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hi my name is best for doc and I’m the co author of this book how to really use Linked.In and today I’m having an interview with Leonard slow from Deloitte hi later however nice to meet you nice to meet you too so Leonard what is it that you do at sandy point i’m doing the online marketing for vacancies and events for Deloitte in the meadowlands oh and I’m also doing the online marketing for our business professionals so I’m helping them get in contact with new potential clients okay excellent and so online marketing that also means social media yeah that’s correct social media is one of the tools that we are using so why is d lloyd so active on on waiting linkedin has been very helpful for us because we saw that yeah for the recruitment part people were getting the linkedin community in the netherlands is getting bigger and bigger right so there’s also people we’re always searching for a new job okay we started without doing any investments at all linkedin basically just making sure that all our recruiters were visible there our hiring managers had good profiles and then we started investing in getting job spots okay and not only the job slots because linkedin is some sort of a two faced I’m sorry first of all it’s it’s a job board so you make sure that we are using the job slots it’s all the time but I’m also spreading relevant information so through the social networks on orla title networks of your colleagues on penalty yeah we we spread logs we spread relevant news on the particular topics that the hiring managers are dealing with in their daily jobs because relevant information will also lead to people get who are interested in that for information if they see that people from the right are constantly offering that they think oh that might be a thought leader I wonder if they have any vacancies there let’s have a look so how do you support hiring managers well basically we train recruiters ok now the recruiters they are trying to train the HR community and the hiring managers also we make sure that we show them the positive benefits and in the positive impact that hiring managers can have if they help social sharing that particular vacancy because we are able to measure everything that’s going on on our website we also definitely can tell you that social sharing will help a divisibility Shepherd also will reduce the time to hire and so the hiring managers get new team members earlier and may be expected yeah yeah that’s what we like thick yam very good um maybe to wrap up this interview what are your top three tips for your international colleagues and to use Linked. In or to start using first of all just do it you have to be visible there with a good profile right define why you are present on linkedin and showed it clearly in your summary text and start interacting not just broadcasting that start interacting ask how you can help people people will come to you for questions try to respond to that and try to try all the people who come to your profile turn them into your your relationship management systems okay thank you so much for everything to your welcome and all the best and all the luck with linkedin and your business see for more information on the website if you want more of these kinds of five interviews geez you hmm. .