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facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg taking center stage at the code conference with ree codes kara swisher Sandberg commenting on Facebook board member Peter Peter Thiel’s battle with Gawker and funding Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against the media company I mean I know this has been actively discussed here and it should be actively discussed because issues of independent sending media arcade of democracy and key to all of us it’s what you’re about what the conference is about Peter did what he did on his own not as a facebook board member we didn’t know about it and and you should talk to him Sandberg says the teal will remain on the board swisher also press Sandberg about her future with Facebook different ways that you could be the CEO of disney did you want to be the CEO good I love my job but you don’t want another job I don’t I wouldn’t want to that office do I don’t want another job and you don’t want to run you’re not don’t want to run for office I don’t want another job I love Facebook and my team hard to find it we will have more highlights from the code conference throughout the morning k CNBC fans thanks for checking out our channel here you’re going to find videos packed with all of the information that you need to be smarter about your finances you can subscribe by clicking right here and click on all the videos around me or the eye right here to watch the latest from CNBC thanks for watching.