Facebook Jobs

Jennifer Palisoc reports.

hitting the pavement and searching for a job may never be the same again in that oh so crucial job interview some companies aren’t just asking about a person’s employment history they’re asking for facebook user names and passwords so I don’t know why employers would be diving into that sort of information it just seems like a big red flag for me it’s your privacy i don’t know you don’t want them seeing what you did on the weekend and you wouldn’t give control to someone of your accounts but it’s happening on both sides of the border certainly in the security area where you know police forces high security parts of companies currently employs can’t be discriminated on health issues sexual orientation or even marital status so is asking for a person’s password legal nothing in the law that prevents it because what they’re asking for is the consent your consent to access that and you know you have a right to say yes or no in the United States it’s a growing privacy concern in Illinois and Maryland officials are looking at proposed legislation forbidding public agencies from asking for access to social networks it’s this weird situation where both corporations and also employees are trying to take advantage of the new landscape and that often creates situations where you know things are either on the on the border of legality or at least they’re on ethicals a debate that can get complicated people need jobs they you know I under certain kannamma pressures and oftentimes these candidates then feel the need or feel impelled to say yes but that choice is up to the interviewee while some may not want a company to know their facebook status others are using it to their advantage in a job search one strategy is certainly not to have a facebook profile at all another is to have more than one facebook profile to make sure that you know you leverage the information symmetries to the effect that you know the desired audience is seeing that is our profile a way to stay savvy in the worldwide job search Jennifer palace’ global news.