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dafuq am i talking about in this video.

I what is up bees and Jesus is yoely from we tizzle mizzle and i am here because I’m in a good mood and I felt like making a video even though i have a redic to vehicular amount of homework so I’m gonna make this video because I am in a good mood and I’m going to do it because I want to capture that good mood and I want to preserve it in the form of this video and boom out to your faces and that’s that’s what I plan on doing in this video but first before i get to the topic of the video i don’t tell you guys why I’m in a good mood and it’s probably really silly to everyone but to me it’s a big deal so at sat during my spare I which is like right after lunch I play poker with a bunch of other a bunch of other friends who also have spares and I just have awful freaking luck at poker for so like it’s freaking terrible um I always go in like I was one time I had I had pocket kings and I’m like oh my god I’m going to just destroy everyone here so preflop I’m betting I’m sorry if this you guys don’t oughta play poker and you guys are like what the hell is get taco but anyways I’m betting and everyone’s just like oh my god okay fold fold fold and this one dick did he he goes I all in I’m not all in let’s go here’s pocket aces and I was like you good and then the flop comes no King turn comes no King river comes no king so I lose and I bust out which god damn sucks but what happened today was completely different I had pocket tues and I got really mad I’m like god damn it pocket tues which is not it’s not a terrible hand but you just you just kind of don’t know where you are with pocket tues anyways and then river comes up and I that is another two oh my god trips okay I feel a little more confident I think I can I think I can I can win this and turn comes boom another two quad tues is my first ever quad of like Oh Rick it going crazy I stood up a below my god oh my god with this and everyone else thought I was bluffing so everyone goes I’m like oh Linda like I hold it hold it Neil go all in and I’m like oh boy rip up my cards ever goes crazy like it’s a poker history poker it was it was awesome I I felt like a boss but yeah that’s why I’m in a good mood this actually has nothing to do with the topic of the video but it was an interesting thought but anyways the topic of this video is actually um Facebook versus Twitter which you guys probably can already tell from the thumbnail and the title but um yeah Facebook vs Twitter I personally like this this is gonna be a very biased or maybe not a very wise but a biased video and the end and that’s because um I am a more of a Twitter person because Twitter is freakin awesome and that’s my entire argument for Twitter it’s just if you were to take awesome and and coat it into HTML and then put it on through to the interwebs it would look like Twitter know wouldn’t it look like porn but I it look it’s awesome it’s a twitter is pretty cool facebook school too but the thing i don’t like about facebook is it’s kind of like and this is just this is wow i just clicked on facebook and i just saw a really messed up picture um i think that’s kind of what I was gonna say anyways but it Facebook is kind of like an ad now to me and it’s partly my fault because I went on liking spree for some reason I just like when I’m pages to like and I started liking whole bunch of stuff I’d like now like every 10 minute every every time I go to my facebook is just a freaking crazy amount of pictures boat doritos and let me scroll down look here Doritos and mclovin and stuff like that and it’s my fault obviously but it’s annoying a little bit cuz it stays on here for so long like it doesn’t go away which is like it’s better because you can see everything but it’s kind of annoying to like what Twitter I don’t use like actual tour I use tweetdeck so it’s just constant everything’s just continuously being thrown at you there’s no refreshing it’s just a constant stream of tweets and interactions and all that stuff and it’s just it’s a lot faster and it doesn’t feel like an ad even though I’m following a bunch of like I don’t know like companies like I’ll be following treyarch or nexon and maple story and all that stuff and they’ll tweet a lot but I won’t see it or like I won’t see something that I don’t care about like I do on Facebook or on facebook if next on tweet something they’re not tweet something but post something then I am going to see that and it’s gonna I’m gonna see if like the next 40 minutes and that’s kind of irritating but also good because like if they’re doing an event or something you don’t want to miss it but I’m just saying to me it’s usually just freaking annoying um twitter is again just faster and I like the people on Twitter that’s that’s that was gonna be my next point and I kind of lost I kinda lost it but I like the P not the people on Twitter but how people act on Twitter on I know a lot a lot of people and whiny little assholes a lot of the time but that’s on facebook too so um so yeah I like the people on Twitter most like mostly the what are they called the parody counselors are freaking hilarious the battle not bad luck brian but like the will ferrell thing and all like Katt Williams like not the real cat ones they’re parody accounts and i love it is freaking hilarious they’re just funny as hell and they always have something fun even though they’re not not all of them are original but it’s a lot of them are funny and I like that I don’t like this there’s groups like that on facebook too but I don’t know I never I never really find them as interesting because they always have to do because I’ll see it and I’ll see it again on like another page like four seconds later and it just kind of like oh that was an original then I gotta get depressed uh I don’t even know at this while I’m going off on some weird as tangent but anyways think that’s pretty much it don’t really have I didn’t even have that much to talk about to be honest I just thought I’d throw that out here out there rather and leave a TS so what do you guys think is better facebook or twitter if you think facebook is better why because you’re wrong and you better have an argument because facebook is disgusting it’s blue and not even the cool Twitter blew its dark blue oh I don’t know but yeah Facebook your Twitter guys what do you guys think into the script Schiano which one is better Twitter’s of course anyways guys hope you do a video p ah damn it I got spit on my monitor oh god damn it I’m gonna clean it and skinny little smudgy and stuff see what I do for you guys hope you enjoy the video it’s odd damn it did it again you.