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Hey all today i will be opening up pokemon cards i got in the post and will be giving away codes to 6 lucky people .
To win a code all you have to do is watch the video hit the like button and then as soon as you see a code card as described in the video,
put a timestamp you will only win the code/s if you are the first to timestamp that code card,
you can only time stamp ONE code card so i advise that you watch the whole video before timestamping a code.
If anyone tries to time stamp 2 or more they will be disqualified from winning any codes for this video an my next video.
Lets get atleast 50 likes and 50 views on the video, if we hit the 50 like and view target i will tripple the amount of codes i give away in the next video to the below to get Fates collide stuff

Elite trainer box: Box: Decks: out my NEW tumblr for daily Youtube updates out the final part to my BreakThrough booster box opening.

able disease and was going to end then as you see mrs.video to you of the facebook job lock / Concord opening this time I have added seven extra creams to be one so instead of 11 like the last video they’ve all been 18 Antonia split up into different variations the combs remember the rules for the first one you have to like subscribe and then you have been tagged the time that the code of healing and only you can only take one food so if someone else is tagged that code you want int that code is already used up so you have to find another code in sector and if you tag not one on one code before I give you in well if you take one on one code you’ll be disqualified so don’t tag any other code and the one that your way back unless it’s already been used so if the codes being used I will say it’s been use an odd st. tag another one thing you can do that but if it’s not been using you try and get to coast to lots of cones down in natural than the new you for to really fill this double disqualify you from this video of winning codes and my next one and my last one will probably be my last different but if I get enough use and under flights and I will consider carrying it all right so we have 12 packs as usual and one exi will show you at the end of the video is there a sweetie x as you know where fun goes poor from people they know what’s in there but you don’t so you’re less likely to get any decent exas but from what I’ve got from this job lot has been amazing so far i only paid 50 point front of God gem mint in PSA Japanese allagas Japanese sizzle ax mega scizor PX and I believe that’s worth I need to throw either 40 pounds itself so that almost paid for almost all of the cards I say let’s do these remember to tag the comb I will not remind you in the videos so if you forget and someone comes that code before you do even if you watch the video before and you meant me about the person the utrom it but you’re just a rat thing and I’ll take sorry the rules are clear the first person will tag the cone gets the cones please use our first card of this video will be nice inlet we have a yep Pam change in Japanese we’re a go gift they go bat then your wealth scatterbug in my drop the monkey Fong jungle rats a kinked let me have a blacksmith and the last card is a water Nikki so no code in that one we’ve still got eleven more perhaps to go so keep watching also don’t forget me to like and subscribe to be wary chance of winning the code again we got spritz slowpoke manky slowpoke again there is for a different set the fire almost one week through and this one is from gold and silver i think is he there by the icon it’s nice to see the different our work they do between me and sets look at that one this is a link point at work and that near the gold and silver be honest I like that one because you can tell that’s hand one anyways snowpark van own apt and we have a reverse holo star me a star useful than any fennekin and then we have a code card what would it be how many cards will beam will it be one will it be four would it be 5 or will it be too so is code card use for four cones so you ever get that can write unique minutes we have a piplup eat grass anything psychic energy so one coin card down several more to go I’m not saying exactly how many cone can’t you are I know how many are because I’ve got them there obviously begin this it’s one card I needed for my M collection of the faith can either got almost all the other basics apart on this one instead of that we helped meal so you do shuckle haber me coughing hey meow I’m this one where he’s like angry a larvitar any river hollow Crocker one sandile soy the knife the copper mug then we got nice noble and never burn me in fair we drop anything and a strong energy so I’ve got the shiny one BFF Holly one of this but I haven’t had this one before so one of these come in handy for my path from my collection it goes in X only got drowsy course enough clamp am neither man male or female none o lantern hypno mech chop the Japanese hello I believe if I’m wrong let me know and then a fighting anything and a fine any next pack your pretty hair so maybe I’ll have a coke may be point I this looks like it’s am bundu all faiths clients so if I’m asked me out hey energy punch scorched earth voila be a cincy no se now wet a min zenith and we have a code card so what would it be if you remember that one before was a forum code one but this one will be a 1 code so don’t forget what I said before next we have a bond or a reverse holo faking an asst gun is done tank so to code calms down a few more to go and don’t forget at the end of the video i’ll be showing you d yep Carver got you won’t be disappointed so got another leaf papri to heal your phone Pidgey Pidgeotto in a bit pinky and piggy you too only now I pidgeot they are all matey’s a fledgling another code guard the hell look me up fee and that is for two coats so enemy happy japanese slugma a potion trainer card and go find anything yet and the cone cards i do not have a clue what i’m going to pull them out because like when i put them in the cards are you shuffle them sorry even I wouldn’t know when I’ll go me pulling one out next pack we have look like an over thinker line you to pack it’s an eminent whimsy Scott’s as i guard with some awesome card thus my v are you solo it’s a man i whack another card i really need it and I’ve got nails that will go happily at Michael Asian a diglett in Kabuto keone over what I’m missing is a Kabutops as well so hard to find and anything research and the last card is a shorter let’s see thankfully we pull out another code card that one of my favorite when my favorite new ish hi Maggie fire gone it is a litany of that’s good at a anti ax paris make you a pie war and where you got the ability where ax well with basic and pokemon kind of a queue is pretty sweet and we’ve got a river hollow Sneasel a japanese flink name a tang each shell def cookie topped ratet are another code card what could how many codes could it be this one is 45 that is the biggest we’ve had so far so congratulations on the person that claimed that code then we have a snow I don’t have a clue what that could I believe our pool already let me look now maybe more if you know what that’s called other thing about Japanese cards when you pull up me from the light I’m film it familiar with pokemon cards you kind of get like a brain freeze wear it again so let me know what cards called them I don’t have a clear and then we have a big set to behind a number of them go to fire any lightning ng and then a dark energy so after this we have three more pets plus the e ex con to show up I’m going to go go Shinx hey Shelby are you froakie in Japanese fluky enemy puff another lollipop different artwork they can go ad try and a tie one toy ok porygon to dark energy and a five energy there are few new cards in that pack always love it when you get new cars artwork so yeah and next perhaps the next video might be doing might be a live stream what won’t be doing I know where um theme deck testing where I review it and then I’ll test the only pc so if you want any chance of them being in that video as the personal battle on the fiend back then we let me know in the comment section below but let’s get back to lucy’s the first con is ever like pinecone spheal spritzee pinnacle drapion flame awfully be me another code card this one’s for two codes then we have a body like triumph for belief or something up give the wind and then a potion trainer okay after this pack there is one more and any ear I believe there should be at least one more code card left so you got snubbull them cotton and raisin neighbor well ha no permanent ask they Exploud that he needed that again form line and fates collide packs and it completes the evolution is one make our wimp wisma and then in over code card I believe this is the final code card and that is for four codes so congrats on everyone that in the cards then mastercards is a fin akin ng pouch and place strong energy so large the pack and then i will be showing you DX i got i have two more in X’s and i’ll be showing them on my next video well my next video on one out there so you got a trap routine at a pine crew a DEFCON office cocowalk scraggy a me to spirit link reverse holo which is pretty sweet sneasel ace power i believe japanese a trainer potion and define it in the key so that is all the cards of half on one eh while i’ll be showing you in a sec he did say you can put it in a panic we have the code which was with the cars while like nag just put it in medium top loaders because that way it doesn’t get done internally saudi Carla God has a plain purple background it is a really nice in Pokemon only first generation so you think of a first generation starter final revolution in your puppy wait it is a venusaur ax this is my first and the meat venusaur yep I believe what I know for a fact isn’t I haven’t got any others this is from the ex my bangs pack settling so pretty sweet any artwork I’d love to get me mega Venus all ax to go with this but and just happy with this at the moment sorry about the Glen so yeah don’t forget for the codes to be if you don’t but if you don’t like and subscribe to my channel I will not give you the code so make sure before your you message me for the code that you have liked the video and they have subscribe to the channel and then i will message you the code after you messaged me so yet um tag the time of the code you want to clean on the description only one per video if you clean the first code you seen and you want through back to k minus 1 i’ll say sorry that is tough you had one chance to claim 1 code and you took the first one next time that i would say watch the video before and then clean afterwards which is better cuz let Nikki know where the best codes are the clean but yet thanks for watching remember share the video the more shares I the more people you share with a more like yogurt likes and then the more codes i will give wait the next video so this time i gave away a total of eighteen codes i believe so i have given way over 29 codes in total including this for you yep so you think somewhat can have a good day and keep an eye on my channel for more upcoming videos things and having good me you. .