Facebook Jobs

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had the question about Facebook audience targeting so I’m just going to walk you through the way you could do that I’m going to create a test ad here so I’m just an ads manager and I’m just gonna create a test one okay so I’ve got regular traffic campaign and I’m gonna go to audience down here and a really simple way to do it is under detailed targeting and you can go to browse and this allows you to browse by all the different things that Facebook tracks so way you could browse so demographics let’s say you can do education level like if you only want college or above college I think the question was specifically by work so you could do people who work at specific employers so specific companies or by job title let’s see if we can just do like yeah marketing okay so sales marketing or marketing manager and that will do everybody who has that as their title in their job description that they have told Facebook they are they are employed with that title so you can see it’s about eight hundred and twenty thousand people in that audience so that’s with no no other defined so it’s just everybody on Facebook so that’s how you do it pretty simple.