and get a nice professional picture put it up there and really doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you got a big smile that really is most important but but get yourself out there you can even post audios or videos really really cool things but before we take any questions I do want to comment on linkedin we’re going to be talking in two weeks about Linked. In my suggestions on how to fill out a linkedin profile that is going to get you noticed by employers and the differences between what it would look like if you’re unemployed and doing in a full on search or if you’re employed and doing somewhat of a confidential search how we do things differently there but really how to use Linked. In most effectively I like Linked.

In in addition to to being a very extended business card I like it to do searches on people and no I’m going to share with you some of the things that you can do in an advanced search to find people within companies so with that I think that the content for today is done wanted to know if there are any questions if you’re listening online you can type in a question let’s see type in any question on the lower left hand corner if you’re listening online which most of you are or we have several people on the phone so if you have a question you can press star two if you’re on the phone and I’d be happy to answer that question for you or will either one of us so are there any questions out there ah alright I’m not seeing anything let me say I don’t see anything online right now currently Tammy okay well then we can end a few minutes early I and will I want to appreciate I do appreciate I want to thank you for being on the line today it’s been tremendous information very very good information and i will be sending out a link so that everybody can listen to the replay later or if you were taking notes and you want to take some additional notes from it you can always listen to it a second time so thank thank you everybody for listening online and all of you on the phone and we will see you in a couple of weeks well well think dad no I don’t believe so Tamia you know one thing I did want to note real quick is you mentioned visual CV and you know at Tammy’s request I put up a visual CD that if you give jobseekers an idea of how you can structure your you know online resume its visual cv com forward slash will glad heart and so you can either google me and find it that way or you can go to that direct link so that might give you some good tips on you know like you know and expand on some of the information Tammy shared but thanks again for letting me participate always love topic talking about this topic and hope some of the insights we shared you know you can take away today and use today in your job search yeah and I do see one question from Jennifer about your name so I just wanted to clarify its will and glad heart is your last name and har t is how you spell that last part yes will la tha RT got it yeah yeah okay well thank you very much will and i do have everything posted in addition to the slide share information will has given us a lot of resources that I’ve put on my website and it’s specifically for this teleclass webinar and you can find it at career resume consulting com forward slash teleclass which is TE le clas s dash goodies dot PHP and you’ll be able to access those all right thank you will Thank You Tammy you’re welcome we’ll talk to everybody in a couple of weeks okay bye..