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mission to make the world more open and connected is only 1% done. Were looking for talented people who are hungry to build new things and bold enough to tackle complex issues that make the world better for everyone. Dublin opened in 2009 as international headquarters and has transformed from a small landing team of 30, growing to over a 1,000 people. Located in the heart of the Irish tech scene, our team is a truly diverse community whose work impacts our developers, employees and communities throughout EMEA and beyond. Meet a few of our Dublin team members and learn about what its like to work at Dublin. Were hiring! Apply today at.

Facebook Ireland is our largest operation by far outside our Silicon Valley headquarters with over a thousand people here and over 50 functions so there’s a huge diversity of careers that can happen here in our international headquarters you get to work with the smartest people you’ve ever worked with everybody’s input is valued and you feel like your voice can be heard what I absolutely love is the startup and the entrepreneurial feel and there’s always new ideas everyone’s willing to think big and we’re always looking for the next big thing there isn’t the whole point of a rocker see there isn’t a lot of unnecessary process the scale which we operate which is kind of in a lot of senses has never been done before I’ve worked in tech companies before and for me I’ve never been anywhere that moves as fast as Facebook we have over 50 different nationalities representatives and that in itself Oxley breeds a very very strong culture I’m walking next to the Italian Spanish the Nordic steamers Germans I’ve got a big city big metropolitan feel to it but also very kind of a local warm and friendly feeling yeah so I have a six and a three year old I love the education that they get to grade school public school and the act of school activities are just immense so my wife made a lot of friends through my son’s school with other parents she’s having great time meeting with different people from different parts of the world I say and enjoying herself the future is faithful Facebook as a company really excites me as well like the way we are changing the world to a better place it’s no longer just Facebook the blue app but it’s Instagram and oculus and our efforts to bring internet access across the world to developing nations we’re also building for five 10 15 years down the line which is a really interesting challenge as well anyone coming here can and get experience not just in the function they first join but have huge career development opportunities in our other teams here the big thing at Facebook is like if you want to do go do just learning and growing as we go that’s usually exciting you know our best days are ahead of us.