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Create a job post training.

hi this is misty from talent acquisition today we want to share with you a new feature now being offered by Facebook it’s creating jobs on Facebook not just posting your positions through the Facebook post that you do now but an actual great job function they started rolling out this feature late last week so if you don’t see it yet on your Facebook branch page just be patient but stay on the lookout for when that feature is added to your profile found my desktop you can see a branch Facebook page there’s several different ways that you can go about creating a job through your Facebook branch page the first feature is if you have on the side a tapped option in one of them as jobs you can just click on jobs and will take you right there to create job the next one back on your branch page you’ll see several different apps when you first get into your branch page and if you just click see all you’ll see one that says create a job post you can click that and will take you right into the job template the other ways that you can get in there is by going up to the top and enter the publishing tools you can see it says published post you would click create when you go to create your post it gives you the options for products offer jobs and more we just click that selection and you can see here it gives you a lots of options but for today we’re going to create a job post to hire someone so this is what the job template looks like when you get your it’s real simple you just fill in your information Facebook does default and give you an intro already we’re hiring apply now you can certainly change that to something you feel like may be more appealing to your candidates or your audience the next section is for a photo candidates are very visual people in general are very visual so we do recommend that you add a photo that you can capture your audience’s attention to a job that is similar to what you might be posting so for this one I’m going to be posting janitor position so therefore I went out to Google Images and found an image of a janitor I will tell you that finding a photo can be a little take a little bit of extra time to do because Facebook is kind of particular on the image that you can post as far as the pixels go but once you find one that is something that you’re going to post all the time Wednesday that to your drive that way you’ll have it and you know it works if you choose not to upload a photo it’ll just simply use your facebook cover photo that you have right now in your branch page the next is to add the job title I’m going to type in custodian and you can see that Facebook automatically gives me several different options I want to use a janitor custodian because whether my candidates are looking for a janitor position or a custodian position it will appeal to both of those keywords as far as the location it’s going to put in your branch pages location you can leave that information in there unless you would like to put in your clients specific address go ahead and put in the pay rate for the position to 1079 its per hour so I’ll leave that the same that my position is full time but it does give you several different options and then you’re going to put in your job description for the sake of time I’ve went ahead and typed mine up so I’m just going to copy and paste it in here for you alright so it’s already in there positions or second shifts and located in Columbus these positions say 1079 per hour and have temporary to hire potential job consists of keeping building classroom and facilities clean this job is dependable steady work in a great environment so that’s the motivators in there and while factors to get the attention of the candidate and get them to apply one of the other great features that I like when posting jobs to Facebook is it tells you what it would look like from the candidates perspective either on their desktop over here or even through the mobile feed so on their phone you can see what your positions look like to make sure that whatever it is that you’re using is mobile friendly and will show up very easily on their phone when you’re done at the bottom right hand corner there’s a publish job post button and that’s all you have to do Facebook gives you a little notification letting you know that they’re reviewing and once it’s done it will show up just close out of that and then you can go back into your page and you can go ahead and see that post it is on your Facebook branch page so you should see it there just as I had posted it all right also the job will be located under the jobs tab there on the left hand side so if you were to go to that jobs tab on your page and if a candidate were to go to your branch page they would click that jobs tab and they would see your jobs not just the job that you just now post up at all the positions that you have okay so now what does it look like from the candidates point of view I’m going to go to my Facebook page and if I just go to my home page if I were a candidate and I was looking for a job or looking through my facebook profiles on the left hand side similar where you might see your own profile where you have groups and pages that you save you’ll see several different options well there’s now a new feature on there called jobs so as a job seeker I would want to look for jobs that are in my market or in my area I’m going to change this to 20 miles to get it a little closer I can narrow that down if I wanted to look for specific jobs or job titles or types of positions you could certainly change your search as the candidates will be able to do that so once I narrow down to jobs that are located in Columbus Indiana within 20 miles it does show me all of the positions and you can see here my position is not on here yet that I just posted as it’s not been Facebook approved however other jobs that were posted by the manpower Columbus branch are visible to anyone who’s looking for jobs in Columbus so what a really great feature for those job seekers to quickly be able to find jobs while doing all their other social media surfing that they like to do right now okay so now that I have a job pulled up and if I’m a candidate it’s real simple for me to apply some of the way and apply to this position here so all they have to do for a candidate is they would just click apply now and it takes me into the job that I can see a little further it seems a little bit more about the job and click apply now so when a candidate or whenever someone sets up their Facebook profile you set up some information about yourself well that information automatically will copy over when you apply for jobs or the candidate applies for jobs so if they have information about themselves their work experience places they’ve worked or education things of that nature that I wouldn’t carry over for them so it’s really quick and easy for those candidates to apply for your jobs you can also put in a little intro about yourself I’m going to put testing just so the branch knows I’m testing but if I was a candidate or a job seeker I could certainly put in some information about myself to get manpower to want to look at my information and they can always add more information if they would like or take information out it makes it quick and easy but it’s so quick so they just click send and once you click send I have the chat turned off just simply for sake of air but if I go back into the branch page and then go into messages I will see that there is an application from misty derringer in here to the manpower branch letting them interest in the warehouse worker job it’s got my contact information in here so the manpower recruiter can contact me have my work experience in there simple and easy if I turn the chat back on they will get an auto reply so this branch does have an auto reply set up because I had to chat off for the sake of the training it did not do the auto reply but for your candidates they will get an auto reply and you can also edit that auto reply to something that you would like sometimes they get questions about how do you change these tabs over here so when you’re ever a candidate were to get into your branch page where would they find those tabs those are right under your settings so you would just go up here into your branch settings under edit page you can scroll down to the bottom and edit your tabs and there’s lots of different tabs that you can add or take away that would be good for your pet for your page of followers to see so when you’re creating that post I do want to let you know that just like your other posts only the followers of your page do see that post so they will see that within their known newsfeed whenever they’re looking at their Facebook however if you are interested in boosting and advertising you can boost this just like you would boost your other posts that you’ve done before you can boost your jobs just like you like I said you would have done for your other advertising and advertise that posting to candidates who do not currently follow your page but could be in within your targeted audience so it’s real simple and easy to use it’s a great tool a majority of our candidates are on Facebook so let’s really maximize the full benefits of this new feature and get your jobs posted today if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to talent acquisition or your TA lead.