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Donnie Gupton works with Staffing Agencies and Recruiting professionals that are looking to aggressively grow their business.

In this video Donnie goes over Jobs and What Recruiting Professionals Need to Know about this new feature.

He goes over Jobs and how it will impact staffing agencies. He also goes over what you need to know about job postings and what applicants will see when they on a job posting.

Ultimately if this is leveraged the right way it is a great tool for staffing agencies to start taking advantage of.

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hey everybody this is donnie gupton and i work with staffing agencies and recruiting professionals that are looking to aggressively grow their business and in this video i’m going to go over facebook’s new create a job posting feature so as many of you may are not have heard facebook has launched as of februari 15th a new job posting feature where companies can post a new job opening and applicants can apply right there through facebook so you know the first thing is don’t panic because this isn’t going to impact your business as much as you may think it’s just like any other job board that’s out there like a monster indeed anything like that it’s just another opportunity for your company ultimately to be seen if you leverage it properly so I think the biggest market impact that will have is actually on the lower level hourly type jobs people who don’t have an online presence will really be able to type take advantage of those people who aren’t on linkedin necessarily are going to be the ones that are going to be taking advantages early on not to say that you can’t leverage this for your own clients in order to attract top quality talent so secondly you know don’t expect a bunch of organic postings now to start showing up on feeds you know this is probably just another way for facebook to generate revenue so at the end of the day these job postings will be able to be boosted and that’s probably where they’re really going to make some money on these job postings and that’s where actually if you know how to leverage facebook’s at ads then you are going to be ahead of the game and you can greatly benefit from this so let’s talk about how as a staffing company you can take advantage of this so the first thing is get started now embrace this today get on there start messing around with it you know and anything that’s new you know if your first and the faster you’re on you know on something in your head of the curve that’s when you get a chance to you know make an impact and take advantage of an opportunity so get on this make this a part of your normal routine just like you would with any other job board definitely make sure you’re still posting on your own job board but leverages facebook space and you know take advantage of it so the cool thing like i said early on is this is a really a streamlined process where your clients and or you know job applicant will be able to apply right from facebook so you as a recruiter or staffing agency will actually have to manage this facebook app ongoing so that you are staying on top of that but it’s also going to make for a very easy interface to use an easy way to interact with a potential candidate so the other thing i think is if you are going to try to really attract your ideal you know higher end salary type paying positions then you’re probably going to have to say you know go after the facebook ad part like i said and that’s going to be a huge thing so if you are not leveraging social media at this point is in general now you’re definitely missing out you know according to ADP seventy three percent of companies said that they had successfully hired employees using social media so people are using social media as a means to find new opportunities to grow their business so you know kind of the recap on how you can leverage this get involved now i start posting on behalf of your clients from your own Facebook page and just make this a part of your normal process you know get in and get started with this immediately even though like I said right off the bat this it’s probably going to impact more of the lower wage hourly employees this is just another way to add value for your potential client and you know as a staffing agency is looking for ways to get people to understand your value this is another way to do that and let them know that hey you’re ahead of the curve you’re already using the facebook job postings and that you already know how to leverage out so next what I want to do is kind of just you know go over what you need to know about actually posting a job so if you see right here it says create a job post you would click on that so I’ve already actually done that we’re going to hop over to a job post that I have kind of mocked up for you so this is you know my page here and attention social media manager are you looking for a change and so you’ll be able to put in the job title in here the sow salary per year per month per hour whatever it is job type full time partnership or part time internship volunteer contract work so you know they’re really hitting all the main the main point what I’m going to suggest is that you you know really leverage this more like a ad and then it is for an actual job posting so meaning getting a little bit more creative on how you’re going to try to attract somebody’s attention if not you’re just another job posting out there because like anything that face book launches people are going to hop on this you know like a wildfire so you want to be a part of that so basically you know you have the introduction get the photo the job title the location your salary your job type in your details once you have that you’re just going to publish job post so as you can see here once your job is approved it’ll be on Facebook within 24 hours your job post social media manager be active for 30 days so you know these are only going to be up for 30 days and that’s you know key so keep that in mind as you may have to create jobs that go that are open longer than that so as you can see the job posting actually looks very similar to a Facebook ad and you can see this app canoe and we’ll get to that but the other thing I want to kind of flown out here is this boost post or boost job which is going to be very similar to boosting an ad on facebook and I will caution you on just thinking you’re going to put money on that the money behind your job post and that you’re going to get action you really need to know what you’re doing when it comes to facebook ads it can just drain money from your company on the flip side if you do know what you’re doing it can actually be a great tool that your company can utilize so let’s kind of walk through what the applicant would go through if they click on this so click on apply now you know gives a full description of the job and what we have here is just a standard you know application form essentially we have your job experience or education if I we’re applying i would probably put in essentially a mini resume and a link to my you know linkedin page so that they can see that and get more information but that’s not really as much for you too worried about is it is the actual applicant to worry about you know that’s kind of the gist overview of this and again just another reminder this will actually all be housed right here on facebook you and/or the applicant will have to go anywhere else to access information okay i hope this video was was helpful there’s definitely a couple of ways that I can help you out with this new feature the too many ways that I can help you out with these new changes is I can run your complete facebook social media strategy for you including you know posting jobs including content related to your market and helping you attract more clients using facebook ads and the second thing is if you just need a little push in the right direction then you can reach out to me for some coaching and i will get your facebook presents heading in the right direction so if this is something that you want to discuss and reach out to me on my website at WWE pencom or you can email me at Donnie at donnie gupton calm and i would love to speak with you and see how i can help your business and again i hope this was helpful and I look like these in.