Facebook Jobs

Summer employment applications with Toronto Police Service for the 2010 Youth In Policing Initiative are now available: All the info you need is posted at this on the Toronto Police

If you have questions call the Yipi Coordinator Danielle Dowdy 416-808-7618 or connect with her on here: .

rockliffe middle school here we go giggles it’s not a real name but I’m Constable Scott Mills were down here for a graffiti BMX community building day with crime stoppers and we’ve just hooked up the yippee coordinator on facebook with the 2010 uthan policing initiative applications where kids can get summer jobs with Tom please and I just want to know how how we all hooked up giggles huh are you interested in this job yeah now how come you’re interested in it because you’re talking about it and when I grow up I want to do some small dessert and I think by his a good opportunity for me so work with other people well and developing skills that I didn’t know I have and when you’re talking about India assembly it was a good opportunity for me and my moms like I should get something actually involved with another activity and stuff and I can really use the money and Bob how did you first find out about me and Toronto Police and yippee and all this type of stuff you’re saying a story earlier yeah actually saw you at rookie while we’re running well during the summer at camp and you were just taking pictures and stuff and talking to the kids yeah and I remember you because you came like every year well and so maybe we can get you a job yeah so good things are going to happen with all this when you make me happy thanks a lot giggles and we’re friends here on facebook how long we’ve been friends on Facebook a long time and it’s the katek the community you can build by having friends on Facebook and now it’s going into a potential job opportunity here with Toronto Police Service for the 2010 youth in policing initiative good luck with your application giggles.