Facebook Jobs

Scam alert. work from home jobs offer is a scam. The official looking pitch was in my inbox. Full details at or

The included a video with details of how anyone can earn big money working from home.

The pitch is that Mark Zucherberg of and Bill Gates of Microsoft, had teamed up to make stay at home jobs a reality. The offer, just out of beta testing, is now available to those who join quickly.

The poster boy, shown in the video is named Martin J. Peters. The two boys are suppose to be his sons. The video claims that Martin J Peters is earning several thousand dollars a week posting things to and other prove the income earned by Peters, an earning report showing thousands of dollars flowing into his account, was included in the video. The only problem is the statement is from Google Ad Sense, not scam collects an application fee up front. They state that it shows you are serious and will work harder. The video never actually states what work is done. You only need a computer, internet connection and a Those are the qualifications to work for them.

We have included a photo of the office this group claims is their operating address. My came from someone named has written a full report on this incredible online work from home scam. It is absolutely a scam. help thread states it is a fraud on users and has nothing to do with the video or.