Facebook Jobs

Its been available for a while, but Im just getting around to sharing with you guys the new feature has that allows you to posts jobs for hire using your Business now theyre allowing business owners to publish job openings for but who knows how long this will last so be aware.
The functionality of how to post is very simple. Be aware though that will need to approve your post.

How can this function help your business:

1. It allows people who are familiar with your business to work on behalf of your brand by sharing your posts with others. It also allows those who not be so familiar with you to share as well.

2. sends your job notifications to you via your messages so and people interested in your job posting now have a reason to visit your and even like your making it very probable that the person looking for employment will visit your read whats on your interact with your like your and look for the new social media posts on your possibly causing them to become a true fan one who actually starts to interact with it.

Keep up with me:

hey guys Angela Ambrose yes today I thought I would show you all something that I think is going to be very beneficial to those of you who are business owners and that is Facebook’s new I don’t know what you call it but they are now allowing you to publish a job post now this is really helpful I do a lot of ad campaigns for people for businesses that come to Facebook looking to hire and I do a lot for people on Linked.In who’s looking to hire so this is a real zip plus for Facebook too now specifically have this particular option available so I’m just going to walk you through it so what you would do is come here and you would give an introduction we’re hiring apply now so you could say something like are you great with what so shows ya is so please applaud we’re hiring we’re hiring are ready for you okay so that’s too much um so are you great with social media okay so are you grandma social media great great we’re hiring yeah hi your name and are ready for you to start to day exclamation point exclamation point and then I’ll put a period right there okay so then you can look you can either upload or use cover photo let me go to pixel day here sixth day and okay we’re okay yes hiring interview hire interview which bar put into this year download all right let’s go back and let I think I need you for this a cover photo oh not only a cover photo here and scroll down to interview mm all right you want to be sure that it fits okay so we’re looking for social larger and the location can be yeah I see yeah okay no that’s not working so let’s move obviously go uh to meet all right so you want to put in the location and I know what happened at the thing you just pull something now okay the salary you can say we are paying $10 an hour and then you have the option here for full time part time internship volunteer our contract contract and okay this is where you add the t26 is where you and a tell a shot by here along is the a precise and possible with the details Facebook and I make up 5,000 word roofing okay okay so this may be love women just want to copy that and all right so this is what I wanted to see all right so I don’t want anything to be cut off so I am going to stop it okay this may be long enough I said yeah okay good all right so you also have an option to add additional questions so this you can add as your potential higher a question here you have a 200 word moment oh boy all right and then you can add question here so let’s do a little question all right so they allow you three questions and if you look over here it says job applications will be sent to Angela Amber’s marketing and consulting firm as messages so you will want to have someone really checking their messages on facebook if you put something like this out and then this is what it’s going to look like the mobile newsfeed um and what it’s going to look like desktop and then all they would do is hit apply now and one ah let’s see here absolutely apply now let me see if I have to publish this pressure what’s wrong with this picture um 90 although Holly contract can I have okay people keep questions okay no you can’t have a look hey no it’s fine all right so if you hmm ready okay what in the world okay all right famila see and then you can hit apply all right so think they’re going to make me the published drop post okay once your job I don’t want it to be okay okay so once your job post is approved it will appear on Facebook within 24 hours your job post social media manager will be active for 30 days will send you a reminder before it expires check Angela Ambrose marketing and consulting firms messages to see all job applicants that have submitted alright so let’s see jobs okay and then this is where they apply published job okay so then they apply here and they can save it or you can save it well no they can save it and then you see here this is what it looks like you want to be sure that you have an image that’s appropriate so they say local business social media manager 15 hour contract and then these are the details and this would be your business address ok so then they could either browse more jobs or they can go ahead and apply here and if they apply here here’s my business number my email address why do you think you’re a good candidate for Angela Ambrose marketing consulting firm actual potential hire a question here and then here more questions right here they’re able to edit and they can answer these questions they can just answer all the questions and then right here it says that your application will only be share it with Angela average marketing consulting firm and will be sent as a message to them it will not appear on your profile and then they just go ahead and say more and then the candidate will send the message and then you see here says Angela ambos Markinson smoking from hi thank you for contacting us now what you’re going to probably want to do is change your message this is just a message and automated message that I have going to my to my what is it this is an automated message that I have activated for my facebook business page so anytime someone contact me during certain hours this is what they’re going to get and then I have a link here to my website that’s another thing you may want to put a link in your website and then browse more jobs they can browse more jobs and you can also look to see who he has who’s looking for for hire and so anyway this is just a really good way for you to find some new hires and or if you’re like me you have a marketing firm and you have businesses that come to you wanting you to help them with new hires this is something that you can offer them you can also boost this post I don’t recommend boosting all of the time but you can do something like this ok guys so this is Angela Ambrose with your Thursday social media tip alright so if you have any questions go ahead and you can either message me here on Facebook or you can um you cannot send me an email at info at Angela and Ambrose calm thanks for watching. .